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  1. One of my rules of thumb in regards to anime love triangles is that it's almost always the FIRST one that the MC meets that wins his or her heart in the end. However, Macross has consistently turned that trope on its head, almost always awarding that distinction to the SECOND of two. Misa > Minmei, Sara > Mao, Sheryl > Ranka. Plus was an exception and Seven had no resolution. I'm playing the odds here and betting on Mirage.

    And, according to the movies, Sheryl met Alto first, when they were children.

  2. Lol :D No, and I do get what you mean. I just think that... I dunno. One of the things I appreciated about 08th MS Team (Gundam) was that the majority of the cast were 20s and up; Shiro Amada is 21(?) when the story begins. It can help lend characters a bit of but not too much maturity, but mostly I just like it because it's a shift away from the 15-18-year old protagonists that we normally see. It's for the same reason that I appreciate the Myung/Isamu/Guld cast in M+, and FFVII's main cast being mostly 21 years old or above.EDIT:(They don't ever mention age, but I picture the M+ trio being 30-ish. The Macross Wiki lists Isamu as 24, which I can also buy even if I don't at all trust it as a source of reliable information.)EDIT 2 because lol I know it seems that way and I have no way to disprove it despite having perfectly innocent motives:

    Isamu is 24, Guld is 25, Myung is 23.

    Sharon is 1.

  3. Truer words have never been spoken. Claudia and Roy.But speaking of Reina, I was a bit distressed to find that she's officially 15. The impression I got from Walkure, justified or not, was that they would all sort of be onee-chan type figures to Freyja. So perhaps hoping against hope, I pegged them as all being in the low- to late-20s, with Reina being about 22. She can't reasonably have Oneechan status when she's only a year older than the protagonist. Boo....then again, I pegged everyone as being several years older than they actually are, so maybe I'm just bad with anime age.

    Why does it matter? Are you lusting after them?

    Heck, I still like the Narnia books and most of the characters there are under 18. It's a story about young adults, after all.

  4. Listen up.

    This is a formal request to stop.

    I don't know why you're digging up comments I made 4 months ago. Back then you followed me outside of an Delta related topic and attempted to start something. I didn't engage you then and I barely said anything about Delta since. Now you're bringing that up again?

    That is enough. This is over.

    (This goes for anyone that may want to leave a smart comment. Consider this a warning).

    (Okay, this not a "smart comment," this is a simple response.)


    Disagreeing with you leads to strife, and agreeing with you also leads to strife.

    I'd like the option that doesn't get me banned, but I'm no longer sure what that is.

    If you'd let me know before banning me again, I'd be grateful.

  5. I've changed my mind. I agree with Roy Focker now. I was never a little girl. Were you...?

    Which is why it is so unusual to see some of you grown men love shows aimed at little girls. It is easy to understand why grown men might still enjoy show aimed at little boys. All grown men were once little boys. Since when were grown men once little girls?

  6. I can read both posts in less than 1 sec then if I were to say that in audible conversation which would take possibly 10 secs. Now if it were multiple persons talking in a normal ebb and flow of conversation then you're talking a significant amount of time required for possible only a small bit of information that you're seeking. That is not something I personally am interested in investing time in. Music, audiobooks, podcasts are all white noise to me. If podcasts are your thing then cool. Keep it up. Happy that you guys are doing something that makes you happy. Some of us would and do appreciate a quick written summary.

    Graham asked a simple request. Paraphrased, "can you guys write a summary or a transcript?" He didn't say anything about not making the podcast he's asking if the podcasters would supplement it. Added value from the guys doing the podcasts. Instead how many of you are jumping on him for that? This is Graham, of Shawn and Grahams Macrossworld, the guy that when he had ties directly to Yamato showed us early prototype pics, took all our concerns to Yamato and brought back their responses with no expectations except that he was helping a fellow fan with no strings attached.

    Ooh... Can I use that rationale myself...?

  7. I would do it, but I didn't watch the episode, so I can't.

    Tochiro would do it, but he got kicked out of this place, so he can't.


    EDIT -- Wait, wait... Hang on a second, there... "TRANSCRIPT"?? What? No, no, no, sir. If you don't have time to listen, fine, but now we're expected to have the time to write down everything for you? I know Einstein said time is relative but this is ridiculous, no?

    Paging Mav, paging Mav...
  8. Maybe I was over exaggerating but if you combine the collections for several collectors like what you see at Macross World Con and put them in the right setting you would have something pretty close.

    I don't think that's his real pipe. How does 2D person use a 3D pipe anyways.

    No, you really wouldn't. The Yamato toys? Yeah, sure. Everything else? The only place I'd ever seen ANY of it was at other Macross Museum exhibits.

  9. The bit about Zolans not being able to procreate with Humans is, IIRC, an assumption made by fans based on an overheard line from a Zolan localization of Romeo and Juliet that is briefly audible in Macross Dynamite 7. It doesn't actually say that "Zomeo" can't get "Zoliet" pregnant, just that she thinks they can't raise a child together because he's human and therefore doesn't have a pouch. (Zolans apparently share some traits with marsupials.)Macross Frontier's Michael Blanc is supposedly part-Zentradi and part-Zolan, so that would tend to cap the argument in favor of "Yes, they can"... though it's worth noting that the design aesthetic WRT the ears as a species trait is inconsistent from Frontier's designs onwards.

    Prior to Frontier, the aesthetic had been that Zentradi had the pointy "Spock ears", and the Zolans had the full-blown Record of Lodoss War "elf ears". That got muddied somewhat in Frontier and its related titles. Michael Blanc has a mixture of the elf ears and Spock ears, presumably because he's part-Zentradi and part-Zolan. Anri Mahlberg's pure Zolan and has the Lodoss War elf ears. Male Zentradi seem to have kept the Spock ears, but several female Zentradi (Klan) and part-Zentradi (Mirage) seem to have been given more subdued versions of the elf ears, and other part-Zentradi women like Ranka Lee and Chelsea Scarlett have rounded human-like ears.

    It's VERY clearly heard on the "Radio Fire" album, and (even though it's from "Zomeo and Zoliet" just as clearly mentioned as a fact. Zoliet says that they can't breed, and the narrator of the show chimes in and explains that yes, it's true that humans and Zolans can't have children together.

    It's just an oversight from the Frontier staff. Nothing more.

  10. Someone told me somewhere a long while ago that Zolans can't procreate with Humans is this true or false, but since Michael is thought to be part Zolan and so is Mirage I guess that notion is false?

    According to Dynamite 7, no, they can't. According to Frontier, they can.

    i think some of the Frontier staff simply failed to check Dynamite thoroughly.

  11. Gubaba, I'm way behind but just finished reading your SDFM and DYRL posts. I really enjoyed the detailed analysis of each episode. I recently bought a copy of volume 1 of SDFM and have volume 2 on the way. I've only watched episodes 1-3 so far - my first time seeing the real versions (dubbed in English) as opposed to Robotech. Some of the animation (Star Pro) is really bad, plus the crazy mistakes like the Daedelus and Prometheus (multiple copies) in the space fleet in Episode 3, but it's still fun to watch again. I don't know if I'll get around to the other series - I've only watched a couple episodes of Frontier - but I've really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    My pleasure!

    But... please... for the love of God and all that is holy, watch SDFM in Japanese! The English dub is nowhere near the same standard...

  12. I've been keeping up with 'em and enjoying the commentary. It's been a few years since my 7 marathon watch but it's bringing back a lot of memories.

    Thank you!

    And yeah... rightly or wrongly, I assume that fewer people have watched Seven recently (or at all), so I feel like I need to put a little more of a summary in there than I did for SDFM or Plus... My ideal audience for the Seven posts are people who stopped watching the series in the middle or never even started watching it, but I don't think anyone like that is reading the blog... :unsure:

  13. How to say?

    At first I just wanted to know the opinion of fans of "Macross" about this idea - I, for example, during the first viewing of the original "Macross" puzzled the presence of very good mek, transforming into a fighter, and a crowd of assorted piece of iron instead of transformable tanks ... we receive some "asymmetry", perhaps?

    However, "Seto and Co" decided to convince me that "this can not be, because it can not be, ever," though their arguments contradict themselves ...

    And in the end, everything depends on what Kavomiri simply like airplanes, the rest of the military equipment just for what would have been something explode on the screen ...So I think of a kind of "alternative history", in which the variation tanks will replace the "Destroyers" :) I'll try to sketch a fanfic ...

    Such is the result of a dispute - a small, but still achieving

    So, simply... You wanted fans' opinion. You got it, didn't like it, and so discounted it.

  14. Could there be more variable vehicles in Macross? And could they be dedicated combat units? Absolutely. Why haven't see seen more? For the same reason we haven't seen more Destroids. They're not the stars of the show. I think we'll see more Destroids and variable vehicles when the plot calls for them. Not until then. Personally, I think it'd be great if Valkyries took the back seat for a while. They've gotten a bit silly.

    Dude, they're planes that turn into robots. There's no way to make them NOT silly.

  15. I think people missed this post from a couple of pages back...

    Sounds like a deliberate omission.

    Anyway, with regards to picture quality in DYRL.... And the forthcoming MacPlus Movie Edition.

    I had an interesting conversation online today with a couple of the most in-the-know people in the animation industry. One of them worked on the DYRL project and was witness to all sorts of goings-on behind the scenes back in 1984.

    I had asked about why some anime looks fantastic on Blu-ray and some looks like it still needs a lot of work. For example, 1974 Yamato and 1983 Orguss look incredible, while 1982 SDFM TV looks... sort of meh. Similarly, Macross7 and Macross Plus are contemporaneous with each other, being as they are both from 1994, and clearly (literally) M7 looks a lot less grainy. I asked if it was just the storage conditions for film, as well as film stock. I knew that Orguss and M7 were shot in 35mm, while SDFM TV was 16mm for cost-cutting. Turns out that both Orguss and M7 were both produced with home video merchandising in mind, so it had to be better than broadcast quality. SDFM was not. Add to that the fact that TMS (who produced Orguss) at the time were doing all their output in 35mm (Ironman28, GodMars, etc.) because they wanted to keep their options open with regards to potential digest movie editions later down the line.

    But both DYRL and MacPlus were planned from the get-go to be screened in theaters, and so both are 35mm... So why do M7 and Orguss look clearer? The answer is, funnily enough, that they used special filtering techniques during the photographing stage that makes the whole picture seem less like a bunch of cels on a screen.

    That made me recall a comment here on MW by a user a long time ago, way back when the M7 HD Remaster DVDs came out and side-by-side comparison pics were being posted (before we even had any Macross on Bluray, I think), about how some scenes look "filmed" on the original VHS/DVDs, but in the new sets, they look clearer, yes, but more like "drawings", and thus it detracts away from the feeling of "realism".

    I think the staff on DYRL and MPlus were after this kind of "visual realism"... However, if you are after crystal clarity, there will be a limit, since the only thing improved resolution is going to will be to highlight the grain.

    Orguss, M7 and now Megazone23 look really great, though. :)

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