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  1. 11 hours ago, wm cheng said:

    I know NY has screwed a lot of people here (they are my last resort).  I've been lucky so far (maybe pushing my luck) but they have never failed me yet - even with the VF-31A I still got it from them.  I don't mind getting my armor set in October as long as I actually get it (I couldn't get a pre-order in anywhere else).  I'd just hate to wait on them only to find out they couldn't get it and I've missed all these windows of opportunity at release time.  I think that's just the anxiety and fear I get when I read these forums and hear about all the horror stories from other members here that did get screwed.

    The prudent thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to get the still easily available armors at reasonable prices, like right now. Hedge yourself against the real possibility that you might get screwed over by them. If they do come through, then good for you, and you can still let go of your extra armor at little or even no loss.


    59 minutes ago, wm cheng said:

    So the double set (both VF-1J and Armored parts) came out before just the Armored parts set?  or did both come out at the same time and my just Armored parts set is delayed to October because NY screwed me and dumped me to the 2nd issue?

    53 minutes ago, sqidd said:

    NY screwed you? Shocker.

    You'll be lucky if you get your stuff at all. I know I still haven't, from the super parts fiasco despite all my efforts. Good luck.

    In other news, my stand alone armor arrived from Big-in-Japan! 

  3. 32 minutes ago, ValkAddict said:

    Wow. Customs are expensive. :o

    To be preise: Only well crafted/ painted/ modded customs are.

    Mere mortals like me can create a custom, and the value of the item would absolutely tank! lol! 

  4. 47 minutes ago, A Good Noodle said:

    I'm considering getting it. What I don't like is how you have to remove some parts to transform it. 

    I understand that, though for me personally, I have become accustomed (even preferring) to removing some super parts prior to transforming all VFs.... because the fact is, it is much easier to transform the VFs without the parts sometimes, plus lower risk of breaking anything However, what I can't get over is the swapping of parts.... like the  DX VF-25.

  5. 48 minutes ago, rocketblast said:

    A member in another thread stated that they claim to be aware of mismanagement during COVID and have made efforts to make things better

    Apparently not enough. I have reached out again by raising another ticket just a barely a week ago, and they still have not bothered to replied me.

  6. 4 hours ago, TheLoneWolf said:

    Yellowing primarily affects white plastic.

    To be clear, "yellowing", all colored plastics. It is only more obvious with white plastic.

  7. I’m hoping/ thinking that the projection pods would be incorporated into FP releases. It doesn’t seem to make sense to release them standalone.

    Also, maybe the reason why they weren’t displayed together with the FPs is simply to make sure the focus is on the new pod(s)

  8. 19 minutes ago, seti88 said:

    Haha they forgot to mosaic the projection parts in the beginning!  

    Nice:good: do projection parts have different colours per valk? I forget...

    They seem to have no color matching for this... but i could be wrong. The 31s shown all doesn't seem to be equipped with super packs... at least I see no attached wing boosters.

  9. Also, I see the GBP-1S, in standard colors and in Roy's colors or what what looks like yellow instead of red. Also, the one at the far left seems to be housing what looks like a Max 1J underneath


  10. 2 hours ago, anubis20 said:

    Why does Amiami offer EMS, SAL, and airmail when making the payment? Do they hold onto the package hoping EMS will open up in the future?

    I had an order made about 3-4 months back, on SAL. they have not shipped it out yet. I'm not in a rush to get it, so i'll just treat it as free storage. If the item is gone,then at least I'm certain Amiami will refund me, or least offer me store credit which is actually useful. 

  11. These have never been exposed to direct sunlight, only ambient and fluorescent light when displayed.

    After the release of the V2 Yamato’s, they were retired from display and stored in almost airtight plastic bags and in darkness flor at least a decade. 

    These are the results.

    The VF-1J was display and stored with the GBP-1S. You can see the difference in (dis)color. The VF-1A actually has very substantial yellowing, only mitigated by the fact that the bass plastic is already brown 






  12. 15 minutes ago, sqidd said:

    Or that the limits of an affordable design are nearing their development potential. The DX's cost the same as the Yamato (adjusted for inflation) to within a couple bucks. Bandai hit it out out of the park with some stuff and struck out on others. IMO the Bandai and Yamato are a tie. Some people will lean one way because of preferences and others vice versa. That makes it look a lot like there was X amount of Yen available and Yamato and Bandai prioritized differently. Could Bandai make something a lot better and address all the shortcomings? Absolutely. You can guarantee that the engineers/designers at Bandai wanted them to go out the door better. But cost constraints are cost constraints. A frustration of every designer everywhere. I run into the same frustrations with the products I design/sell. Can I make something better. OH HE!! YES I CAN! Will it price those items out of the market? Probably.

    I think the DX has the slight edge because they pose a LOT better and they look super tough in Battroid. But I will conceded that there are "line items" that go to the Yamato. It's not a bad world we live in when you have the choice between two great options and you can get the one that best suits your desires. What's to complain about?:unknw: And if you happen to like Yammies, you get to do it for less $$. The price on them is coming down FAST.

    I think you misunderstand. What I am saying is: We cannot compare 2 versions of 1/48 released more than 15 years apart as if they were released around the same time. Obviously Bandai does better overall, as it should. If the current design isn't a significant improvement over a 15 year old version, then we are regressing.

    Also, my comments are SPECIFIC to the DX SUPER/STRIKE parts, not the valkyrie,

    My opinion on the VF-1 itself is that Bandai run circles round Yamato, as they should, and I am very happy that there is this amount of progress here. Again, I am saying the Super/strike parts are lacking bandai's A-game here (unlike the VF-1 itself) and Yamato's efforts here are very much more appreciated, espeically for a 15 year old design, as compared to what Bandai could have done.


  13. You simply can't compare Yamato 1/48 and Bandai Dx 1/48 as if they were released at the same time! 


    There is more than a decade and a half of time gap between them! The fact that a 15-year old toy manages to outdo the Bandai DX's super parts on some substantial points, really shows that there is a lack of effort and and in my opinion, sincerity, in bringing out what should have been their A game to this on Bandai's part.

  14. 1 hour ago, sqidd said:

    That would be a major web site/software upgrade to a site that alreday looks like it's held together by bumble gum. And it may be something as simple as they can't get the DHL supplied software to play well with their site. It may be less expensive to have the employees spend extra time doing the back and forth opposed to upgrading and then dealing with the inevitable "working out the bugs".

    You are probably right that at their scale, the kind of realtime shipping estimate has a poor cost-benefit ratio. Well, if this is the more cost effective method for them at the cost of user experience, then the only thing i'd ask from them is that they stop threatening end users with a ban for cancelling orders which the end user in all sincerity would have bought if not for the shipping charges.

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