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  1. Hi guys! As promised, I am starting a thread to gauge interest in a 1/48 Mospeada Legioss soldier mode (hereinafter referred to as Buster: Henshin Robo) resin model to accompany the Crabb army which I made a little while ago. I would also make all three head variations: Blue, Green and Redd to allow for more versatility in the collection. Kit would be free-pose type (build it in the desired pose only) although certain joints will allow for minimal re-posing. Decals and markings: I will do the artwork, which I will then offer as open-source so that you can download and print as you see fit. This is going to be quite a bit more of an undertaking than most of my previous models, simply by virtue of its geometric complexity so you'd be looking at a $265 Canadian price-point (about $218 US) plus shipping. I would need a minimum of 30 orders to get the ball rolling so ask yourselves: is Buster right for YOU?
  2. As I haven't posted here in some time, I have started an interest thread in a 1/72 Zentradi power suit project here: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=42217 If there are still any members hoping for more of my 1/72 models, this is your chance!
  3. Hello, Here is a review of the superb ES-11D "Cat's Eye", (too) shortly appearing in the 10th episode ('Blind Game") of the original Macross serie. So far as I know, the kit has been originally casted by John Moscato, and now reboxed by Neptune Models. The box : What we can found in the box : The assembly guide, composed by a dozen of sheets in colour : The totallity of the pieces : The fuselage, about 25 cm long. The fittings seem very good : The cockpit, good level of detail : Clear parts : Details : Folding wings options : Landing gear parts : Thruster : The radar, made in a single piece of resin : : And the decal sheet : Thanks for reading Regards,
  4. Hi everyone! Well I got kinda bored waiting for the decals and final parts for the Legioss to arrive, so I started working on a 1/5000 Ikazuchi carrier. A kind of scratchbuilding therapy, if there was such a thing! Captain's Log, stardate: Monday morning. The project begins as they all do: as an idea supported by a drive to create. While seemingly simple in design, the Mars expedition's Ikazuchi carrier, like most every other anime design from this era, suffers from a certain lack of consistency in the artwork. While certainly not impossible to overcome, it does make for an interesting challenge to harmonize all of the views and consolidate them with several different given dimensions for the ship. Once these little issues are resolved, I then proceed to draft my own diagrams for the various main structures of the ship and print them out along with a handful of artwork renderings. This way, I can refer to the reference drawings if ever I'm not sure about a particular detail or shape. In pic 1, we see some of the printed reference material along with a chunk of modelling board from which the Ikazuchi will spring. Pic 2: once the diagrams have been cut and placed on the modelling board, the real fun begins as I start to get my hands dirty. In this particular pic, I have to start by evening-out the master block to get the necessary plat planes. Pic 3: some back-and-forth between the mill and the band saw is quite common: the latter allows me to separate and chop off excess material quickly. Pic 4: Back to the mill yet again. This particular part will comprise the upper main hull, and is the single largest part of an otherwise small-scale ship. Pics 5 and 6: the main hull parts crudely assembled. There is obviously still a lot of work left to get it looking like the line-art, but it's progressing nicely and will take shape gradually. More to come in the following week
  5. Hello, here is the Comanchero from Neptune Models, cast by John F. Moscato, that I have just received from Starship Modeler : http://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/2860/172-comanchero-attack-helicopter-macrossrobotech.cfm The box art : One of the seats : The front and rear cockpits : The blades : The weapon bay (I will probably close the doors), where 2 missiles can be stored : Tha area below the main rotor disk : The decal sheet : Regards,
  6. Did you miss me? After speaking with a fellow MWer yesterday, I realized that I was really starting to miss making kits! Since I'm waiting on a few other projects, I realized that I have a "window of opportunity" to work on some personal stuff, so I thought about offering a 1/10 Protector Inbit kit if enough people are interested. I haven't quite figured out a price because I don't know what kind of interest there would be for this thing, but I think it's safe to say that it would be under 200. I would need a minimum of 30 orders to get the ball rolling, and so I turn the mic over to you guys... What say you?
  7. AcroRay

    Moscato Kamjin

    From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    My buildup of John Moscato's Kamjin kit. I installed a magnet in the torso and built both the armored & unarmored heads, with a small metal screw in the neck of each, so they can be swapped. This is such a great model. I've only got two of John's kits. This one is a real treasure.
  8. From the album: Personal Macross Kits

    My buildup of John Moscato's Kamjin kit. I installed a magnet in the torso and built both the armored & unarmored heads, with a small metal screw in the neck of each, so they can be swapped.
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