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  1. Those are cool! I recognize lots of parts from Bandia's 30MM kits (30 Minute Missions) ... they have a wide variety of styles / option parts and some already resemble existing characters from other series out of the box. 

  2. I just received a haul that had both the Icarus and the Tukuru and very pleased with both! Your comment about the weight of the Tukuru is spot on and really makes the toy worthwhile imo. However, I am pretty disappointed in how easily the florescent "tron-like" markings rub off! I have a backlight flashlight to activate it and can see where it's already missing. Although a really cool effect, just simply transforming it is removing the reflective paint ... all in all it just comes off way to easy and they should have applied a coating or used decal instead of such a thin, flaky paint. The Icarus is super cool and feels like a refreshing take on some awesome looking jet fighters and surprisingly tall combined when considering they fit into two-and-a-quarter-inch boxes! My only disappointment is that while both Eagle and Raven have working retractable landing gear, Eagle is in a constant pop-a-wheelie pose since the center of gravity is too far behind from where they placed the rear wheels. 

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