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Meet Steve Niles, writer of 30 Days Of Night


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Sat 10-25!!

Be with us as we welcome very special guests Steve Niles, Sarah Wilkinson, Tommy Kovac and Gilgrim!

Steve Niles is credited with single-handedly reviving horror as a viable genre in comics and in movies - not just your usual slash and torture porn - Steve's stuff is stylish, filled with great characters and stories, and superbly creepy on top of that. He is best known for 30 Days of Night, the modern classic in which a horde of vampires visits Barrow, Alaska during the frigid winter, when the sun sets in November and does not rise again until December. He's a scary dude, man.

Sarah Wilkinson is the illustrator of the Topps Card series Revenge of the Sith - the Artist Sketch Cards. Judging from the volume of work we've seen from her, she's hella busy alla time.

Tommy Kovac is the creator of Stitch, Skelebunnies, and Autumn, and is currently writing Wonderland comics! Tommy's Wonderland is a beautifully turned-out book, re-visiting Lewis Carroll's ideas in new ways - though Alice is nowhere to be seen, this Wonderland is a wonderful treat.

Gilgrim is the creator of The Cemetarians - a ragtag group who band together to take on whatever surreal or supernatural related task you might think up - for a nominal fee, of course - they need the money.

Our guests will be with us from 4pm until 7pm, and we'll also have a Costume contest with 3 prizes - one for Adult, one for Kids or Teens, and one for Little Kids (6 and under). Add a FREE raffle, and you've got yourself a party, fanboys and girls!

Be with us to celebrate our 10 great years of serving the comics community, punishing evildoers, and fighting a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!

http://www.metrohero.com/index.php for more info...

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