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  1. I agree, Sonic looks a little weird like he's wearing a tank top ...


    It's the arms but it might be the Mandela Effect of me having thought all these years that Sonic's arms were blue! :o Knuckles arms are red so why not? Even in the movie reboot they made his arms blue (flesh colored human skin arms w/little blue hairs would have been too creepy and they were already having a hard time with the live-action version pre-release).

    photoshopped looks a little better imo but now is incorrect ...


  2. For sale:

    i. Official Art of Mega Zone 23 Lark Mechanical Vol 1 - 75 pages of large technical drawings (book is 12"x 8.5") of Megazone mechs, pilots, and various vehicles. Has minor edge wear/fading on the cover due to age but everything else is in good condition.


    ii. Megazone 23 Shogakukan Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. - 240 pages in full color, covers in print all of MZ23 PART 1 of the 3 part OVA series and in good condition.


    Asking $45 shipped USA (via media mail) or int'l inquire for shipping





  3. 16 hours ago, Scyla said:

    I loved to play with my Playmobil toys as a kid. They are high quality. But I don’t understand their appeal for an adult.  With Lego I greatly enjoy the building process which is mostly missing from Playmobil sets.

    If you like the Playmobil aesthetic I would say go for it. Otherwise a scale model of KITT might be the way to go especially if you are not interested in the human sidekicks. 😉

    This childhood nostalgia (Playmobil started in '74) paired with popular licensing titles of the following decade (aka the 80's) might be a winning combo they're willing to wager. Consumers/collectors in this demographic (older w/discretionary $) might fancy the whole idea of reliving some part of their childhood slash introducing their kid to their childhood.

    As mentioned they recently just released The A-Team a few months ago ...


    This could take off with licensed Playmobil Star Wars/Star Trek/Dukes of Hazz/Batman/Ghostbusters/007/Magnum PI/Miami Vice/Scooby Doo/Tron/etc. creating another collecting genre. Sort of feels like Choro-Q for the states which could result in a FunkoPop-like explosion and K.I.T.T. does look cool.

  4. On 12/2/2021 at 12:30 PM, Phyrox said:

    Got a model-finding query for the experts here.
    Does anyone have any idea where one might find non-blind purchase options for the old (series 1) Gundam Mini Kit Collections?  I'm really trying to get the Ra Cailum kit, but everything on Ebay was blind buy, and didn't see a thing on Y!Japan...
    I figure someone here might have a lead I hadn't thought about.

    This box:

    with this kit:


    Appreciate any help...I'm close to buying a set of 12 boxes in the hopes of getting one...and that's just stupid.

    Did you check Mercari Japan ? They have a lot of great deals as well as some rare odd finds.

  5. 55 minutes ago, arbit said:

    Okay, that's gotta the greatest gif of all time. Dont be surprised to see me use it everywhere, with your permission.


    21 minutes ago, MechTech said:

    @Bobby Thank you! Yep, I've already saved it to "re-gift" next year!;) - MT

    Ha, of course ...  post it/share it and help spread some Macross Christmas cheer 🎅


    (here's another)

  6. Just some more findings of the pre VF-2ss nomenclature in some B-Clubs previously not mentioned that I recently came across...

    But first here's the Animage referenced earlier from Nov 1991 which shows the prototype body (single head laser, different panel lines, actual landing gear, etc.)...


    Then just a couple months later, the Jan 1992 B-Club Magazine #74 shows the new body type but still references it as the VF-XS...


    And then the May 1992 B-Club #78 has an announcement in the next issue (#79) they will cover OVA Macross II in which case it is labelled VF-2SS.


    It's interesting to see how things had unfolded where they were trying to finalize the design, the naming, the time arc, etc.

  7. Speaking of the Sy/Ty, the "Father" of the Syclone/Typhoon, Kim Nielsen of GM, (featured at 1:49 below) bought one of the new NSX's and I learned from another forum I'm on how fast it goes ... this summer at Irwindale Speedway it did 1/8mi in 7.14@98.84 w 1.681 60 ft and Vbox 0.60 mph of 3.00 secs - 95 degree weather and no VHT on track!


  8. 3 hours ago, Mechapilot77 said:

    does it come with those 2 x2 cubes?  or someone just used the ones from the 52Toys stuff (i assume those DO come with them?). 

    Elvis does not come with the cubes so probably just used to show compatibility while 52Toys does come with and they are sometimes customized to the theme (like a TMNT boxes, etc.)


    Hey I think I figured out what "Totem Pole Mode" pays homage to 😉 ...


    LJN's 1984 Voltron Battle Riser! 😁

  9. Who can fully know unless they told us but I'll offer a few comments regarding trending and how it influenced at least my buying decision...

    52Toys is making all sorts of transformables from Predator to GetterRobo to Icarus Jet (discussed elsewhere on here),



    to something very similar to Logicoma (from Patlabor).




    and BBTS has ~100 of them listed on their site [LINK] and for whatever reason they ALL fit into these little 2x2x2 cubes.

    The Diaclone Reboot has been doing something very similar for awhile with there Powered Suit Systems by providing cubes they could dock with/deploy from.

    In my opinion there's something about this that's "nice and neat"  or "clean" where box-mode lends itself to solving storage issues where organization and arrangement on shelf space is limited (a commonly shared problem). There might be another "real" reason but this aspect or gimmick has gotten my vote.

    This guy for ex., Megabox Deep One, raised my brow as it has vibes of R-Type, RB-79 Ball, EVA Pod (2001: A Space Odyssey), and a "Max" colored Quaedluun-Rau Power Armor going on...




    and oh let's throw in a box-mode


    There's also something special to appreciate engineering-wise when all these figures can take on a box form since it adds an additional design parameter during development.

    So Lucky Cat Voltron also happens to transform into a "box-mode" that fits into these same 2x2x2 cubes


    But to answer the question (sorry for the length) product photos show this mode as being able to serve as a base for displaying weapons ...


    And even ummm, ah ... a totem pole?


    These extra features certainly help differentiate it along with the intentional mis-numbering of the lions and name Micro Cosmos Elvis to maybe "help" it avoid some licensing issues perhaps. But regardless of it's real intent, this added "box-mode" offering additional transformation modes plus the idea of simplified storage and the universality of a "shared" form swayed me to purchase Elvis over the Minipla version of the same height.

    Imagine moving and you have a bunch of these little 2x2x2 cubes ... you could just throw'em all in a big box, shake it up until they settle like Tetris blocks and be on your way ;)


  10. Just a heads up for anyone who picked up an Elvis ... you can switch out the numbered plates on the red and green lion so that it matches the Titan Power TP-01 King of Beasts Golion it was modeled after since the lions enumeration is reversed from the factory.



    So it goes from this (Elvis)...


    to looking like this (Titan):


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