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  1. Folks: I'm out of room, so some Macross items have to go. First is the original 2004 release of the Queadlunn-Rau, which includes the Miriya pilot figure: The toy is excellent condition, having only been displayed for a while, then stored. The box has some shelf wear, epecially at the corners. I'm asking $75 OBO plus shipping. ***SOLD, THANKS*** Next up is the Olive Drab release of the Destroid Tomahawk: The toy is essentially new, having only been displayed for a short time before being stored. The box has light shelf wear. I'm asking $100 OBO plus shipping. ***SOLD, THANKS*** Please PM me if you're interested. I'm on the SSL. Regrettably, I can only take Paypal, and I can't ship outside of the US; my apologies. Thanks for your interest, MyClone
  2. Hey y'all. Bought this 1/60 VF-171 Alto Valk when it came out, transformed to it robot mode for display, didn't touch it again until I transformed it back to fighter mode for storage yesterday. I'd forgotten how frustrating the transformation process was, but maybe you'll have better luck than me. The toy is complete with all parts, in excellent condition, having only been transformed once and back. It has one flaw I found: there is a small chip in the black painted plastic that surrounds where the right hand slides out of its cowling (see picture). Otherwise, it's essentially new. Box is also excellent condition with light shelf wear. I'm asking $200 shipped via insured USPS parcel post within the US. Please PM me if interested. I'm on the SSL here. Thanks, MyClone
  3. **** SOLD, THANKS **** Are you looking for MISB? If not, I have loose complete one I'd be willing to sell. Plmk. Thanks, MyClone
  4. Just had a great transaction with DANTH! Great price, very easy to deal with, and fast shipping. Thanks again! Best, MyClone
  5. Folks: I picked up the 1/100 Bandai Hi-Metal VF-19 Kai on a whim from the recent BBTS clearance sale, but decided it's not for me: Transformed once, otherwise new, complete with all parts. Box is in good condition, with all inserts and paperwork. Yours for what I paid for it, $75 shipped via Priority Mail within the US. I'm on the SSL here. Regrettably, I can only take Paypal, and I can't ship outside the US. Thanks for your interest, MyClone
  6. Folks: I have too many Transformers. Please help me out by buying some of them. All are loose but complete with all parts and instructions: Transformers Animated deluxe Optimus Prime Cybertron Mode $10 TFA deluxe Snarl $5 TFA deluxe Oil Slick $5 TFA deluxe TRU exclusive Ratchet Cybertron Mode $10 TFA deluxe Lockdown $5 Transformers Dark of the Moon Voyager Shockwave $10 TF DotM Voyager Megatron $10 TF DotM Voyager Cannon Ironhide $10 Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons deluxe Axor $10 TF DotM Target exclusive Voyager Starscream $10 TF DotM Target exclusive deluxe Space Case $10 Transformers Revenge of the Fallen deluxe Jolt -- free with any other purchase Transformers Armada deluxe Demolisher $10 NOT SHOWN: TF RotF deluxe Dirge $5 Transformers the movie 2007 deluxe Barricade w/Frenzy $5 Shipping will be extra. Please PM me if interested. I'm on the SSL here. Regrettably, I can only take Paypal, and I can't ship outside of the US. Thanks for your interest, --MyClone
  7. PM sent for a couple of GI Joes, thanks.
  8. Finally broke mine out last night. I like it. Battroid is larger than I expected, and looks menacing. Transformation is a pain, and it does seem to be a bit light for its size, but still a fun toy. Best, MyClone
  9. Got me dead to rights, man! I love Valks, but I'm a bit tired of the traditional color schemes. Best, MyClone
  10. Y'all finally got me. Just preordered this one, my first 1/60 v.2 Yamato. Thanks, MyClone
  11. Awesome news! Can anyone make out when this is being re-released? Also, in the Amiami pic, is that a re-release list of more classic kits in the lower right-hand corner? Thanks, MyClone
  12. Pet peeve: market pricing is not "capitalism," merely the interaction of supply and demand. It's an instrumental value (a tool), rather than a goal value (a result). There's nothing morally objectionable about market pricing in the abstract, as it usually produces the most efficient allocative result. We can and do object to market pricing in certain situations of extreme scarcity when the result is morally reprehensible, say, the price of water after a natural disaster. As others have noted, Valk pricing hardly fits into this category. In fact, we usually like market pricing for Valks when it protects the value of our "investment." Transforming back from soap-box mode now. My apologies for the rant. Best, MyClone
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