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  1. Finally broke mine out last night. I like it. Battroid is larger than I expected, and looks menacing. Transformation is a pain, and it does seem to be a bit light for its size, but still a fun toy. Best, MyClone
  2. Got me dead to rights, man! I love Valks, but I'm a bit tired of the traditional color schemes. Best, MyClone
  3. Y'all finally got me. Just preordered this one, my first 1/60 v.2 Yamato. Thanks, MyClone
  4. Awesome news! Can anyone make out when this is being re-released? Also, in the Amiami pic, is that a re-release list of more classic kits in the lower right-hand corner? Thanks, MyClone
  5. Pet peeve: market pricing is not "capitalism," merely the interaction of supply and demand. It's an instrumental value (a tool), rather than a goal value (a result). There's nothing morally objectionable about market pricing in the abstract, as it usually produces the most efficient allocative result. We can and do object to market pricing in certain situations of extreme scarcity when the result is morally reprehensible, say, the price of water after a natural disaster. As others have noted, Valk pricing hardly fits into this category. In fact, we usually like market pricing for Valks when it protects the value of our "investment." Transforming back from soap-box mode now. My apologies for the rant. Best, MyClone
  6. Honestly, for that kind of money, I'd prefer a vintage style jumbo Valk in battroid mode, like the Stormtrooper Super 7 released a couple years ago: http://starwars.super7store.com/ Best, MyClone
  7. It's out of stock on Target.com, but the DCPI number is listed as DPCI: 087-06-1686. I'll check my receipt when I can later. Best, MyClone EDIT: My apologies, forgot. Yes, that's the DPCI code.
  8. I've got Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Jazz, and Barricade. Of these, I only dislike Sideswipe (if you want mine, PM me and you can have it for a song). Jazz is probably the best overall, but I really like Bumblebee, too. TFW2005 reports that some discount stores (like Ross) are still receiving shipments of HA Jazz. Target (in Walnut Creek, CA) had a few yesterday at $34.99, not a bad price for a toy of this size. Best, MyClone
  9. Great toy, and fantastic pictures! I just picked up the standard version yesterday, and was wondering how I should modify it. Looks like it wouldn't be too hard to make a facsimile of the Starscream deco, altho' I'm sure my efforts won't look as good as your pristine specimen. Was also thinking possibly of a Macross Zero F-14 .... Thanks, MyClone
  10. I got Shockwave off of Amazon -- he's still listed as TF:DOTM Mechtech Villain. Great toy, not quite as G1 as Bludgeon was, but it's obviously Shockwave. The alt-mode is a solid brick, but who ever cared about Shockwave's alt-mode? Best, MyClone
  11. I got mine a couple of weeks ago, man. Sorry you don't have yours yet. Best, MyClone
  12. Two I could never part with: the Matsushiro Jetfire my parents bought me when I was young, and my Joke Machine VF-1S (Robotech release), which was the first Macross Valk I bought for myself (also way back). Best, MyClone
  13. Very sorry Mar, but it looks like I won't be able to make it today, after all. I hope to see y'all next time -- maybe at Wondercon? Best, Ken A. (MyClone)
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