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  1. Thanks for remarks about showzstore. i have a different question being from Canada. I still don't own a Masterpiece Megatron V2. I dont see anyone in ebay or store websites selling them with an orange plug. Did any of you guys who ordered overseas had problems with Masterpiece Megatron V2 from customs. And would asking for it to ship without packaging and just in robot mode (since im thinking of getting a KO vers) makes it easier to pass customs. Thanks
  2. In case some one here is interested in Bomes Im selling them as one lot in my for sale thread http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=41111 Thanks
  3. Vote here if you like it Thanks https://contest.welovefine.com/vote.php?id_contest=71&id_submit=27558#/id_submit=27558
  4. maybe if they had an anime or a game to accompany it could justify the price for a universe we know nothing about.
  5. are other gundam models going to get the MG ver 3 treatment . Or all future MG are going to be ver3 integration?
  6. http://www.toy-people.com/?p=24391 http://shop.toa-1000toys.com/?pid=1139362&force=pc
  7. Transformers should copy Gundam Build Fighters anime for their next cartoon Hasbro toy execs would be happy its an excuse to rehash old figs. And we get to see a cartoon where G1 prime goes toe to toe with Transformers Prime Prime. Etc
  8. http://jediinsider.com/images.php?mode=view&album=Hasbro/The_Black_Series_6_Inch_Wave_3&pic=Star_Wars_The_Black_Series_6_Inch_Wave_306.jpg&dispsize=600&start=0&sl=8|14906 Im dissapointed with bespin luke. I expected the sculpt to be better.hopefully they make a battle damage severed hand luke he gets two heads .removable hand. http://jediinsider.com/index.php?catid=244&itemid=14909 Was also hoping han solo look like ford more especially after seeing figma indiana jones
  9. I thought it was cool that they introduced the first avatar. Though i wish the time lapse was a whole lot longer than 1 yr of mastering all the elements to fight the final battle. Although i guess having the aid of the great spirit aids in the mastery
  10. Unfortunatley I dont have the funds to do that and wouldnt do that even if I had that money. Since it wouldnt make sense of why enter a contest to win something you can easily give away.. but I appreciate you for responding and maybe clcking to my drawing
  11. I don't know where to put this. And the forum said its the closest thing to off topic. I need a favor to ask http://www.threadless.com/mickey/magician-mickey-goofy-in-half/ please vote for me . prize is $10,000 that is my entry Magician Mickey goofy in half. I normally wouldn't bug friends with some contest. but the prize is large. I know its not just an easy click to vote . You have to create an account then sign in to vote. And click on my link again. Select score on my drawing .3-5 I hope. So Thank you in advance voting ends in 3 days.... Thanks Mark
  12. http://bcove.me/e1ubm0tp found this under the marvel.com site.
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