30th Anniversary

New Mikimoto & Ebata Character Art

As part of the ongoing (although dwindling to a close) 30th Anniversary, Haruhiko Mikimoto and Risa Ebata have drawn a set of 5 character portraits for the Macross Official Fan Club.

Titled ‘Oshare Macross – Red Carper Ver., the designs are based on the theme of A ‘Celebrity party to celebrate Macross’ 30th Anniversary’. The 5 new pieces of art (3 by Mikimoto, 2 by Ebata) feature Minmay, Basara, Mylene, Sheryl and Ranka all dressed up for a night out on the town.

These illustrations will be used on commemorative clear files which will be distributed to fanclub members over the upcoming weeks. The Sheryl piece has already appeared in the new flash game (to commemorate the characters birthday on Nov. 23) ‘Take Me To Live.’

Is Basara’s guitar supposed to be made of gold or wood? Why has Mylene sprouted wings? And is there any such thing as too much underboob? Sound off in the FORUMS!