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  1. Question: When ordering from nippon-yasan.com, what shipping should did you all use(those who ordered from them? Granted Fed-Ex is better but how about others like EMS? Just wonder if there will be problems using other shipping methods.carriers. I was looking at Economic Registered - Delivery within 2-3 weeks with tracking number + insurance as I can handle the wait.

    Here is the list of Shipping methods:

    Carrier Information Price
    Fedex Priority Service Fedex: Delivery within 2-3 days (with Tracking Number) $103.89
    Fedex Economy Service Fedex: Delivery within 3-4 days (with Tracking Number) $46.40
    EMS (Express) EXPRESS: Delivery within 3-4 days with tracking number + insurance $33.66
    Air Mail Registered By Airplane Registered - Delivery within 8-10 days with tracking number + insurance $26.68
    Air Mail By Airplane - Delivery within 8-10 days without tracking number and without insurance $23.23
    Eco - SAL Registered Economic Registered - Delivery within 2-3 weeks with tracking number + insurance $19.27
    Eco - SAL Economic - Delivery within 2-3 weeks without tracking number and without insurance $15.82
    Ferry Boat - Delivery about 3 month with tracking number + insurance $19.78
  2. yeah I was up there on Saturday and visited Frank and Sons. Wife wanted to go to the Dim Sum place near there where the Ranch 99 Supermarket (Happy Harbor was the restaurant). Wife decided to go to LA on Saturday when we got back to the hotel that Friday evening after going to Sea World. Though I was shock to see Frank and Sons, I wasnt exactly impressed nor disappointed. Before I get flamed, let me explain: I see this kind of thing in Shanghai at the Yuyuan Market. One of the MWers use to live in Shanghai and when I was there for work, I met up with him to visit some of the shops that had anime stuff. Granted I got a good deal for some MU figures, some of the anime toy prices were a premium there. I am sure I could make some deals but I am limited on the space I can carry back on the airplane when I fly back home.

  3. Hey all,

    Yes I missed the MW Con and have yet to go. However, I was waiting for my company to decide when to fly me out to San Diego to the Solana Beach office to coincide the MW con 2013. Then it was decided I need to be in Solana Beach for 2 weeks straight from October 15 to the 31st. With that, Mrs. Godzilla and Baby Godzilla wanted to go as she never been to SD and LA as well as I have never been to LA outside of the LAX. One of those weekends, I want to drive up from Solana beach to LA and do some sight seeing and visit some of fellow MWers. I was thinking the meetup at Franklin and Sons as it is place where most of ya meet.

    Any suggestions to visit while I am up there would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. To be honest, I am just hoping there are reissues of the renewals for the VF-25S and VF-25G. I regret my decision not to purchase them and keeping the v1 of them. My macross collecting days are ending as my hope is for the SDF-1 TV version. Of course the Arcadia YF-19 version blows my socks off. I was happy with the YF-19 that yamato made despite the negative comments as well as actual problems. I didnt encounter them and so here knows my yamato collection is pretty extensive.

  5. As the topic title says:

    I am looking for the following:

    1. Bandai 1/60 RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25G Michel Type
    2. Bandai 1/60 RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25G Fastpack
    3. Bandai 1/60 RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25S Ozuma Type
    4. Bandai 1/60 RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25S armor pack

    Please note that I have BST on the For Sale forum. If you are looking for other stuff like 25th GI Joe, Marvel Universe, etc, I would certainly entertain a trade. Also I am not looking to pay over-the-top prices.

  6. Meanwhile, those who are waiting for this exclusive Jetfire/Hound to come on Hasbro Toy Store are watching those prices on ebay skyrocket. Whae does HG hope to gain? $$$Money$$$? Why dont they make some quality toys to make money instead trying to legally steal other people's money? Oh wait they already did that with Toynami... they stole a lot of people money with the MPCs. :rolleyes:

  7. UPDATED: 9/27/2013 Updated with items sold and PENDING.

    Hey all,

    Been a long time since I have been here so.. Life step in the way as I have gotten married and now baby Godzilla is running around. As most know, I have an extensive collection of Macross including a large amount of Yamato 1/48s as well as some 1/60s plus ton of other macross stuff. I also collected lot of other stuff as well. Right now I am reducing my collection by getting rid of extras as well other things I collected that no longer interests me. Prices do not include shipping is not included unless noted. For now here is the list below. I will add more as I am cleaning out the closets and reviewing my collection. More yamato 1/48s, 1/60s, and TF G1s will be posted. I am on the Straight shooters list.

    Clarifications as I am getting these questions constantly:

    • Yamato never sealed the 1/48s hence why I cannot say they are MISB. If it does not have a factory tape to seal it, then it is called MIB. I dont want ppl coming back to me accusing me of misrepresentaion. Collectors are finicky and I am one of them. I want this to be made clear. Some of the 1/60s did not have the factory tape as well (yf-19, VF-0, SV-51). Only did the 1/60 v2 is when yamato put the factory tape on them. With that said, items have never been opened nor displayed unless stated otherwise.
    • Free shipping where items with prices include the shipping is only for within CON US unless negotiate otherwise.


    1/48 Yamato DYRL Super Parts MIB $100 SOLD TO tturbozx66

    1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1S Hikaru MIB $175

    3 2x 1/48 Yamato TV VF-1J Hikaru MIB $150 1x SOLD TO tturbozx66

    3x 1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1A Hikaru MIB $140 each

    1/48 Yamato VF-1J Stealth w/armor parts MIB case fresh $300

    1/48 Yamato VF-1J Stealth w/armor parts MIB case fresh $275. SOLD TO tturbozx66

    1/48 Yamato TV VF-1J Max Super MIB $250

    1/48 Yamato TV VF-1J Millia Super MIB $250

    or for both $500 shipped w/insurance

    1/60 Yamato M0 SV-51 Nora Type MIB $250 Box edges are a little rough

    1/60 Yamato M0 VF-0 Shin Kudo with QF-2200D-B Ghost booster MIB $250 SOLD TO tturbozx66

    1/60 Yamato MPLUS YF-19 (non-booster) MIB $175

    All are in sealed bags unless noted. Box was opened to inspect the contents. See pic.

    CMS Macross Part 3 Max in Q-Rau pilot suit $15 (opened)

    2x CMS Macross Part 3 Flower Girl $10

    2x CMS Macross Part 3 Minmay $20

    2x CMS Macross Part 3 Sammie bridge bunny $15

    2x CMS Macross Part 3 Isamu Dyson $15 1x PENDING

    CMS Macross Part 3 Roy VF-1S cut away $25

    or for a set $100 shipped


    Toynami Rand Beta #00185 $100 MIB (opened for inspection) PRICE DROP

    Toynami Scott Alpha #03205 MISB $125 MISB

    or $200 for the set

    CM's corp brave 01 EX gokin Legosis & tread mospeada Blue, Green, and Red $100 each plus shipping or all for $300 Shipped. All are MIBs as they were opened for inspection.


    Takara Masterpiece MP-06 $120 MISB (small dent on the lower corner) EBAY


    Camshaft MISB $55

    Prowl MISB $50
    Mirage MISB $50
    Rodimus MISB $45
    Wheeljack w/box $35
    Hound w/box $35
    Sunstreaker w/box $30
    Sideswipe no box $20
    Tracks no box $25
    Skids with no box $15
    OR $300 OBO for the LOT

    BINALTECHS: All are MISBs unless stated other wise.

    BTA-01 Alert (small box celephane edge tear)$100
    BTA-02 Sunstreaker $120
    BT-01 Smokescreen $45
    BT-02 Lambor $50
    BT-03 Streak $40
    BT-04 Hound $60
    BT-06 Tracks $55
    BT-10 Grimlock $60
    BT-13 Laserwave AKA Shockwave $70 MIB as the tape cut open on one side of the box. I have not used it on display and was opened for inspection.
    BT-15 Prowl (blue) $60

    OR $600 OBO for the LOT

    Space Battleship Yamato:

    The Museum of Leiji Matsumoto 1/1000th scale Triple cast Yamato (Opened once for display) $175

    The Museum of Leiji Matsumoto 1/1000th scale Triple cast Andromeda Opened once for display) $175

    Bandai DX BPX-01 Space Battleship Yamato MISB $150


    Sega Evangelion Asuka in Chinese dress MISB $25
    Sega Evangelion Rei in Chinese dress MISB $25
    Or Both for $40 OBO

    Bandai MG 1/35 Patlabor Ingram 1 MIB $35 OBO
    Bandai MG 1/35 Light Patlabor 2 MIB $45 OBO
    or Both for $75 OBO

    My Wants:

    • 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL DX VF-27 Lucifer Brera MIB ACQUIRED
    • 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25G Michel Type
    • 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25G Fastpack PENDING
    • 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25S Ozuma Type
    • 1/60 Bandai RENEWAL Macross Frontier VF-25S armor pack ACQUIRED
    • 1/48 Yamato Custom Minmay Guard Moon Act (Kurt customization would be nice but not required)
    • TFC Rage of Hercules (I refuse to pay $180 or trade $180 in value for it)

    Pictures are available below. I am willing to trade as well as negotiate but please refrain from giving me ridiculous offers. Reasonable offers will be considered. If you buy more, there is room to negotiate. Trades will get priority.

    Payment: Paypal is accepted (duh). Please send as gift or add 4% to the total. If trading, I expect that you ship the same day using the same agreed upon service.

    Shipping: I use USPS priority as it includes tracking or FedEx or UPS whichever is cheaper. INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. Despite that my packages are well padded, there is no guarantee that your package will arrive undamaged. And as these items are high dollar amounts, I highly recommend that you get insurance as you would want to protect your investment.

    If you have any question or want more pics, please send me a PM. Shoot me an PM with your zip so I can give you a shipping price. Thanks.


    Takara Masterpiece MP-02 Ultra Magnus $150 MISB SOLD TO Keoki420

    1/48 Yamato VF-1J Stealth w/armor parts MIB case fresh $300 each 1x SOLD to kris_01

    1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1A Hikaru MIB $140 each 1x SOLD to ckgfip

    1/48 Yamato DYRL VF-1J Hikaru MIB $150 each 1x SOLD TO auberondreaming



























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