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Tobot (a.k.a. "Korean Transformers")


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They look like great toys. Definitely something I'd buy for my children if I would live in South Korea.

I'd love to see Hasbro do something like this for their more kid-friendly line instead of the x-step changers. Solid big parts, ratchets and pegs everywhere and no fiddly ball-joints. But I guess American consumers would not be willing to spend that much on a kids toy.

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Hi, I know this thread hasn't been updated in half a year, but I just can't help but resolve a few misunderstandings about the series.

No, the show is not bad. Don't let the awful dubbing and earlier seasons fool you, as a South Korean I can confirm that the show can be good when it tries, particularly seasons 7-9, 14 and 15.

The cast is unbelievably diverse for that E rating, ranging from a man who lost his wife in a fire, becoming a villain and then back to a protagonist with an adopted son who has a cyborg body due to an accident to a brother who cares enough about his younger sibling to hack, code viruses and create 1:1 scale models of giant robots because he believes it'll help him. There's also villains committing suicide, but the higher-ups told Retrobot to stop airing those scenes on TV. Said scenes are still unedited on Youtube, though.

Only season 1 focuses on cars. From 2 and onwards it's about fighting robots, and even when they have to stop cars it's never because of reckless drivers, it's due to a tiny robot bug that sticks to the bottom of the car and makes it go haywire. They tried the car concept again in season 14 and it worked a lot better.

From what little I remember of Cubix (I do believe I watched a lot of it as a child), seasons 1 and 2 definitely have that "Cubix" feel. Season 3 onwards begins to drift away from that, in a good way, culminating into season 9, which in my opinion is the best one so far.

Just because the concept of transforming robots is used doesn't mean it's a copy of Transformers. The concept of transforming car robots has been used by a lot of franchises, so this isn't anything new. Although I can also confirm that the toys are indeed great.

...as for Carbot... I can't defend it since I never watched it and have no plans to do so after seeing the intro and what the characters look like. Besides, it's painfully obvious that the people working on Carbot are only doing so because Tobot was so popular.

tl;dr The show is good with an interesting cast. The plot can be amazing when it wants to. It's not a ripoff. Let's not talk about Carbot.

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This is Tobot D. Since I own a Kia Picanto, I had to pick up this toy. I'm very impressed with the detail and build quality, especially since the line is designed for a younger demographic than for Transformers. It's one of the more expensive individual Tobots in the market due to its electronic light and sound feature. For the international market, the Korean words and phrases have been replaced with English ones.

As a bonus, I also picked up Tobot Mini D.








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