Shinichiro Watanabe To Attend Otakon 2013

Shinichiro Watanabe will be attending Otakon® this year. Macross® fans will recognize Mr. Watanabe as the co-director of Macross Plus. He was also the director of Cowboy Bebop®, Samurai Champloo®, Kids on the Slope, and involved with several other anime projects, such as Mobile Suit Gundam® 0083: Stardust Memory and Lupin the 3rd®: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.

In addition to Yoko Kanno (announced earlier), Shinichiro Watanabe will be the second Macross related guest to attend this year’s Otakon. If you’re a Macross fan and live anywhere near Otakon, this year’s convention cannot be missed. Otakon 2013 will be held in Baltimore, Maryland and take place from August 9 through August 11. For more information, please visit Otakon’s website.

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