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complete model lists!!!


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hi im after finding a complete listing of macros kits,,, ive seen the one on here but only seems to be 1/72 and there are several kits missing from the list.... so after a more upto date one and with all scales,

as do want write off what I do have and can see what need and who does it...

also strange ask but is there a site that lists what kits are worth????? as got a wave kit but may sell it but not sure on what its worth??

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Hey Batcode, did you check here: http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/models/_models_plastic.htm

There are more than just the 1/72nd scale kits listed there. Plus it has some kit extras mentioned.

I don't know about value, but it can vary. An example is looking at auction websites. An old resin kit in a certain scale can go for a lot. Then a manufacturer produces that same subject in injection plastic and as people rush to buy the more affordable plastic kit, the resin kit goes down in price since there are fewer buyers. Plus there's variables like boxart and extras included in some kits. If there is a "list," I'd like to see it too! ;) Hope that helps. - MT

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Just look at eBay and see what it's sold for recently.

Unless it's a Wave plastic kit. Then check to see if it's still in production and what the SRP is.

Pretty easy to value these things with some basic research.

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