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  1. Thanks but, Tamiya uses acetone to melt and fuse parts together. Ty for trying.
  2. I glued the wrong/standard parts on the legs. So I only had super parts for 2 SDs. I can make one more Super style SD from this set.
  3. Thank you! The 1/72 Gerwalk VF-1S was the only one done with Tamiya rattle cans. Required a lot of masking tape and patients. Kinda jealous of your VF-19 fold engine. That blue on the VF-0D is Vallejo Game Air Magic Blue 72.721 Honestly, I don't really like using pure acrylics like Vallejo on Valkyries because of the temperamental nature of the paint, but they have some great colors.
  4. Nice work on removing the seem lines. Which method did you use to do that? Sand them out? Putty?
  5. I love the fact you post this information. Thanks! Those 1/48 low visibility valks look nice. Will probably pick up 2 of those. Preweather one of them and have the other factory fresh. (Strange how it's 003, but the tail number is 03.) Definitely need more display stands for the 1/72 collection. Will probably skip the rest considering I recently made the Battroid and 1/48 Strikes. I'm eagerly waiting on my VF-19A Dullahan's. Ordered one from Hobbylink Japan and the other from Plaza Japan. Seriously floating the idea of putting Messiah fast packs on one of the Dullahan's, but not sure on the colors. Remember when shipping from Japan was only like $10? I miss precovid shipping.
  6. Some Hasegawa YF-19s. 1/48 is almost complete. (cockpit) I want the Dullahan, but so many 19s.
  7. I want to see the result! Sealing in the decals on this drumstick shaped plane.
  8. 1st 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1S Strike Battroid. Decided to go with white and add pearl to it. So it has a lot of sheen. Rough on pics. My standard colors for armor. It's a pretty fair size. It's worth building.
  9. You did good work, but I just can't stand that mold. The nosecone looks like a vulture. Will a Hasegawa 1/72 Nosecone fit in there? I picked up one of these vulture VF-1Ds a while back and when I saw the nosecone I noped that build to the bottom of my list. lol But for real you made garbage look good. I respect that.
  10. You mean these decals? I haven't seen them outside the kit. Maybe check Ebay.
  11. Some old, some new and some incomplete. 1/72 VF-1S Gerwalk. My 1st build when getting back into it. Done with rattle cans. Cased for protection. It's nice to see where you started. 1/72 Super and Strike VF-1A and J. Rattle cans. Also a 1/100 Elintseeker toy. 1/72 Super Ostrich and Elintseeker. Panel lined and Airbrushed. I don't really go for weathering on space fighters. 1/72 VF-0D. Done mostly with Vallejo. The more complete picture. Still needs the canopy scrubbed, polished and sprayed. I may make another and weather it. 1/100 VF-1A. Simple build. Built to test another panel lining technique. 1/200 Monster. Incomplete. Arms and cannons have recently been stripped of paint. Needs lots of sanding. 1/72 YF-19s. White one was prototype build and the other is a more refined build. 1/72 SV-51 Nora. My pretty girl. Thought about panel lining, but didn't want to distract away from it's natural beauty. 1/170 VF-1S Battroid done for fun. 1/72 Destroid Defender. Designed for those who like to putty and sand. 1/48 VF-1S Strike. The level of detail on the 1/48 is great and it's easier to build than the 1/72s. All Valks are Hasegawa. Another 1/48 VF-1S Strike built to be displayed with landing gears down and Gunpod attached. 1/48 VF-1J Super Miria! Current projects include a 1/72 Battroid that's ready for assembly, panel lining and decals. And a 1/48 YF-19 that's about the same. I meant to weather this one and forgot. The worst part is knowing I want the Dullahan, but I don't feel like building anymore YF-19s. I need to finish this 1/100 VF-1S Strike Battroid by Imai as well, but Imai and Arri suck the life out of me with all the putty and sanding. I kid you not I've built the Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1S Strike Battroid in half the time of the 1/100 Imai version. Next will be a 1/72 VF-0A "Shin" with Ghost, maybe a 1/72 SV-51 Ivan and possibly a VF-19A Dullahan. I like to have multiple projects going at the same time to reduce down time. After building 1/48 VF-1s it's unlikely I'll build anymore 1/72 VF-1s. They're just tiny compared to everything else.
  12. In many ways it's very similar to building a 1/72, but the nozzles are not decals on the 1/48. Of the 3 I have built the feet very in stiffness. I sticky tacked the ones that annoyed me. Also all the armor is held on by sticky tack. For my next 1/48 VF-1 I'll use magnets to hold on the leg armor. The 1/48s are addictive and about the size of a 1/55 toy.
  13. Greetings! Here's my new favorite Valkyrie. This is my 3rd 1/48 build. I'm still improving and finding it hard to go back to 1/72s. I love how the legs lock into the fuselage, the nosecone section is better enforced and the feet can be installed after leg assembly. The VF-1J was also a step up from my VF-1Ss with extra molded controls, decals for the cockpit and it's setup to accept the HUD pieces. I didn't use the decals for the cockpit though. I just painted the molds instead and added the VF-1J cockpit decals to one of my VF-1Ss.
  14. That looks really nice. The seem lines I've had to deal with on this thing are brutal. So bad I dropped it in a drawer and left it there for almost a year. I can appreciate the suffering you endured.
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