30th Anniversary Toys

‘Macross 30th Anniversary – First Attack!’ Ichiban Kuji Figures Revealed

As previously scooped by forum user BlackAce, Banpresto will be releasing another batch of Ichiban Kuji figures next March as part of Macross’ 30th Anniversary (surely this has to mark the end of the 30th? Just how long does this Anniversary go for anyway???).

This time the figures will be based on the super-deformed versions of the franchises rockers and divas. Some initial sculpts were on display at the Firebomber 2012 concert (Tokyo gig only) and while the lineup was disappointingly lacking in Veffidas figures, some of the new additions stood out more than others….

My God….It’s full of Ishtars…..

Also of note was the Sharon Apple figure:

Getting that eye colouring right is very important!

Then there was the fact that the poster behind the figures depicted some characters that have yet to be announced – could these part of a future set of Ichiban Kuji figures??!??


The full range of Macross 30th Anniversary – First Attack! Ichiban Kuji figures, ranked in order from highest/rarest (A-prize) to lowest/most common (I-prize) are as follows below. Prizes F, G and H are themed mugs, a figure/sticker set, and metallic charm.