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  1. I'm finding that Ohnogi interview more and more silly than I did before. This is what we get for living outside japan. We couldn't tell right away if the source is authentic or not so it's easy to get fooled. Even more so, interviews like this tend to color one's perception of the show. Atleast it did mine for a little while. I'd be happy if this is completely disproved. It'll feel weird to have the tides turn, the Ohnogi issue is filled with holes now. It is fun however to watch Gubaba "bury this Ohnogi-worked-on-MF-nonsense under 1000 ft of dirt, several layers of concrete, about 10m thick solid titanium-composite armor and a moat with sharks with freakin-lasers on their heads" from the sidelines.
  2. I'm a leonxgrace shipper! Viva Nyan Dra4!
  3. You all need to fill us non-fluent japanese readers about the contents of those links. I can't follow. What does this mean? Is this an episode commentary from Kawamori? What did the famitsu article cover? 「一度かけた歌をつぎにかけるときは、それよりよく聴かせたいと思って (中略)わかりやすいところで『星間飛行』のキラッってのを 聴かせるためだけに、12話が作られていると言ってもウソじゃありません(笑)」 But to summarize what I got from this thread, there is not enough evidence to point out that Ohnogi really worked on the second half of the series. I don't know shaloom and I'm not saying he's making things up but considering the amount of information the liner notes had, is it possible to be able to jot all down in complete details through a one-time listen to the radio? He must've recorded those interviews. Maybe? If he did, I wonder if he can share it with us to back up his liner notes. I never understood the japanese credits at the end of each episodes, but Ohnogi should also be on the credits if he was one of the people who worked on a certain episode. Since noone here saw his name, right now, I'm also skeptic. Sorry.
  4. It looks like Sheryl's popularity is not enough to get Kawamori to let her win the triangle. Seeing as his original heroine Ranka also has a strong fanbase, he can only do a harem ending. Gubaba. I liked SDFM's ending!
  5. That's scary. I'd rather have them do the harem ending than decide the winner based on a character's popularity, both Ranka and Sheryl, unless of course Kawamori finally decided it on his own. Off topic: Is Kawamori going to take charge in the movie? Or will it be Ohnogi?
  6. Wow, um, I'm not aware of that interview. I might be too outdated of the latest happenings. I wasn't even aware Kawamori wasn't in charge of the last episodes but Ohnogi. That's probably why a lot of fans turned against Ranka in the latter part of the series. I've seen a lot of fans confess that they liked ranka in the beginning but she became unbearable later in the end and sheryl became likable. I thought Kawamori changed preference. This explains it. I can't say I agree with all of it, with sheryl labeled as a mary sue, but I did enjoy your rant and felt like a lot of it spoke to what I felt after watching the whole thing too. I also felt there were some inconsistencies here and there with the characters' behaviors. The insertion of Mao Nome's connection to Sheryl did nothing to the storyline and felt like a last minute addition. Bilrer's dream in ep 16 and its significance was never explored. I wasn't a big fan of Ranka calling Sheryl from the dead since I thought that scene was overdone. The interview confirmed that Ranka's potential was undeniable but ultimately in the end, it was never shown. She was made to leave Frontier, learn about her past, only to grieve and be manipulated. She had to be rescued in the end. All in all, I never felt like she "shone" for lack of a better word. I'm not blaming Ohnogi here aside from the good things that happened from his intervention, just the downside of it all is that Ranka's character suffered the most. And the worst part is, Ohnogi claimed that he was there to salvage her character. There could've been a better way to handle all these changes without neglecting any character. How many fans ended up hating Ranka in the end? The fans' reactions to Ranka were much favorable when she popped out of a VF in Galia and killed everyone with Seikan Hikou. My two cents since I think Final Vegeta's rant needs a bit more credit. To tell a director that his story isn't "epic", that can't not hurt.
  7. Can someone translate? Kawamori's being ignored here.
  8. Not "may have" Alto didn't leave Frontier BECAUSE of Sheryl. I think he was so happy when Ozma left him. Afterwards, he was always laughing with Sheryl and looking at her like a man in love. Sheryl looked happy too. They both were happy. That was supposed to be happiness. I think. But but what Ranka doesn't know is....Alto joined SMS to protect her always. And Alto doesn't know that Ranka wanted to sing only for him. When I saw 23, I couldn't believe what I heard that Ranka and Alto have been into each other all this time, but one thinks she doesn't have a chance and one is just pretending to not notice until everything has become twisted. Then when you get to the finale Kawamori chooses to end things in a status quo. I heard he did have a solid resolution in mind and he thinks the triangle is not equal, but he thinks the open ending was for the best so that everyone wins. Hah, right.
  9. That's if you're in Animesuki. I stick up for Ranka and I'm quite convinced that Alto has been in love with her all this time (but was only playing dense) and I can back it up, but why waste any time? Kawamori had trolled us to no return so I doubt any kind of persuasion will convince anyone which girl Alto leaned more. Forget it. What will happen to this board now? Are we going to hibernate soon until the movie airs which is more likely next year?
  10. O my bad. They sounded similar at first glance (or hear). But Is this LOVE is really familiar. Maybe someone will catch it during their marathon of the whole series.
  11. I don't think it's an 'opinion' that Alto and Sheryl didn't have sex. It's a fact. Sheryl has a bodily fluid transmitted disease. Alto will be infected by now but there were no signs that he was suffering the same thing as Sheryl. It was strongly implied in 23 that Alto stayed with her because of kindness. Not pity, but kindness. Sheryl was too conscious of letting Alto get near her blood. To say they kissed in 22 is arguably possible but to say they had sex is in the realm of delusion. Anyone want to poke fun at the 'salute'? The unresolved triangle didn't keep me from giving the whole Macross Frontier 10/10. It was a fun ride. Sheryl may had more screentime than Ranka in 24, but it doesn't really feel like Ranka was put in the backburner in exchange. Ever since Ranka left in 21, she's the subject of everyone and we got a lot more from her memories and the outcome of her journey during those times. Between her and Sheryl, Ranka had more exposure overall. That's also why I feel no dissatisfaction from the series. One of the reasons I enjoyed this was because Ranka's story interests me. Not only because of her romance with Alto, but also because of the Vajra, her glowing abdomen, and the 117th research fleet. There's also the subject of 'communication' and how a simple misunderstanding can lead to one of your nightmares. Michael's death was frustrating in all aspects but that's what makes it appealing. The frustration of "coulda" "woulda" "shoulda" reaches out of the screen and is able to get you.
  12. I remember "Is this LOVE?" playing at the beginning of ep 6 while Sheryl is preparing for her concert
  13. Got it. Finally. I believe Ranka's DYRL bless the little queen was hair raising in a positive way. It surpassed the original for me. Especially at the end where her voice reverberated everywhere and the way she delivered "mou hitori bochi ja nai". Splendid. Anata no Oto's full version was amazing. They should've played the whole version in the final episode. Empty Diamond Crevasse and Blue Ether was on par for me. Triangular fight on stage is truly interesting. They said it was a song for Misa? I think Yoko Kanno wrote it for both Ranka and Sheryl. First part refers to Ranka, second part refers to Sheryl. I didn't hear it on the leak. Where is it on OST 2?
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