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News Tidbits

A few bits and pieces of supplementary news trickled down over the past week or so.

(1) Macross SP Cross Deculture Game

Further screenshots have been released of the upcoming Bndena Mobage smartphone game. The games website now also allows pre-registration for this free-to-play title. Pre-registering apparently nets the user some free item(s) for use in the game.









(2) DYRL, Macross F Theatrical Screening

Moviegoers who attend the special all-night Macross marathon (Do You remember love, The False Songstress, The Wings of Farewell) at Shinjuku Wald9 on July 6, 7 or 13 will be receive a special clear file in return for being deprived of sleep.

(3) The official website for the Fire Bomber 2012 concerts has gone live!  While it doesn’t have much in the way of news yet, keep an eye on it for future updates!

(4) Macross Genga Exhibition
Pre-sales have started for tickets to the upcoming Macross Genga Exhibit at Ikebukuro this August. While regular on-the-day tickets are 700yen, pre-sale tickets get you an illustrated ticket and a metallic bookmark. these tickets are, however, a bit more expensive at 2000yen. Tickets can be brought at 7 branches of Animate throughout Tokyo.








(5) Fanclub Rank Badges

In a rather random announcement, official badges of rank are going to be sent out to Macross fanclub members – which one you get is based on whether the recipient has been in the fanclub for 1, 2, or 3 years.

(6) MACROSS THE DESIGN@PARCO – New Merchandise

Apart from the new art-deco-inspired Macross designs that turned up at the Nagoya version of the PARCO exhibit (as discovered by a guest during our recent podcast), it turns out that there were some Nagoya-only Macross mugs as well. We will probably see yet more merchandise added to the lineup when the exhibition finally makes its way down to Osaka later this year.