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Found 7 results

  1. I keep forgetting to take pictures, so I'm posting this during the day partly to force myself to post pics tonight . Both fighters come with boxes and fixed pose hands (minus one for VF-31A no. 2 since it was used for the articulated right hand repair). VF-31A no. 1 Condition B First candidate, mildly used VF-31A displayed in fighter mode. I transformed it once to address the cockpit gap and to check for other damage. It was purchased used from YJA. There is some small discoloration at the front of the canards where they were damaged probably from someone who didn't know to pull them out before rotating when going to gerwalk. I have put them in 120F water and tried to gently rebend them to shape followed by some blended Copic marker to fade out the stress marks. Asking $425 shipped to CONUS OBO. Image showing canard damage: VF-31A no. 2 Condition C $OLD Second candidate, another used VF-31A that convinced me never to order from Surugaya ever again. It came to me missing the intake covers, the whole friggin articulated right hand, and one knife. It also came with very damaged canards, so I ended up trying to repair by gentle sanding similar to how you would work out a chip in a knife. This one has some paint scuffed off on the right shoulder that is visible in battroid mode. There's some unevenness in the matte finish under one wing typical of this valk. Also, the crotch plate metal connection bar appears to have been taken out at some point, for what purpose I have no idea- I have reinserted it, but it is alot easier to pull out now than a minty fresh valk- you can see the plastic worn slightly more than it should be (edges not as sharp) if you look at it in fighter mode. I purchased a VF-31J right hand, removed the white cover plate, and carefully sanded down the grey cover plate from one of the fixed posed hands to replace it along with puttying up the gaps using an orumayu mold (IMHO it is very hard to distinguish from the original hand now). $SOLD Showing off the fighter: Shoulder Scuff and canard damage: In terms of trades I'm open to offers, worst I can say is no. I'm a fan of, you guessed it, 1/60 macross.
  2. Hi Folks, I have the following Valkyrie available for the list price below. New/Unopened Bandai DX Macross Delta VF-31A Kairos SOLD Located in Garden Grove, California. On MW's Straight Shooters' List. My ebay ID: adankree Please PM me or email me directly at soupaphone@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks, Felix
  3. In order to vent my excitement for Delta just around the corner I put together these Valk Replicas in KSP. Tell me what you guys think, did I even come close? Sorry for the potato like quality my computer is crap. VF-31F Siegfried old version VF-31A Kairos SV-262Hs Drakken III old version, new one TBA SV-51y old version VF-0B Phoenix VF-0D Phoenix SV-51y w/Boosters VF-0 Phoenix "Angel" QF-2200D-A Ghost VF-1J Valkyrie VF-4G Lightning III VA-3C Invader VB-6 König Monster VF-5000 Star Mirage VF-9 Cutlass VF-11C Thunderbolt VF-14 Vampire (Macross7 P*L*U*S* Version) YF-19 Alpha1 YF-21 Omega1 X-9 Ghost VF-19ACTIVE Nothung SV-52 Oryol QF-4000 Ghost VF-171 Nightmare Plus VF-25F Messiah VF-27y Lucifer AIF-9V Ghost YF-29 Durandal YF-30 Chronos old version (Heres a couple of the old albums with more pics) http://imgur.com/a/a3laY http://imgur.com/a/IL2LO http://imgur.com/a/d39cL Heres my Steam Screenshot page for a good portion of my KSP creations ranging from WWII prop planes and bombers to F-15's and the superplanes from the Ace Combat universe to of course Macross Valkyries. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074068035/screenshots/?appid=220200 Just updated with new Pics
  4. bravo5


    Need to clear some space (thabks to Bandai's VF-1J) so I'm selling some of my doubles. The 31a been transformed once to Battroid then back to fighter. It has been displayed in fighter mode in a Detolf. I am the original owner; bought it from CD Japan. Includes brown shipper box. Asking $400 shipped in the US (Paypal only, you pay the fees). International please ask for shipping quote. Thanks.
  5. I just received mine from NY, it's new, unopened, will ship in exactly the same box and wrapping that the toy came in, undisturbed. Selling it for what I paid for the one I acquired earlier so I could get a review up on anymoon.com. Price = $415 + actual shipping. There are some things that are as good as cash to me (in no particular order). Opened condition, transformed a few times is fine but strongly prefer no stickers applied: 1) Yamato 1/60 Max Q-rau 2) Yamato 1/48 VF-1 toys (Angelbirds, 1S Focker in new packaging, weathering versions) 3) Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1 toys (VF-1J Hikaru (with or without supers), VF-1J Hikaru Gray Goggles, VF-1J + GBP with "1" on chest, weathering versions) 4) CM"s Max Q-rau pilot figure (loose is fine) 5) Matchbox 1/3000 SDF-1 6) Matchbox Hovertank 7) Matchbox and/or Playmates VF-1 8 Matchbox Invid (scout or trooper) 9) Playmates Invid scout 10) Matchbox or HG action figures (particularly large and small Zentraedi soldiers but others as well) 11) Takatoku 1/144 Tomahawk 12) Takatoku Henkei Valks 13) Bandai VF-1A Max and/or Roy Jokemachines (Macross packaging) That's not a comprehensive list. If there's anything you've noticed is missing on anymoon.com, I'm interested.
  6. DX CHOGOKIN VF-31A KAIROS. New, never opened (see pic). $499.99 USD shipped in the Continental U.S. Payment accepted via PayPal (as gift) or you pay paypal fees (4.5%). Shipment via USPS Priority Mail, with tracking and insurance. Item will ship 1-3 days after completed payment. Please PM if you are interested. Thank you for looking!
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