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Custom Acrylic Flight Displays


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the clear rubber tips/bumpers is a great idea but just wondering, will the clear rubber/silicon yellow with time?

Just wondering because Ive experienced yellowing on my old ipod's clear silicon casing.

That is a concern...so just like white plastic I would recommend that people keep their stands away from direct sunlight.

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I think so too, i love fast packs and all but on the max and milia i think they take away from the true beauty of those valks. Except for the yf-19 and roy's 1s. max's 1j has always been my all time favorite valk, it the anime it was just so sweet looking

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Exactly right, FP's take away the awenessness. :p:lol: Exactly right! :D

I do like Hik's 1J in normal fighter mode as well.

I don't want to like Max and Millia's fighters too much coz i couldn't bear

to get just one, i'd have to buy both. >_< And there is too much other

stuff coming on to waste on more 1/48's... got 5 already as it is.

Also (as i display) Hik's 1S is pretty much nakid without the Strike combo.

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