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Pic request: Transforming Revoltech VF-1


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So, I'm new here, and I'm thinking about getting the transforming Revoltech VF-1. Now, I know that it's got a pretty bad reputation, but I'm a college student without a lot of money or space, and I'm only able to collect smaller figures, so big and/or really expensive ones are more or less out of the question. I have a few Toynami 1/100s, and I want to see how the Revoltech looks next to one of those (don't care which color scheme), so could someone please post a pic of that?


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As much that I love the toynami 1/100 scale I all so love the transforming revoltech, this is the thing I don’t get, as much as collectors where giving it a bad reputation when it first came out over the very loos wings falling off, you’ll find it more expensive now than when it first came out, and the reason because it realy looks good in all 3 modes even if it never got strike parts .



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its an okay toy...best for displaying in dynamic poses(Only if you have the patience..I personally do, yet that isn't true for all)

the scale is as the pic above, and is actually one of the most on scale 1/100 toys out there.

I personally do have some photos, but I think it really doesnt do it justice..(Provided below)






These were taken from a phone..so details arent great, just showing off the poses(which are about 70% of what this toy is capable of. I could easily do better now with better camera&posing skills.)

here are a list of flaws:

-wings fall off...cant really be fixed.

-loose joints, can be fixed, but mainly the hips are loose and elbows. others work well, but this makes it very hard to pose other than kneels(possible, but takes time)

-(NOT a flaw, but a common issue) people used to say that they can't fold the backpack down..you just have to either push it down harder or adjust the tail fins, which are on simple pegs.

- for the VF-1A only, the head has to be removed for transformation.

-NO SUPER PACKS and MISSLES, one of the greatest flaws of any VF-1 toy..if you care for fighter mode, you probably shouldnt get this thing.(NO LANDING GEAR either.)



yet still, just for the amount of poses you can do with this thing, it is a great purchase. if you want playability, I say go for Toynami 1/100 and you will never regret..getting the right waves of course.(wave2&4 are safe bets) The revoltech was on sale before on HLJ..so 20 bucks and up is a must. for the same price and some luck, you could get a toynami 1/100.

Thats all the info i could give. Make a wise decision ;)

Another great review, although in japanese. from UNOYO.


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