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  1. I think the main problem with Angel Birds is that they are an acrobatics team, not a combat aircraft.. the first thing you think of when we talk about CFs is either blowing up or blowing things up, but the first thing you think about when we talk of Angel Birds is the coloured smoke.

    Not to mention that there are some circles who considered acrobatics teams as nothing more than prima donnas. They can fly, but can they fight? (Not my personal opinion, but a valid question..)

    Also, a die-hard military fan will balk at the fancy paintwork of the Angel Birds. The white-and-markings and CF-brown schemes are simple enough to pass muster, but a sailor-suit is a bit hard to stomach.

  2. And, if the thing that's scaring you is the fact I said hyperdermic needle, then let me explain myself. 

    Actually, the thing that's scaring me is that you can potentially graduate to punching the hyperdermic needles into something else.. like me. :D :D :D

    As far as the shoulder cover is concerned?  I see no need for it (Lightning explained it to me).  It looks like they are using it, to make it look like the shoulder is actually larger than it is, so that the shoulder armor 'fits' better, and is more accurate to the lineart.

    Actually, I find it an acceptable solution. In the long run, a C-clamp style missile pod is likely to scratch the paint/ decals there if any, and can loosen. A glove-type shoulder structure may be less elegant, but it would stay on better. Not to mention the part is larger and less likely to disappear.

    But if you have a better solution, all the better. :)

  3. nah, pin vises are too inaccurate.  I tried to make the details originally with a pin vice, but I found the drill bit wandered too much when drilling through the plastic. 

    Well, normally I would notch a small mark as a guide for the pin vise, so I rarely have the problem you mentioned (the wandering pin vise). But for 0.01" pla-plate, I guess this is overkill..

    The hyperdermic needle is VERY safe, unless I am hitting it while on my lap - just put the piece of plastic on a wood block, line up the needle where you want it, and tap the end twice with a hammer, and viola!  Instant, clean hole.

    Uhm, okay, if you say so.. As long it's not in your lap, you do need to think about the family jewels. :p

    What do you mean by slip cover idea?  For what part of the shoulder armor - or are you saying that I should add ALOT more detail, such as internal thruster parts and such, and make the parts visible by way of a removeable cover?

    Hmm. If you have seen the 1/60 GBP thread, the general opinion was that Yamato had the shoulder missile pods mounted on a slip cover which will go over the existing shoulders, to give the missile pods more stability.

    So instead of a missile pod C-clamping the shoulder, we have a missile pod of a false shoulder structure which will in turn go over the actual shoulder, like a glove over your hand.

  4. Well, the way i did it - I first built the base shoulder armor.  Then, I took a thin sheet of styrene (.010" thick), and used some stainless steel hyperdermic needle tubing to punch holes in it.

    Uhm, Fulcy.. you might want to invest in a pin vise. I think it's a lot safer then stabbing hyperdermic needles into pla-plate.

    Not to mention I rather you not get too much practice in stabbing hyperdermic needles into anything.

    Anyways. After seeing the work here, I have got to get more practice in scratchbuilding outside of the 28mm range. That you are willing to toss what I would have considered great work is really depressing. :)

    EDIT: Oh, BTW, you might want to steal an idea from Yamato and use their slip-cover ideas for the should missile pods. That might make your life a bit easier.

  5. Well, I could get nitpicky and say I will only take your first guess, but hey you're the only one to answer so far and you are correct. Amuro's Nu-Gundam has 6 fin funnels.

    Your turn Lynx7725

    heh, thanks. :)

    This one's a bit suspect, but I'll ask it anyway (and provide a bit of direction):

    In Noir episode #18, which Tenchi Muyo character makes a cameo appearance?

  6. Voted for Linna. She's always been the one I've been able to identify with most (as she is the most mundane). And I like her fighting style -- classy.

    Priss always struck me as a little too edgy and sharp -- which is correct for her character. She's just a powerhouse/ brute force in combat.

    Nene is too much of a pain in the posterior. Sylia just ain't human. :)

    BGC, the music is what makes the show. The mecha, story and music combines to make an excellent show, but after repeated viewing, it's really the music that is memorable.

  7. The website said to turn off your virus program, install the game and then turn back on your virus program.

    So you're telling me AA is a virus...? :p

    On BF1942, I think it should be taken as a fun game rather than a sim. The good thing is that it has AI support to a genre that traditionally ignored AI support.. assaulting Omaha beach against the AI opponent maxed out is a pain, I tell ya. I liked the game, really. Could get it to work to connect to big games though, but that's probably my network.

    As for the Midway map, on singleplayer it's ridiculously easy sometimes. As an Allies player I would jump into the halftrack or tank and race to the hanger (where I got repair AND reload.. happiness!). There I'm shielded from most air attacks AND I got LOS to a flag, so that's THE god spot on the map.

    Alternatively I would use the Destroyer to sink the other side's Destroyer. :)

  8. man, your chinese(or english?) is not well enough...it says "2004 spring" not "summer" :D:p

    and, what is a CF? :(

    Sorry. I got confused between Spring and Summer -- forgot in Japanese the correct term for Summer is Natsu.. Where I am, it's perpetually Summer..

    CF = Cannon Fodder. Y'know, our beloved brown Valks.

  9. This thread is very interesting to me, but I personally cannot make much contribution to this as my nation has very strict gun-control laws. (It's okay, as a result we are peaceful and it's rather safe to wander around late at night.)

    One thing which I haven't seen in the discussion is the types of ammunitions -- things like FMJ, hollowpoints, ball, etc. I'm actually fairly interested in these also, since a good gun can deliver the ordnance, but the ordnance can have some fairly interesting effects too. :)

    Just not too sure if Graham's okay with discussing munition types here..

  10. I like them both,,,,,,,,,,,,so I get them both. Im a Robotech fan, Also a fan of Macross, Gundam, Mospeada, Southern Cross, Kenshin, Transformers, and many others. So I like

    Bandai, Toynami, Yamato, Banpresto, Gakken, Hasbro, Takara..............who cares, I love it all. Variety is the spice of life ;)

    Gar, your wallet must hate you. :)

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