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  1. Graham, I think this is what they meant. But since I don't tuck or lock the chest plate all the way down, the "collar" does not jut out so much. But in doing so, the chest plate will be slightly higher than the back plate when viewed from the side. If the chest plate locks all the way down, the back plate will be flush with it. Anyway, in case Yamato is revising the VF1, PLEASE PLEASE PREETTY PLEASE, MAKE ALL THE JOINTS AND STRESS BEARING AREAS IN METAL PARTS, PLEASE! Oh before I forget. Picture credit goes to Jenius of anymoon.com
  2. Just got the hinges from Graham. Many thanks for the opportunity to fix my valks.
  3. Hey Graham, thanks for the swift reply. I would like to have the last pair if it is not taken.
  4. Hey Graham, pmed you for 3 pairs. Please let me know. Thanks!
  5. It seems to me his work only shines when there is hand holding involved. To date, he's had more than one chance at making great anime solely on his own leadership but yielded only results ranging from lukewarm to "eh, wtf did I watched that for?" responses. You may say it's my opinion, but what I see in his directorial works vs his collaborative works are far too inconsistent in story quality to be far off. Judging from the do or die perspective, his failure is usually his failure to deliver a good story, decent character development and etc. Or his is simply bad at managing his team. He's lucky there are more numbers in Japanese TV audience that are less discerning about good tv than like his long time fans; his work is not really winning overwhelming numbers of new converts to his other than Macross works either. So what's the point?
  6. All I'm saying is he ought to just stick to what he does best and leave the storytelling to professionals. It's better for him in the long run. Some of his hardcore fans aren't receptive of his role as director or writer at all, but you don't have to be a hardcore fan to appreciate his designs and visions. Read from somewhere that SDF Macross and DYRL isn't really how Kawamori envisioned the anime to be. Macross 7 it seems is closer. Now I'm going to sleep well tonite thanking Noburo Ishiguro for that.
  7. Watch all his directorial works back to back? Sorry I think I'd have to be some sort of value contortionist, or is simply too imbecilic to fruitfully use my spare time on other things, to do that. And that, is saying a lot about him as a storyteller. Should have just stuck to pushing out mechanical designs, but no!
  8. Only the opportunity to waste hours of your precious life.
  9. Truly no other poo piece anime has such beautifully designed robot as Aquarion. Those of you who have watched Macross Frontier might disagree.
  10. I think you mean yamatoed. If you got gypped, you'd probably be missing the SDF-1 too.
  11. Bayformers aren't Transformers. When you spread the left and the right cheeks apart, you will find the dark of the moon - this is what all Bayformers designs look like and why they can never be like the Transformers I know.
  12. Wht'ya expect? These toys are made by gimps.
  13. boota


    Nope, I'm a Transformers fan, not a chicks with dicks fan.
  14. ...But I like Astro Glide!
  15. The CG has lube-like properties so it's not so bad. Some even enjoy it.
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