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Questions for Tenjin's Q&A session


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Hello Everyone

Since we are going to have a Q&A session with Tenjin at MW Con, I wanted to see if any board members had questions they would like asked during that time. I'm looking more at the board members that won't be there in person. We'll do our best to get the questions asked but ultimately it'll depend on how much time we have for the Q&A period.

So please post your questions here. Thanks!

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I love Tenjin's work for the Hasegawa Macross model box art and how he

has carried on the tradition from Yoshiyuki Takani.

Would it be possible with the current CGI animation techniques to animate

Tenjin's versions of the Macross Valkyrie's into an OVA?

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I got several questions, hope they're not too dumb:

- He's made illustrations for all macross valkyries and even animated some, what is his opinion on the evolution of the valkyrie designs from VF-1 up to the YF-30?

- What is his favorite valkyrie and character from the Macross franchise and why?

- Does he have any kind of input with Kawamori when creating new mechanical designs?

- What does he admire most from sunsets?

- What other passions does he has other than anime illustrations? does he sometimes feel typecasted by this?

- He had a lot of input in Macross Zero, the animated CGI was very realistic like his drawings, what's his opinion with the current Frontier cartoony CGI animation style compared to Zero, does he feel it like a step down or does he enjoy the new CGI style direction.

- What does he feel is his finest work ever?

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