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  1. A bit late to the party, but I finally opened my Mirage 31-AX.

    She’s a bit of a mess. The fit issues aren’t as noticeable as in my Hayate, but she’s got some new ones.

    Most notably is a couple of spots that weren’t glued properly, the crotch plate and one of the trailing edges of the wings.

    The other big spot is getting both intakes/legs to peg in properly and not dislodge the other while handling.


    I’m mildly annoyed, but mostly happy. I knew going into it that it was a flawed toy, so no surprises.

  2. Finally got into mine the other day, and there’s a break. One of the panels on top of the intakes that holds the clips to attach in fighter/gerwalk broke off.

    No real loss in function though. The clips are attached to the chest/fuselage, and the pin mount that broke, works as a peg anyway. I’ll post a pic later at some point.

    Not great that it’s broken out of the box, but an invisible break that doesn’t affect operations of the toy, is better than something truly damaging.

  3. Even though I've already got a Hayate 31J, I'm probably in for his 31AX too.


    I had a thought regarding some of the design differences.

    The Siegfrieds seem to be custom urban combat support/escort units, with the decision to go with forward swept wings for maneuverability at lower speeds, and the rather neutered offensive systems, with the railguns being listed as primary weapons with the gunpod and missiles as backup when needed. Then there's all the systems installed to support Walkure, with the charger unit and drone launching bays.


    Perhaps the Kairos Plus is more of a customized frontline combat fighter. Delta wings presumably would allow a much more stable flight profile, with a probable bump in airspeed. The gunpod is rather beefed up compared to the Siefried's, and looks to be somewhat based on the 262's, as well as similarly beefed up railguns. They did away with the charger for what looks like some sort of small cannon, makes it a bit less encouraging to chase after one, plus still allows for some flexibility while the gunpod is hand-held. With the lack of the charger, it might be safe to presume that the dorsal leg bays are fitted with missile launchers.


  4. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted here, but here’s a few recent acquisitions:


    Metal Build F91 Chronicle White Vers, this one represents a figure I had mostly given up on regarding getting one at cost.CABF6649-C19F-42F5-88C1-FA054970DFFC.thumb.jpeg.56a48ac48e21574ca59f991ca4097c8e.jpeg

    A new year, and a new Sentai to collect.A322D76C-2E3A-4C70-AA4A-F329B3BF2445.thumb.jpeg.0eff797d415fccda686b5f74f87ea19a.jpeg

    Eaglemoss Enterprise D, TNG was my first and favorite Star Trek,

    Surprised my boyfriend with matching copies of the Pride Lego set.221F1560-A71D-47B3-8E4E-552C6E2E39CA.thumb.jpeg.c005c0e418ffd848ca651d43ad24a203.jpeg

    And Twilight Imperium. Just need five people willing to spend all day learning to play.

  5. On 3/23/2021 at 7:19 PM, Guyffon said:

    I did hear some people saying that the 262 have the thumbs broken off when transforming back to fighter mode. I too transform it thru all 3 modes once and back to fighter where it sits now

     Yeah, the tolerances are so close that if the hands aren't perfectly folded up and in the right orientation, it can shear the thumbs right off.

    But since the hands aren't visible at all in fighter mode, I just took them off before transforming.

  6. A few recent acquisitions.

    Thrustmaster HOTAS for PS4, took a bit to snag one at cost, since most were going for double retail.

    Superplastic’s 12in 2D light up figure, his eyes glow.

    Armada Clone Wars Republic starter set (not shown: the other republic starter set and the CIS starter I also got)

    A couple of books (one is familiar here), the other was released by the people behind a fun historical channel on YouTube.

    And some assorted figures and Gundam releases, regular retail and P-Bandai.






  7. 6 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

    Actually getting into the game, or just the ships? :lol: 

    I've only picked up a few of the assorted larger ships because they're nice little desktop models, but I was surprised to see them update the X-Wing to actually have opening/closing wings.  I did get a single X-Wing with the rebel cargo transport from ESB, but it's an older style. 

    I think the newest edition of the Tantive IV also was modified to have more accurate turrets, but I already chopped mine to shorten them.  I really wish Bandai would have made a kit in that size, instead of the micro-model series.

    Little bit of both. The x-wing community in my area is a bit more active than any Armada I’ve seen so far, but there’s been talk of Clone Wars era stuff coming out later this year, so that’ll reinvigorate the game.

  8. It was created for Armada first, then worked into the canon.

    The channel running down the center contains a big double barreled cannon, used in game as a sniper like unit.

    In universe, it’s used for long range orbital bombardment, or to punch holes in opposing capital ships.

    Named for the Onager catapult, which is known for kicking up it’s back end while firing, which in turn got it’s name from a wild donkey.

  9. 5 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

    Are the Armada miniatures not kept to the same scale like the X-Wing minis are?  I know the "canon" scale is all over the place, but I always thought the Nebulon-B was always depicted as much larger than that, compared with the Corvette.

    No consistent scale, else the already ridiculous 2 foot Super Star Destroyer would be as big as a table.

    The corvette should be half the size of the Nebulon-B (150 vs 300 meters), and that should be a third the size of the Victory Star Destroyer (900 meters.)

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