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  1. What all is included in this kit? Of course it comes with the VF-11, but are the Super Packs, and booster included as well? They're on the instruction sheet in the Legacy Models sections, but the sheet scan doesn't have the parts inventory page. Anyone have one of these, and can tell me for sure what all is in the box? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Here is new topic about the QF-3000E Ghost Fighter, a resin kit from Neptune Models. Starting by the intakes, that look quite bad : Cutting everything, and doing it again with plastic card : And soon it seems to look like to... uuuh an UAV : Next step : painting ! Thanks for reading me.
  3. The guy who built these is エムロボ, and he says the Tomahawk is an Arii, but the Spartan and Defender are based on Bandai models. All of them are scale 1/72. Tomahawk Spartan Defender Maybe this has been posted already, if that's the case please close the thread.
  4. So, I'm getting ready to build a 1/72 Hasegawa VF-1J. I'm going to be building it with the canopy open. So, if I want to be "real world" here, should I use the decal for the main display panel so that it looks like the Valk is powered up, or should I leave the screen black, making it look like it's powered down? Thanks for your input! EDIT: I should mention that this will not be part of a diorama or display. I'm only going to have (hopefully-if my modification works out) a pilot figure standing next to it.
  5. Hasegawa Macross Series Kit #1- the venerable VF-1A Valkyrie. I had built one of these when they were first released, but it didn't survive the move from North Carolina to Japan. Had done my original one as Hikaru, but decided to show Kakizaki a little respect with the rebuild. Honestly, how many Kakizaki builds have you seen of the -1A?
  6. Hello, Here is the beginning of the F-14KAI Tomcat - Lt. Shin Kudo and his RIO Lt. Edgar La Salle, Squadron UNSF-225 on board the Illustria, ca. 2008. Hasegawa... ... but mainly the much better F-14D Fujimi kit, with different interesting options : Starting with the "office": A little modification of the figures : The main work : more work to do : Thanks for reading me. Regards,
  7. Loute

    MetalBox's Glaug

    Hi all, recently, I have been browsing the metalbox's site here: http://www.metal-box.jp . And found this "no-name-to-describe-the-awsomeness-damn-my-lower-jaw-fell-down-on-the-floor-GLAUG" that appears to be a 1/72 SD kit (without practising Japanese for 15 years I'm more than a bit lost). Does anyone know where this kit can be found, or if it's gonna reach the regular distribution vendors like hlj (or else I don't mind)? I fell in love with it and I guess I won't be the only one after seeing the photos, metalbox seems to be specialised in SD kits, this one costs 12000¥ : Since I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section or if the subject has already been evocated, I leave this up to the admins but I would really love to get an answer to my questions
  8. I saw one of these at my local Mandarake the other day for around 1200 yen. Would it be worth picking up? How much work would I need to do to make it look nice by today's standards? I know I would have to at least replace the "fists of ham" those old kits have. Anyone ever built one of these?
  9. Hi guys, I want to start wishing to all of you a happy new year, and a lot of success this 2012... the year of the Megaroad!! I'm sharing with you my latest model kit, the Miria's Q-Rau, made by Club-M, in 1/72 scale. Well proportioned, but no more details that the lineart show it. This kit is made of the typical resin used in Japan in the 80's, and gave me a huge problems with the paint fixing. Just at the end of the road, I found that a coat of Future improves incredibly the adhesion of the paint. Bad thing not knew this before... I lost all 2011 with this /&%$%&/$/&%$ kit! ¬¬ Also, I need to improve my chipping techniques, but I think I'm getting it. I just need to think better in the locations of the chips... these ones are very ilogical!! About the custom details, the thrusters are of aluminium (I bought them in Ebay), and the canopy can be opened thanks to some wires. Also I made again the antenna and the cannons of the arms, because the originals are very ugly. Another issue was the center of gravity, due its huge "backpack". I solve it turning the legs to the front, as you can see in the lateral view picture. To strong the stability, the legs are fixed, only the arms are movable. And at the end, one of my classic "group pictures", to figure out the size and scales of these mechas. Aside the Club-M Miria (in 1/72), you can see the Yamato's Miria, supposedly in 1/60... Anyway, none of these Miria's can fit in this Q-Rau!!... I just hope to see some day a Moscato's version, to see how John solves this scale problem!! As always, all your comments are welcome.
  10. Here's my latest build; the Tomahawk Destroid from Wave. Fun kit to build. Went together fast and easy, with minimal seams to putty and sand. I was going for a Vietnam War era tiger stripe cammo scheme. Don't think I quite got that, but I've very happy with what I did get. a few more pics can been seen here
  11. Hello, few pics of my present work : the SV-51 from Hasegawa. Very little changes, The main goal is to apply a special paint, inspired by those views (I will keep the anti-UN markings). The kit is now ready for the paint : Flanker/Fulcrum family... style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/wink.gif Thanks for reading.
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