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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings! Here's my new favorite Valkyrie. This is my 3rd 1/48 build. I'm still improving and finding it hard to go back to 1/72s. I love how the legs lock into the fuselage, the nosecone section is better enforced and the feet can be installed after leg assembly. The VF-1J was also a step up from my VF-1Ss with extra molded controls, decals for the cockpit and it's setup to accept the HUD pieces. I didn't use the decals for the cockpit though. I just painted the molds instead and added the VF-1J cockpit decals to one of my VF-1Ss.
  2. Hi guys, I want to start wishing to all of you a happy new year, and a lot of success this 2012... the year of the Megaroad!! I'm sharing with you my latest model kit, the Miria's Q-Rau, made by Club-M, in 1/72 scale. Well proportioned, but no more details that the lineart show it. This kit is made of the typical resin used in Japan in the 80's, and gave me a huge problems with the paint fixing. Just at the end of the road, I found that a coat of Future improves incredibly the adhesion of the paint. Bad thing not knew this before... I lost all 2011 with this /&%$%&/$/&%$ kit! ¬¬ Also, I need to improve my chipping techniques, but I think I'm getting it. I just need to think better in the locations of the chips... these ones are very ilogical!! About the custom details, the thrusters are of aluminium (I bought them in Ebay), and the canopy can be opened thanks to some wires. Also I made again the antenna and the cannons of the arms, because the originals are very ugly. Another issue was the center of gravity, due its huge "backpack". I solve it turning the legs to the front, as you can see in the lateral view picture. To strong the stability, the legs are fixed, only the arms are movable. And at the end, one of my classic "group pictures", to figure out the size and scales of these mechas. Aside the Club-M Miria (in 1/72), you can see the Yamato's Miria, supposedly in 1/60... Anyway, none of these Miria's can fit in this Q-Rau!!... I just hope to see some day a Moscato's version, to see how John solves this scale problem!! As always, all your comments are welcome.
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