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VT-1-What to do with one?


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I recently won an auction with a VT-1 (among a Strike Valk and a YF-19). But as much as I do like minmay and all I think the orange scheme is god awful (what I wouldn't do if it was an elint seeker or a Battroid)

Im at a loss what I can do with it. Im thinking some kind of Customization, Is it possible to make it into Gerwalk with the VT-1 Kit (it might make it more impressive... ), or can anybody think of some squadron ideas... (high speed VIP transport maybe?)

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Highspeed transport and mail delivery? In WWII and Korea Avengers were used for that purpose. Or maybe it could be used for small deliveries, stuff that wouldn't need whatever the Macoss version of the C.O.D. is. I've even heard a couple of stories of Intruders being used in Vietnam for this purpose or Tomcats today. So in my opinion it would be more than feasable.

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