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Found 4 results

  1. Most up-to-date version of (still in-progress) translation guide HERE. Photo-Translations of the game's menu screens are HERE. I've gone ahead and set up a web-version of the guide, which should be easier to access (and navigate) than the GoogleDocs version. Here's the table of contents (just click on the links to access). TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Game Information Controls Gameplay Tips MENU TRANSLATIONS My Ship Menu Town Menu In-Game Menu CHARACTERS & STORY Story Premise Characters Plot Summary (Spoilers!) SKILLS Auto-Skills Support Skills FIELD MAPS Yuria Archipelago Sierra Desert Madis Glacier STORY QUESTS Chapter 1: Planet Ouroboros Chapter 2: Harsh Cry of the Ancients' Servants Chapter 3: Fold Out Chapter 4: The Desert Land Chapter 5: Desperate Rescue Chapter 6: First Live Chapter 7: Havamal Madness Chapter 8: Sharon's Revenge Chapter 9: Voices Across the Galaxy HUNTER GUILD QUESTS Daoren (Yuria Archipelago) Vrlitwhal City (Yuria Archipelago) Yue (Yuria Archipelago) Leopold City (Yuria Archipelago) Bowen (Yuria Archipelago) Cleef Town (Sierra Desert) Moriconehill (Sierra Desert) Ramad (Sierra Desert) Raghbar (Sierra Desert) Jurgen (Sierra Desert) Urthr (Madis Glacier) Verthandi (Madis Glacier) Skuld (Madis Glacier) ITEMS & SHOPS Consumable Items Special Equipment Delivery Quest Items Blueprints Yuria Archipelago Shops Sierra Desert Shops Madis Glacier Shops SECRETS & EXTRAS New Game Plus Races Slate Locations List Trophy List Custom Music DLC Aircraft MISCELLANY Frequently Asked Questions Update Log Credits & Acknowledgments If you need to contact me directly email is usually the fastest way (mwulf.0079@gmail.com). However, if you're looking for basic advice/answers, you're probably better off posting your question here in this thread, so that other people can answer! (I'm not always the fastest option, ya' know?). --- Original Post:
  2. Are there any Macross/Ace English translations, ongoing I really want to see these games in English.
  3. Most up-to-date version of (still in-progress) translation guide HERE. Web version w/ photo-translation is HERE. I've gone ahead and set up a web-version of the guide, which should be easier to access (and navigate) than the GoogleDocs version. Here's the table of contents (just click on the links to access). Please note that the guide is still very much NOT FINISHED. Also note that the GoogleDocs version will always be 100% up-to-date with my current progress, whereas the web version (and, eventually, GameFAQs version) will only be updated infrequently. In other words, unless absolutely necessary, PLEASE use the GoogleDocs version. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION GAME INFORMATION CONTROLS GAMEPLAY TIPS MENU TRANSLATIONS MAIN MENU CUSTOMIZING YOUR PLAYER CHARACTERS MISSION MENUS HANGAR MENU SHOP MENU OPTIONS MENU CHARACTERS and STORY STORY PREMISE CHARACTERS AIRCRAFT CHAOS AIRCRAFT WINDERMERE AIRCRAFT EXTRA AIRCRAFT DLC AIRCRAFT CHARACTERS CHAOS CHARACTERS WINDERMERE CHARACTERS EXTRA CHARACTERS SUPPORT SET BONUSES MISSIONS WINDERMERE MISSIONS CHAOS MISSIONS EXTRA MISSIONS DLC MISSIONS SHOP ITEMS PILOTS SUPPORTERS AIRCRAFT SECRETS and EXTRAS TUNING LIMITER RELEASE TROPHIES DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT MISCELLANY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS UPDATE LOG CREDITS and ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
  4. Hey all, Long time lurker, etc. etc. I've been inspired by chaff.g's 1/48 build and decided, for my big summer project, to customize a Hasegawa 1/48 YF-19 with both photo-etched parts and LEDs. I've never put LEDs into a model before, and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction or assist me with translating pages 063 and 113 of the Variable Fighter Master File - VF Modeling Manual. While page 113 is specifically for the YF-19, I'd like to have page 063 as well just as a reference. I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask. If anyone has any tips or tricks to share about installing LEDs into a Hasegawa model, I'd really appreciate them.
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