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  1. Original ....

    I suppose the big question regarding the Lotus would be: how much will it weigh? Anything over 1950lbs, and the purists may accuse Lotus of heresy...

    This resto-mod is in the showroom alongside a new SRT8 at my local Dodge dealer; apparently it's for sale too. Belongs to one of the guys working for NASCAR engine supplier Joey Arrington. Scuttlebut has it that the 6.1 HEMI crate engine is PRE-PRODUCTION; they got their hands on it before they were even officially released by Dodge, and one of Joey's hotshot engineers actually figured out how to map the engine management software for the motor, before Dodge's own engineers had. Of course, this is as told by one of the salesmen at the dealer--so, take it with a grain of salt [or a shovel <_< ]. While I like the new Challenger, I like the original MORE.


    I don' know much about american cars but it reminds me of Starky and Hutch ^_^ , no offense, it's pretty original thought but the body work is uncertain.

    Looks like it gobbles up a lot of core, and the exhaust must spit a lot of it too. But it's must be really cool to drive in this kind of car .

    And now, for your viewing pleasure, here's Bumblebee: :ph34r:




    2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS

    The yellow color is not a fashionable here , the only cars who you see more with that color are the renault twingo or mail car but the mustand touch is not that bad .

    This new version of Wiesmann's GT is powered by a BMW 5 liter V10 that produces 507 bhp and 384 lb-ft torque. Acceleration from 0-62 is 3.9 seconds and top speed is 193 mph. The wheels are a tad too flashy, but otherwise, I'd hit it.




    2008 Wiesmann GT MF5 Production

    The wheels are a tad too flashy, but otherwise, I'd hit it. you can't ^_^

    God, that thing is hideous both inside and out!

    :lol: Each his own !

    For the french one , well I kind of prefer the chevrolet camaro than some of this :

    I don't like the color either

    Blue with red hum hum hum

    French car + supra motor? nippon


    the new 308 CC

    Mode decapotable

    Sober but functional ?

    Not for tomorrow....

    For me I will say the best is the more ecolo B)) << I'm joking but it will be :

    Audi R8 V10 535C une bete de scene !

    soft ?!

    My future car :lol:

  2. Not now

    The characters will survive (some of them), but the entire civilian of Frontier and Galaxy will be wiped out Zentraedi holocaust style, now that's Macross way of doing "Kill em all". ^_^

    I hope not, it's more memorable to kill the main character than wiping out frontier or Galaxy. I kind of like more the epic style than the last one.

    After having watched FAR too much Battlestar my brain is running in so many different directions that it's hard to say, I can think of a reason to kill off every character and at the same time think of why they should live. But as of right now I have to say that Leon and Ozma are going to buy it. While many people say that Ozma has not had enough development to be killed off they did kill off Raramia. I don't think of her as cannon fodder because she had a name and I kept on waiting for the back story of the Pixies. I also feel that Michael may die, but I can't put my finger on why. While Macross does not have the rep of being too dark I would not mind if it ended up taking a turn in that direction. And I agree with Morpheus that the loss of some, most or all of the two fleet could very well happen.

    Welcome to the " we have been traped " fanclub ^_^ .

    It was well done also, but how many times he could have ? As for Michel I keep thinking so too but caution is really the key to safety .


    If that's the case then my theory is that Alto and a lucky girl will take off in a VF-25 with one of those new fold boosters and heads out into the galaxy. (Maybe end up finding the Megaroad-01 with Misa and Hikaru.)

    I don't think we will see them again and for what ? Take their Coaprovel each second ? Too boring...

    Scratched Ozma outta that deathwish list. As he so boldly said at the end of 17th eps, surviving the lethal Pineapple Salad Curse .... "I'll will not die".

    Guess what, he's not dead, thanks to Fire Bomber guardian angels protecting ace combat VF pilots who're openly FIRE BOMBER's fanatic fans, like Gamlin in Mac 7.

    I will wait 'til the final episode ^_^

    You know, it would be incredibly cruel if he was killed in the next episode...

    For us ! :huh:

  3. Too much....

    when ranka and alto are in her room, Ranka mentions that there is no one around, she than backtracks because what she said may have sounded wrong

    the subtitles come out like this"I trust you Alto(who would **** this alien abortion green haired ugly peice of **** anyway)(twi: this must be a suzu comment ;3 )"

    :lol: How mean ! She is apparently not on your list ^_^

    Great Episode Again, Fire Bomber songs were a great addition to this episode :D , I'm glad they developed Ozma's Character a little more since we didn't know a lot about him I'm glad he didn't die.


    I was expected him to die and not at the same time, no, honestly I took the bait ^_^ . He sure is lucky ,even too much... Kawamori sure knows how to prolong the suspens until the end .

  4. I just figured it out : I put them all....but Luca will be safe and sound at the end, well, if there isn't any Nanase attack ^_^

    It's gonna be Nanase! :ph34r:

    She's like a sister to Ranka and....and I dunno.

    It's unlikely even if she 's so close to Ranka, sister is a big word for her role in the serie, but who know?

    The question now is how, I mean her chest is pretty much bulletproof. :ph34r:

    Defective air bag ? ^_^

    For the next episode, Ozma is the first in the list, but like many said, it's too obvious with a title like that.

    However, the Bye Bye Sheryl in episode 6 was very misleading so I don't think they will play the same trick knowing everyone expect his survival.

    It can become a really unexpected episode if they kill him or if they put him in the go missing box, and make him come back later( I know it's pure science fiction ^_^ .Until now his character wasn't really developped ; I don't think he can become a hero for Alto like Roy was for hikaru but if he dies here it will be a set piece for Alto,Ranka and Sheryl growth.

    Or you can just imagine they're talking about Michel and Klan relationship which take a new twist ;).

    For the rest of the episode and people who surely can die I will say Grace for sure even if she was already , Ozma( they can leave him a chance but not twice ) or Cathy( Between the two but not both otherwise it would be called a tragedy :) ) , Michel( He reminds me of roy who enjoyed too much his life and we all know what happenned...), and the president Glass ( ..was too much confident in the last episode and even if he is such a passive character a little 24H sauce could be entertaining).

    Brera, Ranka, Sheryl probably may die , (and I just though about the high possibilty for Alto to die it could be a easy way to please everyone with the love triangle ) but I will wait to see for those four , if the grim reaper did her job with the others :D

  5. Make sure you vote for the right girl

    Yeah, I really thought things would've changed by this point. Even I came close to voting for Ranka on this one...

    Close to... :D

    Perhaps I should abort the study and the Part 4 question should be phrased as:

    So Sheryl says to you "I want a threesome, you pick the girl:"

    The Sheryl option is removed, and the current list of girls is replaced with "Sheryl and..." that may get a more interesting set of results.

    You should do it but it will be boycott at some point ^_^

    Although, the Klan supporters haven't turned out yet and we're almost 50 votes in...

    They are few, but i think for some who claim the loli kind ,klan klan micronized is cute but seems more young than Ranka.

    Do you really? I think that's the reason why I don't like Sheryl, is because of her design. I just can't place my finger on exactly what about her design that bothers me, but something does.

    :blink: You're an exception :)

    Here's my order of preference in regards to personality/looks/attitude:

    - Klan

    - Cathy

    - Sheryl

    - Grace

    Others are cute and such but these are the top 4. :D

    MY HAREM!!!!

    :lol: You have voted ? Such a traitor :p

    Then how come Klan has 0 votes, if she's your number 1? :huh:

    Number 1 in macronized form surely :D

  6. Best bet with ebay is to find a good seller with a store that does you right and do repeat business with them. Thats what i do for new import games from my favorite seller, we have done business for a few years together "he" has even been known to send me extras for the repeat business like post cards, pencil boards etc from other games or animes "he" thinks I might like. When I got Macross for the PS2 from "him" I was also given a pack of macross trading cards and a cad captor sakura post card, now that I think of it "he" may be a "she" based on what they send me, either that or "he" likes girls animes, and the return address name looks like a womans name, dang the internet can be confusing when you anonymous maybe Ill ask next order I place.

    I had a bad experience with play-asia once. i ordered two items from them one theu never got in but charged me for and took months to get a refund for, and one they said came with a preorder bonus then said it didnt get the preorder bonus and one was never offered for it (though the game producers said all the first runs of the game would come with an artbook), and then said i cant cancel my order but then did cancel my order after I sent them the copy of the email one of their reps sent me back when I placed the order and asked if it came with the bonus artbook and he said yes, so i placed my order for it based on that info. I ended up ordering it instead from himeyashop.com and got the artbook and all for cheaper.

    Ebay leaves me a bad impression. There aren't so many things in amazon except CD and I will not even mention Amazon france :blink: they have all the Robotech, Macross until Macross Plus ^_^ So Thanks for the link.

  7. Too bad... you can vote just once

    I'm as predictable as always...

    Same here. ^_^

    And the current result is as predictable as ever.

    My thought exactly ^_^

    Our favorite MF Girls so far ... How can it change even after 5 episode ? It's really seldom to see people switch their mind mostly with Macross Girls.

    It's not like the former poll with who's gonna end up with who but who do you like the best ?! Poor Ranka, against Grace she can still stand up but with you she is definitely dead and buried :D

  8. The inescapable...

    As for the actual poll, to be honest, I could care less about who he winds up with, and more about what the deal is between the girls. I thought the whole q-1 thing killed Ranka's chances, but now it seems Sheryl is Fairy-9, so it's balanced out.

    For me it's more the inverse with the whole fairy9 who killed Sheryl's chances with Ranka the q1 wich comes after and makes the thing more well-ajusted.

    So, the show promises to be not so good for both of them, with obviously an end not so " happy" for Sheryl , either in the plot (what is she? will she survive? Connection with Grace and Brera..) or in the romance( Until now ,I don't see the so called predictions comed true, well nobody can become a forecaster ^_^ ) Disturbing no ?

    I also find it amusing that some of the more hardcore Sheryl fans don't see Ranka as a threat, when she is obviously starting to. The gloves are coming off, and she's becoming a bit more underhanded.

    At least they will be aware of it in the last episode or before her possible death ^_^

    it's always kind of funny to see how staunchly people defend their girls whether it's warranted or not. ^_^

    I'm laughing myself ( even if I can be a part of it , but I doubt because there is always worse ) :)

    From my observations as a neutral (not biased towards either Ranka or Sheryl) seeing how the story is progressing, Ranka will win Alto's heart...but...they will not end up together.

    The two things can also be possible but it's very probable.

    I think Shoji Kawamori has watched one too many Korean dramas. ;)

    Or soap opera :)

  9. Why ?

    Alto has issues with people telling him what he should be and how he should act. He takes great offense to people telling him that blood determines things. His response is to go flip the bird, then go fly like a bird.

    Now there's Sheryl... her whole life was basically engineered, it would seem. Despite everything that's happened to her, she seems to understand Alto in a way that nobody else does. They have all the right things in common - they like to explore new frontiers, they love the sky, and they love flying. Alto can understand her better than anyone else ever could too - he understands all too well what it's like for outside forces to control your life and what not.

    And Ranka? She's selfish, and only wants Alto all to herself because he's pretty, and because Sheryl used to get in the way of her singing. She doesn't understand his desire to fly, nor does she understand why her brother or anyone else flies. She likes the feeling of Alto grabbing her but she doesn't talk about much else besides her singing and the act of getting rescued.

    Looks like Sheryl is in a desperate situation... ^_^

    The question could also be why Kawamori wants Ranka for Alto or why he won't change his mind ? ;) .

    The story is already written , it doesn't matter if someone or another person or batch of people like it or not because their favorite character take a bad shape. We all know that even if you are complaining you will keep watching it until the end( romance is not what make Macross, it's just a big part of it ! You should be glad if she even succeed in staying alive...)

    And, I have been spoiled ? :unsure::)

    A lot of why to the misfortune, not the why to the bliss

  10. Vajra/Human/Cyborg

    No proof, but I personally feel like people thinking otherwise are kind of grasping at threads ^_^

    I believe it was said during some interview somewhere that during early planning, the idea for the main love triangle of the show was it to have Ranka put in between Alto and some other male (And i'm willing to bet this other male was definately going to be Brera). It was changed however to include Sheryl, who was originally going to be a minor character that Ranka looks up to. My guess is it's going to retain a bit of these elements with Brera being a bit of a "rival" (for lack of better term) to Alto concerning Ranka, until some later point of the show where it will be revealed what everyone "knew" all along, that he is in fact her brother.

    It's what makes the show!!

    It remind me the change of the plot and I think it was just just at the beginning but I don't remember it well.

    In any case it's a solid argument for burying once and for all the so-called Sheryl-Alto end if of course her role is already written and don't include a meaningful change.(Even if it's not the case, well, the 12th and 13th episode were....explicit. She will not (Ranka) end with Brera, that for sure....

    It's a good thing that she was added to the plot between Alto and Ranka or it will be too obvious, so kind of.. boring but she is like many character of this show not a human or most likely not. She most be like Brera a cyborg, android or something like that. If you erase all the happy ending ,Ranka has high chances to be linked to the destiny with the vajra(a goodbye humans, human sacrifice, at the end if she doesn't end up with Alto)... so be Sheryl with her compatriot or cyborg race :rolleyes:(killed by Grace, downloaded in a new boby but not anymore memory like Brera....) <<Well, I can't even imagine her in love( Grace and Brera don't even know this word(Something went wrong in the download for Sheryl ? :D) , and considered her as a failure who is not worth living) if she is a cyborg...we aren't in DBZ when C18 the robot girl + Krilin = babies :D or Battlestar with the humans + cylon = the chosen one so she has vervy very very little chance to end up with someone no matter who , included Alto of course :) .

    I find it interesting that there is this recurring argument of how Ranka = Minmey and Sheryl = Misa because Ranka/Minmey = Immature while Sheryl/Misa = Mature....

    I don't buy it.

    For me, Sheryl and Minmey have far more in common: both are manipulative flirts who don't take relationships very seriously. Meanwhile, Ranka and Misa, despite their ambitions and inherent (very attractively female) sense of shame, are good women who are steady in their feelings, compassionate, and a bit scared to be in love, or at least not very good at it. In fact, I would go further - Misa was traumatized by events from her past; just like Ranka. Both of them had "disassosiative amnesia" - Misa wanted to forget about Riber and couldn't - until she found a new purpose in life (ending the war with the Zentrans), while Ranka is blocking out memories of her childhood (the specifics are still to be revealed)....

    It's more a melting of everybody in every character of Macross but even if Sheryl is more like Minmey and Ranka like Misa, they will surely not end up like them or at least for one of these two.

    Of course, there's no perfect parallel between the four girls - but I don't think you can just say Ranka is like Minmey and that's that. In fact - if anything - Ranka is like Minmey BEFORE she wins the Miss Macross contest and changes diametrically - aka; a young, cute, giggly girl who is fun to be around and who is very emotive.

    The key here, though, is that Ranka is NOT changed for the worse by becoming famous. In fact - UNLIKE Minmey, who forgets about Hikaru even BEFORE she becomes famous (right after being "found" by the rescue crew), Ranka REMEMBERS LOVE :) for Alto even after her success in Birdman and other events.

    Ranka REMEMBERS LOVE what a wordplay :) + Ranka is like Minmey BEFORE she wins the Miss Macross contest and changes diametrically <<I agree with you here, she dares now, I already said it but Minmey is far awy behind Ranka...

    Ranka = Minmei

    Sheryl = Basara



    The Sheryl is compared to a guy :blink::unsure:

    Eh? How so?

    Basara is annoying because he has a deep belief in his philosophy - the idea that music can overcome division and violence and serve as a universal language.

    Sheryl is annoying because she's an uppity celebrity who is cynical, flirty, and who views music as a commercial venture; something to be sold. Her one redeeming quality is her ambition and ability to have fun in life - but she's no Bassara.

    She's not out there trying to save the universe with her music...

    I see no comparisson between the two.


    Definitely not a Sheryl supporter, some green tea maybe ? ;)

    She's not out there trying to save the universe with her music..., not now but maybe with Ranka at the end of the show( although a statu-quo ending is never a good thing, a winner is an obligation, whatever the camp )

    Concerning the music sweet song suit Ranka's voice better.

  11. Quiproquo/Imbroglio

    It's too bad that he was as oblivious as ever and didn't listen when she thanked him.

    Like always I would like to say!! It was the same thing when Ranga went to his scool ,got a manager and made her debut he was such an egoist person...

    Was that the only time he didn't hear what she had to say? I was wondering why Alto's hearing is so bad.... Or maybe his brain is just too busy thinking "I'm flying, lalallaa."

    (Cut your hair, Alto. I think it's clogging your ears. :lol: )

    Well, she already was implicite in the car in the first episode and in episode 10. It's not that he is deaf but most likely he pretended he didn't understand( Even though he was deaf when she thanks him).

    Relating to the future episode, ( I'm not a forecaster so I will not say I'm sure about what I'm saying(even though I voted in this poll :)) it will be likely more SherylXAlto episode with a lot of imbroglio just as the (Sheryl fan), I prefer supporter ^^ , so just as the Sheryl supporters are saying with a turn around at the end.

    This could sound very preposterous of me but I don't know how people can be so sure about Brera being Ranka's brother. Maybe I am half asleep when I was watching these episode ^_^ but except for the photo in the GLOBAL (with little Brera and Ranka, the fact that he cares a lot about her , Ozma speech with a lost brother who was replaced by him) Her real brother could have been killed with the others in the fleet and Brera could have been the son of the baby sitter :lol: << the most unlikely I admit it ,or, a cyborg since the beginning ( well Ranka is not normal either) who,which ?! with his harmonica should ring a bell about Ranka's mission(Vajra..). Something went wrong and he was download ;) in another body without his memory. until here it's ok but wasn'it too obvious since the beginning ? I mean ok He most likely can be her brother but saying " she had a brother " (Ozma, episode 3 I think or 2)and just after that exposing a character who knows the song Aimo ( episode 7 in the battlefield ), so 4, 5 episode and that'it = he is her brother... well again, it'the more plausible but I want a damning evidence not some old pictures which doesn't prove any kindship except the fact that they were living together like brother and sister .

    He will definitely be a part of the love triangle but as what ? I don't know if it's Ozma or him or if one of those death will answer at the question. It's just that it was , suggest too soon, too obvious but maybe I can't expect too much suspens in this subject.

  12. Melting characters

    You try to make it seem as if Sheryl's appearance is my sole reason for liking her as a character when it isn't. I said that what piqued my interest in her was seeing her character design. This was before I had seen even the first episode so there was no way I could have known what she was like. Plus, being interested in a character does not necessarily mean that I would have actually liked her character. What actually made me like her as a character was when she pulled herself together to appear before the press when she was obviously feeling pretty shitty. It was that show of determination that gave me a hint of what a strong person she would turn out to be

    Your claim that Sheryl does not resemble Misa because Sheryl hasn't had a previous love is a pretty tenuous. Being similar does not mean she is a carbon

    copy of Misa. By similarity I mean that she gives the impression of being very strong willed career woman who is quite out of her territory when it comes to personal relationships.

    I have an inclination to do so, I admit it, since this poll at the beginning was more about popularity for some people but now it seems to change sowly with still a leg up to Sheryl.

    I can understand that Sheryl is to your liking( I don't know if it can be write like that... I don't want to be misunterpreted^^ ), both in her character design and her character. If I had be more persistent here, well, I would be biased. !We agree here. But...

    The first love part was just a small example to show the most important one about the way they showed the characters. It's obvious that they aren't the same: Misa,Sheryl,Ranka,Minmey but they do share similarities like I said. It's a melting of personalities for me compared with SDF Macross :

    Misa + Sheryl = strong personality # Sheryl + Minmey = the pop design kind

    Ranka + Misa = the natural behaviour( never too much) # Ranka + Minmey = the damsel in distress girl

    For Macross Zero it's actually the same kind of melting :

    Sara + Sheryl = 0 interest in love 1th but after it changed # Mao + Sheryl = the same unrequited love(I don't want to be shelled ^_^ but for now..)

    Sara + Ranka = power of song with Bird human/Vajra # Mao + Ranka = the loli girl design , easily fascinated , infatuated with a pilot..

    Well it's better to illustre it in this way than with words or long sentences I think .

    So you don't like Sheryl's sexual persona and prefer the moe-stars that seem to seep out of every one of Ranka's? Come on, they each cater to different segments of the Macross world as well as the TV watching audience. Calling Sheryl silly without giving Ranka the same treatment isn't all that fair

    As I said earlier, when people speak of similarities between characters, they don't necessarily mean that the two characters are caught in identical situations, but that they share many of the same qualities as a character.

    Well I don't like moe stars too, but for me there il a very very very long gap between Minmey style and Ranka kind. I don't like it when sometimes it's too much or too play up like they portray Sheryl in both her character and design.

    By the way I didn't think like that with Misa because she was not: ...; too much for me but ...in moderation However Minmey was such a damsel in distress that I may sound paradoxal here for rooting for Ranka now even though Misa character was better written. Well there's something for everyone!And SDF is not Frontier.

    Of course we know what the reason for the outfit was for, it was to give Alto Hopes and Dreams tm ;) .

    What do you mean she was playing a "double-game"? Ranka wasn't part of the equation because the present wasn't for her, it was for Alto. It was his birthday and Sheryl wanted to give him a thoughtful present, just as she was very thoughtful when she gave Ranka her present. And we know that he could not refuse because it was something that he actually wanted. She was so excited about giving him something that he really desired that she actually forced herself to go back out despite feeling like crap at the time. Had he not wanted it, he might have gone to see his father instead. She was glad that he came with her because she was unsure of what she would find on Gallia IV regarding the rumored Galaxy survivors. Plus she wasn't feeling very good thanks to her helpful manager

    Sheryl hasn't given Ranka any advice with regards to her personal life. That role is filled by Nanase. She has only offered career advice to Ranka along with offers of aid.

    I'm and I will, I think , always be amazed by how we can't help but simply cannot see the same thing in a same scene but we can intrepreting it in a complete opposite point of view. I agree with you when you say She was so excited about giving him something that he really desired that she actually forced herself to go, ok and with : Had he not wanted it, he might have gone to see his father instead( it's obvious since it's his family and Ranka didn't say much about the encounter...) but not with: She was glad that he came because she was unsure of what she would find on Gallia IV regarding the rumored Galaxy survivors<< If so, she could have ask for a real pilot/bodyguard not for Alto ( in episode 12 Alto was not a super, bersek,fighter like now.....so you're right she's a pretty audacious girl for wanting him to protect her ;) )

    I was talking about her comment to Ranka about the birthday present which for me was useless because it encourages her and gives her too high hope for after make an offer which cannot be turn down..

    Bottom line: Sheryl is too high strung and doesn't have any of the humility which a woman ought to have. Ranka has TOO MUCH humility, which makes her look weak - but as she matures, she will learn that her humility and soft spoken nature are her greatest weapon.

    Looks like I'm not the only one who praise this loli girl ;)

    I think she doesn't look too much weak now compared to the first episode!

    Sheryl draws the attention of the tumults and will always have hords of guys running round after her. But this strategy does not work with Alto who, despite his numerous faults, is certainly a gentleman with a sense of honor - not a lame shallow casanova.

    She know it very well now, but I don't know how she will proceed to make her move ?! ( look cannot work, the star card either, the VF+Sheryl move ?! ^_^ , maybe but with a great effort .) )

    Someone mentioned here that Ranka shares the natural feminitity of Misa Hayes - despite Ranka being "younger" - it is true - she is more mature insofar as she has all the great traits of a true lady; she just hasn't learned how to use them yet.

    Well I don't know who you're talking about but for me, it was most the "natural behaviour," not too much, but "in moderation " kind of character over than the natural feminity

    I'm also speechless, I didn't understand your post, I suppose better not read the rest :lol:

    You was as tired as I was so don't be concerned :lol:;)

    I will admit that, through Nanase, you can kind of tell that the character designer got her start doing hentai (it IS a "her," right?). But she's so sweet, and her glasses are so cute, and she has such an adorable crush on Ranka that I just HAVE to love her.

    ...and I think I'm starting to sound a little too much like MisaForsaken...

    I thought the same thing the character designer got her start doing hentai when I fist saw her, she can be sweet in some way not so! ;)

    She is the best friend of Ranka but for me she seems ....weird It's like she doesn't have a utility when Ranka is not around...

    *asks question again as Klan get ignored.*

    It's certainly due to her luck these weeks according to her love interest, her carrer... and we don't see Klan so often except when Mikhail or SMS is around

  13. Laugher is healthy

    I'm sorry if I'm responding to posts which were not directly address to me but I guess I'm pretty inspired when one take liberties ;)

    ackem/ickem I don't think it's worth trying to convince rubi, he/she is set in her ways and nothing will change it.

    Westlo, I don't think that it's correct to talk like that with such a pretender, hypocritical way to another person about me. You know you could have done so talking directly .... And it's your opinion and not his .Moreover I don't think we want to convince each other ( If I'm wrong Ackem can rectify it ) but expose our point of view about the differents characters in this show.

    This being so, he/she set in her way ?! So I'm a transexual :D Well you seem to know more about me !!

    Someone on Suki stated that after episode 14 he knows that Alto loves Ranka more than Sheryl, my reply was something along the lines of "Because of the rescue attempt? If so than the real triangle is Alto, Ranka, Luca". And than someone added that Alto didn't wait for permission to rescue Luca unlike Ranka. :lol:

    My My, you should be a comic my friend! I can't stop laughing .( I am not exaggerating or something and I don't want to insult you or something it's "not in my character) but come on... You think that I'm a guy who pretend to be a girl and who, whatch it !!! : is writing in another forum that I know that Alto loves Ranka more than Sheryl since episode 14 ? Being a girl or a guy shouldn't mean anything here or normaly in this context but you mean to suggest I'm faking??!!

    I do know now that you can't bear me for telling what I think especially about Sheryl but WOW the fact that I'm a girl and you're telling that I'm guy who pretend to be a girl according to forums :o << you killed me here. Do you really think what you have just said ???!! Well I'm an impostor now !! ( Can't you spare me your mind-expansions ? lol ) Well laughing is good for health so thanks ;) By the way, I think I'm a girl( sorry for the disenchantment) but now you do sowed the seeds of doubt in my mind lol It seems there' are a lot of things I ignore about myself ! By the way just let me know if we aren't each other adults ok ? (I'm joking too much it seems...)

    Sounds like someone else I can think of too

    We really misunderstood at first. How can I ever be mistaken like that even though you're such a discerning person ^_^;)

    Ouch! You totally got me since I've never admitted my bias in my sig or anything like that.. oh wait.. also find posts where I've completely misinterpreted Ranka's character and you might actually have a leg to stand on if you wanted to compare me to rubi.

    If you like as much my name just change yours ;) No, seriously, I'm so unfair with you're Queen, Goddess, Beloved, Sheryl that I'm accused to be a fake first and now I am complete idiot ? Westlo, I do not judge virtual people ;) : but hum!! I think I have replied to you concerning Sheryl , you didn't replied so you don't have the right to tell me about misunderstanding even though you don't even bother to tell me where I'm wrong ." Rubi is wrong so decided Westlo:Amen

    So wait, I can't compare you because you're admitting yourself to be as biased as you claim rubi to be, just because you did infact admit it in a signature? Okay...

    And since your bias is towards Sheryl, it'd be more fitting finding posts where you've completely misinterpreted her character... Oh, but this only applies if you assume rubi did this with regards to Ranka. Of course you, being admittedly Sheryl-biased, is likely to feel so. However other's might not, just as they might not feel you're completely misinterpreting Sheryl's character either. All in all, I don't think the comparison was too unjustified.

    Well, I don't have anything to add, Your honour !

    You can be biased and still be unbiased enough at times to be able to fairly judge characters, I'm saying I can do that while rubi can't, prove otherwise, find me these misinterpreted Ranka posts of mine where I make up fallacies to prove my point that Sheryl is superior.

    It's like you don't realize that someone's bias towards a character can affect their judgment of another character completely! If not wtf are you trying to say here? Also please find a post where I've misinterpreted Sheryl's character, but I wouldn't bother looking too long if i was you.

    Rubi this rubi that , what the hell did I do this time ? let's discover it !!

    Oh.... Westlo, you're able to fairly judge while I can't...oh and more, I make up fallacies to prove my point that Sheryl is superior.. Me ? you hurt me here ! What can I say here you already made up your mind aren't you ?! Well I must suffer from mythomania at this point ...

    I don't want to waste my time but since I'm surfing on the net now...According to you, people shouldn't bother to convince me however "I don't think it's worth trying to convince rubi " + "if you wanted to compare me to rubi" + "I'm saying I can do that while rubi can't".... === For an irretrievable person like me , you do know well how to speak about me and instead of me moreover you are wasting your time with me :wacko: <<< What a paradox!! I'm really touched

    1. You're saying I should prove you're as bad as her, by finding posts of you doing something that she allegedly does. I can say I don't find her to be guilty of this, and I'll just contend with that you're not doing it either. But you insist that she is in fact doing it, then it should be you who bring about the evidence.

    2. I've no doubt you will find posts you feel prove this if you decided to. But, having read said posts myself (there's like 5 of them?) I already came to the conclusion that I feel they weren't. So we're going to be stuck there.

    I say we just leave it instead?

    So do I, but I'm inspired so :

    Mistress Sheryl wrapped a collar around me when she said Strawberry Pie!<< WOW biased fan aren't you ?!

    Can someone tell me why Ranka, the main female character, has 12 votes, and Sheryl, the OTHER main female character, has 83 votes? <<QUOTE (freya@

    Because Sheryl is awesome.<<Westlo Hum I though that Sheryl popularity wasn't because of her look but for her character ; and yet you explained me so well why she has a high popularity..... speechless

    QUOTE (Keith @ Jun 10 2008, 11:35 PM) *

    Definately Sheryl, I'd be extremely surprised if she didn't wind up with Alto.

    Westlo :

    If you follow anime trends Ranka is a 90% chance to win... seriously the amount of women in Sheryl's mold who wins is low... Last one.. maybe Shuffle? Thankfully Kawamori bucks the trend with his women... let's hope he doesn't slip up here.<< in the freya poll you're saying that we all know who is going to win talking about Sheryl << another paradox!! hum Like VF-25 Messiah said : I say we just leave it instead ?!( It's annoying to come into this play picking up sentences, finding out,So silly but yeah yeah I'm young(it(s a good argument no? ) I know...) >> we should all respect the wise common saying " act you age " no ?! ( Thanks to you I may improve my english ) so It's not that bad !!!

    Westlo, I'm really concerned, BREATHHHHHHHHHHHHH It's just an anime it's not like I have committed a crime because I expose my point of view , really!! It's a friendly advice !!Hope you don't hold a grudge it's just ......well......... my regular ironic way of expressing my disagreement !! So grin and beat it like me !!

    By the way I take off some smiley .I don't think I can double-posted to reply to the others and I also don't want to write a novel(if it's not too late) , So I will do so after !

  14. Who will win Alto ? In a double game or fair play ? ^_^

    You say this even though you do the same thing in idealizing Ranka. Sheryl is far from perfect and most of her fans can readily admit this. It is just that her pluses far outweigh her minuses in our books. Come on, while Misa wasn't quite so inexperienced with personal relationships as Sheryl is, she was just as awkward when she was confronted by her feelings for Hikaru. I'm not actually sure what you are trying to say when you use "natural" so I can't really touch on that.

    Well, I don't wish to bring down the conversation to a meaningless war with all the " Ranka is going to win because she is better", or " Sheryl deserves to win if not : it's a shame" blah blah blah... like I have saw in some forums (This, if it's not too late ^_^ )

    But, where did you see that I'm idealizing Ranka ? I don't think I have said anything like this, however of course I prefer Ranka character over than Sheryl 's, which can be considered as a too much liking? I will give you that.

    By the way, Ranka's fan don't like her because of her look at first and then her character like you were for sheryl. When I admit that it's pretty difficult to idealize Ranka for her physique, you can' t deny she's good tempered, friendly...We can't all like the same things ;)

    For Misa and Hikaru, there was 36 episode and Misa had a first love before Hikaru unlike Sheryl. So for all the people who claim that sheryl is like Misa and Ranka, Minmey, there are right in some way with the scene when Hikaru saves Minmey with an open cockpit just like alto and Ranka at the beginning or the Miss Macross Contest wich bring us back to the main topic : with who alto will end up with ?

    We can't compare SDF Macross with Macross Frontier but we can find similarites in many aspect like the naturalness of Ranka and Misa which can be oppose to the artificiality of Minmey and Sheryl( I'm talking about the outfit in episode 12 with the breast which just jut out from...) :)

    Please, don't exaggerate. While Sheryl doesn't have very much experience taking care of mundane things like laundry by herself, it is obvious that she is pretty intelligent. Living on your own doesn't have much of a learning curve. And be fair, no one with a career like Sheryl's going to be able to take care of everything themselves, but she knows how to delegate responsibility of certain aspects of her career to others.

    Well of course she's supposed to be a celebrity, it's for this that she can delegate responsibility of certain aspects of her career to others and she benefit from it very well ( It reminds me to the first episode when she was in the elevator with Grace<< Se is too humble don't you think ?):D

    I take it you're implying that Sheryl maliciously offered that present to Alto so that she could sabotage her? (If I'm wrong just let me know.) I don't think that that was Sheryl's intention when she gave the present , as I'm pretty sure Ranka didn't enter into the equation at all when Sheryl thought up that present. Sheryl was thinking about Alto when she decided to give him that present and her excitement when she actually tells him about supports that. She was happy because she thought of something that he would really enjoy.

    Sabotage? It's a very big word but it suits well her intentions ;)

    Ranka shows her the ticket for her live debut and Sheryl deduces from it , her intention to invite Alto over, and adds that he would be happy for this birthday present....

    After that ,we see a Sheryl in a light outfit ( We all know for what purpose :mellow: ) proposing Alto a present (that we all know he couln't even refuse)even though she encourages her " friend " or better " anointed " just a few hours ago...

    Ranka didn't enter into the equation at all when Sheryl thought up that present<< that's the problem here , why did she bother to make this kind of prods, supports , when at the end she just play a double-game ? I don't know for you but I wouldn't want a friend like her ;)

    She was happy because she thought of something that he would really enjoy.Hum, are you sure about that?? So why did she thanks him for coming with her ? she was not happy because he would enjoy himsel with the so called endless sky ( what an easy guy <_< ) she was glad because he accepted her offer, not Ranka's and she could enjoy this present with him ( I 'm sure she misunderstood his choice but you know ; Love is blind)

    Well, Sheryl wants to be with Alto because he offers her something that she's never had before, a real friend. The thing is though, she doesn't cling to him for support the way that Ranka seems to do, she just wants to spend time with him. Do you really believe that she actively seeks to interfere with Ranka's time with Alto? As I said before, I don't think that Ranka enters into her plans when it comes to Alto, well, until episode 12 that is. Alto told her flat out that he wasn't dating Ranka and specifically said that he didn't have a girlfriend. That's plenty good enough excuse for her to try and get more time with someone that treats her like she's just Sheryl instead of Sheryl Nome. I don't think she overrates herself. She has very high expectations of "Sheryl Nome" and does what it takes to force herself to live up to the expectations of that role.

    Well you're right you have a point here , but she is perfectly aware of Ranka 's feeling for Alto( I hate this kind of sentences but just for make you understand..) and just plays the role of the big sister for after stabing her in the back.. Sheryl nome is such a busy body person between her role as " friend" with Ranka, until she plays the card of the " Alto's girl" until the " Star Sheryl" , of course she has high expectations !! :D

  15. Ideal VS Virtual Reality :wacko:

    So many young girls are victims of the unattainable female ideal and too many boys obsess over the very same. Perhaps Ranka beating out Sheryl for Alto's affections (assuming that is how it plays) is a good lesson not because of the females sexuality, but in spite of it. Hikaru found what he was looking for in the less glamorous, more down-to-earth Misa rather than the feminine ideal he thought was Minmay.

    I agree with you, allowing that their ideal (for girls and boys) of hot,cunning woman just prevent them to see what is simply obvious.

    You can also say that they're the same who love to compare Ranka and Minmey(pretending that the guy often end up with the adult/mature ? one) but de facto, Misa is obviously more natural than Sheryl and as natural as Ranka who seems to take of the two old female character in SDF M. ^_^

    "NOOOOT!!! (I'm a female!) Sheryl is hot, and I admire her character, her composure, her skillz too! All hail the Queen!"

    Well, you can't expect less from a Sheryl fan ! looks like she is too perfect ,no??? :)

    Anyway, this is also starting to turn out as a popularity poll (I'm guilty, yes) :p

    I guess it was so from the beginning ...

    "While Sheryl's HOTNESS is certainly what piqued my interest in the beginning of the show"

    I admire your sincerity ;)

    it is not my sole reason for liking her so much. Her strength and independence are her most attractive qualities. She is human so the hits that she take affect her, but she pulls herself back up to do what is necessary.

    I don't have the same point of view when it concerned Sheryl character.

    For me , she's not such an independant person as you claim. Well maybe before the 5Th episode when we see her express exactly what she want from Grace and yet, it seems that she think she's above all that( she sure does know how to give orders ^_^ ) but after that , she nothing but someone who pretend to act like a busy body person who does everything in solo... Hum if it wasn't for her manager Grace I don't even think she can live by herself...

    She does not wait for things to come to her, but instead puts the effort to try and reach her goals through her own power.

    She for sure, know what she wants and doesn't wait to seize it ( I'm talking about the 12th episode with the endless sky... too cunning for Ranka :p )

    There is an edge to her personality that makes her seem very adult which probably comes from growing up without any close relations and that maturity is also very appealing. Anyways, while looks are what usually catches a person's interest at first, they can be taken only so far before people being to lose interest.

    She obviously appears to be more mature than Ranka but adult ?!<<< she is always stuck to Alto like glue,at school, start date, fastest delivery, always wants to interfere when he is whith Ranka so if she is adult, she grown up alone without family but with all what a girl like Ranka could dream (fame,money,beauty...), she was also rating herself too hightly which leaded her where she is now, she is too straigtforward >> The jealous women are the most deceived ^_^

  16. My,My.... it wasn't supposed to be a novel...

    What exactly are we voting for here? Who ends up with Alto or who is are favorite fem? I'm confused

    For some, it could be the same question :p

    Of course Sheryl will lose and Ranka will win. Sheryl is the most overtly sexualized of the two and thus as per the subtlely conservative, prudish rules of Japanese entertainment, the less sexualized woman will always win. Just like horror films here in North America; the virtuous, demure female always survives while the extroverted, sexually liberal females always die. So much for equality.

    All depend on the Macross F authors but the politically correct show with the innocent girl and the modern one can certainly influence the story due to like you said: Japanese rules. For the example with North america I cannot say too much with the horror films(well I'm not a fan of bloody scene like SAW, it was enough for me) In any case, here horror films have the look of comedy or hilarious parody so I can't speak without know!

    Ahem. Anyway, always felt like these votes are hardly a "who do you think..." type poll, rather they're a "who do you _want_..." type poll. As such I feel the poll will differ very little from the female popularity poll. (Is this poll a continuation of that one? the lines are muddled even more) Personally, I still feel it's too early to tell who our flying kabuki princess is going to end up with. Members of both camps will point to various clues and proclaim them proof to try and convince everyone otherwise. We've had hints from both sides, but nothing I would call cold hard evidence. As such I'll refrain from voting for now.

    rubi on live journal which is mostly filled with girls ranka just beats Sheryl in popularity polls, just.... also SHeryl has more female fans on AnimeSuki than Ranka and I'm sure Mike can tell us the same about some Yoko Kanno forums.

    While Sheryl's looks are obviously a big part of her appeal people thinking her popularity is based on that couldn't be more wrong. Sheryl's popularity exploded in episode 5 Star Date, she was still hot in episodes 1-4 but when she was allowed to showcase her personality and character that's when she became popular. As a day 1 Sheryl fan from Deculture in the forums (talking about general english anime forums overall) it was mostly about Ranka until Star Date.

    I'm sorry , but I don't think that the switch in Sheryl character in episode 5 Start Date can explain her current popularity which is obviously far away ahead Ranka.

    Of course her behaviour with the attack during the concert with a total indifference towards the audience at the concert with the sentence " this is a job for the professionals" leaded her towards less fans because she was too much .... but you can't speak about an explosion of her popularity now because she is the cool girl,flirt with Alto ...

    If you say so, how can you explain the vision of Sheryl fans in episode 12 when she perfectly knew the intention of Ranka to give Alto a ticket for her concert but played a doubled game in going to Galia IV with him ?... You all say that it's the life... This shows well how subjective you are when it comes to Sheryl<< So she is not judged according to her personality and character but according to your first impression of her = Sheryl looks mature...et patati et patata..

    Concerning the Sheryl fan club female in the other forums you're right , ranka just beats Sheryl in popularity polls, but she beats her anyway!, for the girls in the others forums who are for Ranka : Are you sure they're girls ? :p << Everyone is free to think what they want, you say they're in majority women but the majority is not everyone!

    You look like a sheryl fan for the first episode so it's sure you will agree with me when I say that you're not a part of the people who favoured the explosion of Sheryl popularity after the 5th episode because you're a part of the people who were already behind her even before her good transformation :)

    I haven't tried writing in french in .. say about 8 years, so I think I will pass ^_^

    Other than that all I can say is that the first line of my previous post was 100% joke. Had hoped the internet speak and smileys were enough to make that clear, but seems it wasn't. So sorry

    Apologies accepted. We surely misunderstood each other so let's move on :)

    Sheryl has the best chance at winning Alto.

    They have more in common than Alto and Ranka. It's more like Alto is the older brother that is concerned with Ranka's future in relation to her dreams, while Ozma is the older brother concerned with her future in regards to her safety. Alto's relationship is changing from the older brother role a bit, as he's starting to get feelings for her.

    Alto and Sheryl treat each other more like equals. Alto treats Ranka more like a kid.

    I feel Sheryl still overall has the upper hand. Ranka is making a lot of progress though by going for her dreams and becoming an idol, and Alto sees that.

    One of the most telltale things though was that Alto chose to go with Sheryl to Gallia IV and left Mihail to give Ranka the bad news.

    Et bienvenue à macrossworld Rubi. C'est pas facile de communiquer dans un autre langue. :)

    Not since the 13th episode when he started to blushed around her at every glance like a kid. I think this is actually the opposite ( This is more Alto who is becoming more and more and child who don't even know how to express his feeling << OMG either this is the hour or I'm into the soap opera now...

    He did not went for her but for the endless sky she sold him ( gratis )

    Merci Sumdumgai !! C'est clair que essayer de trouver les mots justes et sans fautes c'est la CATA!! :)

    As a man, I voted for Sheryl only because I love Ranka and don't want her to end up with a self-centered jerk like Alto!

    Unfortunately, nearly all of the lead male characters in Macross tend to fall in this mold:Shin, Hikaru, Hibiki, Isamu, Basara,

    and now Alto. Kawamori doesn't seem to be breaking the mold, does he? ^_^

    I too thought that Alto was a total jerk in episode 12 or when Ranka transfers to his school with his ahh ok it's cool attitude<< hum sure she is too better for him... but if you think so, you consider that Sheryl deserves him more than her ( well if you want to say that this is because Sheryl + Alto = Parce que je le vaut bien )!! Hum well I can't object here :p

    Let me be a guy and say this.

    Sheryl is smoking hawt!!!

    Well let me be a girl and say this : AMEN! :D


    I am sure at 100% that the 14 members who vote for Sheryl in this poll are men...

    I'm not saying that all of the men don't even have an objective point of view when a BOMB or HOT girl is concerned, but come on!!!

    It's pretty obvious here that you, guys ,didn't even bother to answer the question and just vote Sheryl because she is the most attractive...

    Knowing that kawamori didn't even wanted for Shery to be the part of the love triangle but just the singer who inspires Ranka shows well that they add her at the plot because they did know that will bring a lot of fans with a lot who will take the bait...

    I know that I can't generalize and there are girls who like more Sheryl than Ranka because of her cheerful character, she knows what she wants etc...

    But, again, it seems that a lot of Sheryl fans are guys and you can freely says that the end will not be as expected for sheryl contrary to all of your " we all know who's going to romp home and win this" ..my my...

    Well, we wil see what will happen but as for now (with a Alto who is fond of Ranka or obviously more) the only way for sheryl to end with Alto is :

    1) the dead Ranka

    2) her own death

    3)a pretty surreal comic show made by your desire to see your fantasm girl ending up with the main guy who suits her the most ( don't dream guys I'm not speaking of you).. :D and all this high comedy will take place in episode 20 so WATCH IT : the knight Alto will have 6 episode (if you consider that it will have just 1 season), he will have 6 episodes to accomplish the impossible mission , that is to say , saying " finaly I don't like Ranka " , " I will go for Sheryl" :blink: ( The DYRL scenario is out of question because Minmey x Kaifunn got in the way) and Kawamori can't repeat the same old story..;

    I can proudly say that i have voted for Ranka and I am a woman but( I will not buy the women voted for Ranka so all what I said about the sheryl 's fanclub can be said for me too) I didn't vote for Ranka face(well even if I had you could say that I'm blind..) nobody is perfect :D

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