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  1. I assume it was the same person who did the artwork on the author's website with his proto-MOSPEADA project bike. If it is one of the original creators, I don't think it would be him, since her did more of the Inbit design. Shinji Aramaki did the bike design for both MOSPEADA and Megazone 23 and seems to have personal contact with Nandy, the author of that book.
  2. I'm doing searches through old posts, but haven't had any luck finding anything yet.
  3. I never heard about any of this. Can you remember anything more? Anyone know anything about this?
  4. Yep, I just got it... which is why I'm resurrecting a 4 year old thread... Sorry
  5. Transforming bikes I've never seen before? Please do. Anything you're willing to share with me for info on this, absolutely, please do!!!
  6. Cy-Kill... Scooter... Night Ranger... Actually, have you seen the Transformers Transtech version of Cy-Kill? Pretty cool.
  7. My main interest (read: infatuation) is bikes that turn into robots and/or armor. However, I was planning on including bikes that change into anything, like Stormhawks, the animated Batman toy bikes that turn into hovercraft, etc., and I've put together a list of all the old M.A.S.K. bikes as well. It's all cool, but I do love the robots and armore best.
  8. I've found Kamen Rider Agito Tornader, Kamen Rider Delta Side Basshar, and Kamen Rider Faiz Auto Vajin.
  9. Yeah, I think there were. I think those were some of the first things Shinji Aramaki designed, before working on MOSPEADA. I've done some google searches on them and haven't had lucking finding more than a list though. Thanks.
  10. I'm not familiar with those, but I'll google them. Any info you want to provide would be appreciated.
  11. Well, my interests are really just in the bikes and mecha themselves, not the storylines (though I do enjoy the storylines as well... think I'm one of the few AD Police fans out there too). If you wanted to do something together, I could handle the mecha side of it, and you could do wherever your interest may lay.
  12. FF Cloud's bike seems cool, and I'm a big fan of Blassreiter, but for now I want to stick to transforming bikes. I know it seems like there is limited material, and, to be honest, I've collected a ton together already, but just posting it up will be a serious time commitment. I've got work, kids, other hobbies... in addition to this one unhealthy habit. Do you have a link to the Revoltech stuff you mentioned?
  13. Thanks. I'll hit you up this weekend, if that's ok? Got a couple of crazy days ahead of me at work first. Which ARTMIC materials do you have? I have 2 entertainment bibles, though I've never been able to find their Variable Bikes book that was advertised in one of them.
  14. As I've mentioned once of twice before, I'm a little bit on the obsessed side when it comes to variable bikes. That means MOSPEADA, Megazone 23, Bubblegum Crisis, Zillion, certain Transformers (and Go-Bots, but we'll just keep that in parentheses), Blassreiter (the Paladins), and various others. Since I have yet to find a decent website on this topic, I'm thinking about (fairly amateurishly) putting one together myself. Does anyone have a) suggestions on a decent free host to use, and b) any particular items they want included? I'm basing it on the above shows which I am myself a fan of, some separate items such as toys that I've found searching around on the web, and a few other shows I had never heard of, as shown in Nandy's book "Animation Bikes." I can provide a more complete list if anyone is interested. Let me know.
  15. My vote would've been for Michael Jai White.
  16. I really don't watch a ton, to be honest. I mostly watch ones with motorcycle mecha, as that's something of an obsession for me. Just finished watching Blassreiter. Last non-motorcycle one I watched was Witch Hunter Robin, but that was a couple years back.
  17. Also, if it matters to anyone, the stuff I came across back then was very specific to the bikes, though I have seen some extremely cool unreleased Legioss and Tread designs too. The bike stuff showed the MOSPEADA armor in more of the initial WWII-inspired designs, as well as the police ones (when MOSPEADA was going to be AD Police) which were vetoed but later modified to be in BGC.
  18. I have the ARTMIC entertainment bibles, though no the b-club special, since I always seem to see it for pretty ridiculously expensive. Anyone know of any online resources? Like I said, I came across some a few years back (ok, probably like 4), and haven't been able to find them since. I'm always amazed, for two shows with such devoted followings (even if small compared to some other anime) just how little actually good information and images seems to be out there. Thanks for everyone's help!
  19. Hi all, A couple years back I was procrastinating at work and mucking around on the web and came across an interview with Shinji Aramaki where he talked about his initial designs for MOSPEADA and Bubblegum Crisis. Text-wise, I knew most of it already, since I'm a huge fan of these shows and his design work on them and Megazone 23 (ok, I have a thing for motorcycle mecha...). Anyway, the cool thing was there were a bunch of pictures showing his initial designs, which were very cool, and some of which were actually pretty different from what eventually made it to the screen. For the last year or so every once in a while I have tried to find these images again, but with no luck at all. Does anyone know where I can find design sketches and the like for MOSPEADA and BGC? Thanks.
  20. Is the third one an original design, or what is it based on?
  21. I appreciate the input, thanks, plus knowing that I'm not imagining these books. Any chance of you having any scans from these books? Could you tell me where you found them, because I have been have zero luck finding them anywhere. Thanks.
  22. Actually, I'm looking for BOTH of those books. I'm looking for the ARTMIC one, and ALSO the one that Akim showed the pics of. Do you have any idea where I can get it? Thanks.
  23. I don't think so. It IS made by ARTMIC. In one of my Artmic entertainment bibles (16 I think, part I of the ones showing Bubblegum Crisis and MOSPEADA and Megazone 23) in the first few pages is a 2 page for the Variable Bikes book.
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