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Macross Frontier BD Digital Remaster Boxset Announced.


Just when Macross fans thought their wallets were safe, a new Macross Frontier Bluray Disc boxset has been announced. While Macross Frontier has already been released on BD previously, this new set will feature a new digital remaster that the trailer claims will reduce banding, resulting in a sharper image, a mountain of extras, and will be in print for a limited period of 1 year. No word on English subtitles at this stage.

Details and pre-order information follow the jump.



Price: 33,800 yen

Release: Dec 25, 2013~Dec.24, 2014

Contents: 25 digitally remastered episodes + Extras (5 BD discs)

Extras (First Pressing):

-All-new drama CD

-New, high-quality booklet (100 pages)

-Special Illustration booklet (72 pages)

-OP storyboard booklet.

-4 music videos using footage from Pachinko/Pachislot footage.

-5 music clips from Joysound karaoke.

-Macross Fufonia shorts (20 episodes + 3 new episodes).

-All That VF footage (2 clips)

-New special program featuring staff and cast.

-Seikan hikou dance along clip.

-Promotional videos for Banpresto’s ichiban kuji and prize figures.

-Pre-broadcast promotional footage.

-Commercial collection.

-Clean OP & ED

-Newly recorded audio commentaries.

-Re-recorded audio commentaries from previous BD/DVD release (9 eps)

-Deculture and Yack Deculture versions of Episode 1

-Box art by Risa Ebata. Cover art by Risa Ebata and Shoji Kawamori.


Preorders are already open at Amazon Japan.

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