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Found 2 results

  1. YetiStand and the man on these forums behind these amazing stands, ChaoticYeti, hardly need any introduction here at MacrossWorld. He’s brought us the YetiStand Alpha, a robust, laser cut, clear acrylic mounting base that allows a myriad of arms and adapters to display your toy collections on; Some having nearly as many toys as there is room to mount arms for. More recently he’s introduced the YetiStand Beta, which is aimed more at displaying single items, but otherwise uses the same laser cut acrylic design (though it's not as thick as the Alpha). He’s also got a few wall mounted options that he’s putting the finishing touches on. These should be available on the site soon (See www.yetistand.com). I won’t be talking much about stands in this little review, though. Instead, I want to focus on one of the selling points of these display stands, the adapters that allow secure mounting of just about anything you can imagine. Most are custom 3D printed and all of them are very strong and tailored specifically for the type of item that will be displayed on the stand. I'll be taking a closer look at some he designed, just for me. Well, and anyone else that shares my enthusiasm for this new offering, of course. YetiStand is one of those rare companies that invites comments and ideas directly from its customers. So when I had a new idea for displaying model kits, Thomas (AKA ChaoticYeti) at YetiStand wasn’t just willing to listen, he got right on prototyping my ideas and was good enough to send me some finished samples to try out. Some background info: Plastic model kit display options are limited only by the imagination, with anything as simple as a vehicle sitting on its wheels, right up to fancy, in-flight fighter jets mounted to rods that resemble a refuelling probe. When I see innovative ideas for mounting, I file them away for future use. One of these filed away ideas is to use a simple square, brass tube, mounted securely to the model and a stand. The idea is very easy to implement - simply craft a plastic box inside the model with the appropriate internal dimensions to allow the brass rod to slide into it. A nice feature to this method is that the whole assembly can easily be undone to allow transportation of the stand and model kit. And the hole is usually small and inconspicuous. Done properly, you almost don’t see the rod (think of a banking aircraft scenario, where the wing hides the rod). The possibilities are nearly endless. So, how can we use that “model on a stick” idea with the various YetiStand offerings? Simple, make a mounting adapter that will allow a brass rod to be inserted into it, much like how it goes into the model itself. With that idea in mind, I discussed it with Thomas over a few emails and a computer render soon followed. I suggested a few different sizes for different model kit weights and dimensions, and before I knew it, we had 3 different adapters, printed and ready to try out. A small, medium and large offering, in fact. Disclaimer: I’ve been slack and haven’t actually built anything to display yet, but the concept is certainly simple and sound. What I have done is test fit the brass rod into the adapters and the fit is so tight and solid, it’s actually difficult to remove the rod once it’s in. The adapters themselves mount the same way all the YetiStand adapters do – with a rubber washer, a hex head machine screw, and nut (all included with the adapter). Sizing couldn’t be easier: Small for little things (think typical 1/72 scale) which accommodates a 1.6mm square brass rod (1/16") Medium for larger kits (1/48 for example) which accommodates a 3.18mm rod (1/8") Large for the really big kits (1/32 or that 1/48 B1-B kit you’ve been dreaming about showing in-flight) for 6.35mm rod (1/4"). While there’s no pricing info yet, expect these to be similar to current offerings on the YetiStand site for adapters. As is the case for the other adapters on the site, these are 3d printed and in many cases, done on demand. There may be a wait but it won’t be much and you can bet it’ll be clearly communicated as to wait times and availability. And remember, if you can’t mount it, there’s a good chance there’s an adapter that might not have been made yet. Here are the adapters, shown along side the brass tubing they're designed to fit with.
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