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Arcade game starring the Mk II Monster Destroid?


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I vividly remembering playing an arcade game back in the early 90s in which you pilot the Mk II Monster. I'm assuming this was not an officially licensed game, as it is nowhere to be found on any official lists of Macross game releases. This was a top down view, similar to a shmup, where you pilot the Mk II around destroying enemies. The graphics were a similar pixel art sprite style as the Banpresto Super Spacefortress Macross arcade game of '92. I want to say it was in a cocktail style cabinet, but that could be my memory playing tricks based on the top down perspective. The marquee included a picture of the Mk II, and I'm reasonably sure it had the name Monster in the title. Does anyone remember this game? I've had no luck trying to track down any information.

*edit* If it helps, I recall the game playing similarly to the 1988 Namco game "Assault". Possibly it was a knock-off.

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