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  1. DX VF-25 version 2

    Wish I were in HK! I'd want to pick up another VF-25F renewal! Sold out online or asking for $200 in most places. Great pics btw
  2. DX VF-25 version 2

    I preordered VF-25F but i'll wait to find out how the armor will be sold. I prefer Ozma with the armor since he usually had that on. I still have v.1 with armor so I'm in no rush.
  3. DX VF-25 version 2

    BBTS has 1 preorder left as of right now: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=BAN13876&mode=retail
  4. How many times do you actually transform your toys?

    Yamato stuff: twice. Just to do a review. Didn't want to break a shoulder Bandai stuff: maybe around 5 times Not very frequently but if I were home more often, i'd transform them more often
  5. 1/2000 SDF-1 CUSTOMISED

    That is an awesome SDF-1. I wouldn't be surprised if Yamato contacted you about it
  6. 1/48+fp's, 1/60, And 1/72 Picture Gallery Pt 4

    I really like the weathering work you did on it. Let us know when you've uploaded your pics. I'd love to see.
  7. Official 1/100 BANDAI VF Hi Metal VF-1J Valkyrie

    I really like what Bandai did at the 1/100 scale. I do prefer the bigger 1/60 Yamato size tho. But if I can find this at $25, I'd pick up 2. Time to plan a trip to HK or Japan! A previous pic showed little holes for the hardpoints like the Yamatos
  8. Bandai 1/60 Scale DX Toy Thread Ver.7

    The extra stuff on tornado pack is looking a little silly. Makes me think the VF-25 was just not a good enough machine and needs a lot of extras like the VF-171
  9. Bandai 1/60 Scale DX Toy Thread Ver.7

    I agree with that. There's not much chatter on here lately. I prefer to check 1 thread for all my 1/60 frontier news than a separate one for each... like a mass production VF-27 thread But for a casual visitor, i can see why it's annoying to trace back a few pages to catch up EDIT: typo
  10. Bandai 1/60 Scale DX Toy Thread Ver.7

    I finally got some time to play with the VF-27 i picked up! I love it a lot more than the VF-25 and wrote a short review on it. Let me know what you think!
  11. Official 1/100 BANDAI VF Hi Metal VF-1J Valkyrie

    Bandai is really doing a good job at tempting me to start collecting at the 1/100 scale. If it came out in April i'd pick one up. Off topic but does anyone have a good recommend for store in Japan to buy macross toys?

    I'm waiting for a VF-27, 3 flexidisplays, and an Alternity Megatron. Really hoping the box for the VF-27 is small.

    how is it HLJ customer service's fault when you shipped SAL and they clearly state that SAL is not trackable? maybe you should blame the mail service. HLJ already did their job by packing it up and shipping it.