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  1. Actually you are not alone. I have always thought that the Yf-21 was not such a great looking valk. At first I thought it was just ugly and thought that Kawamori must have had too much to drink when he designed it. However it did grow on me a bit. I am actually starting to like the look of it in Battroid pose. Probably by the time I see the preproduction samples I will think that I need to own it more than my shoes. But for now, yeah I am not so excited about this and would have been ecstatic about a Minmei guard or VF-4, which I have craved for a while now.

    thats good to know...im glad im not the only one that feels that way.

  2. Hey Pioneers, Just wondering...again. Do you all think if we bug Yamato enough they would consider making the VF-4 Lightning III (Flashback 2012) and the VF-2SS (Macross II) in new the 1/60 scale size. Variable in all 3 modes. I only have the VF-2SS in the Bandai model kit and it is an amazing Valkyrie design, probably one of my favorites. and the VF-4 only in drawings. Though the VF-4 Lightning III is only seen for a few minutes on the screen, it is such an under appreciated design that needs to come to life!!!!

    I guess my point is this, If Yamato is bothering to make both Stealth, Woodland camo and 25th Anniversary Valk's, then why not make 2 Valkyries that actually exist in the macross time line and make us fans happy. Even though Macross II was not the best of series and most prefer to trash it based on the story, the Valkyrie designs were awesome. The VF-2JA was a really good mecha design too.

    I guess only time will tell as well your opinions.

    Yamato is all about the repaints...just like Takara. Dont get me wrong, i love both companies...thier product makes up 95% of what i collect, but after a while, repaints get so old.

    if they want to continue to make money on the line...they need to break out some new material.

  3. i will be thinning out some stuff as well to focus mainly on Macross and my first love...Japanese exclusive transformers. I will probably be putting some Godzilla, Mazinger/Mazinkaiser stuff on ebay soon...if anyone is interested...Pm me and we can talk.

    I will post pics soon so you can see what someone may be buying.

  4. stay away from a military guy on an APO base using the online name WILLDORYDER...he comes up with every excuse not to send you items after you have paid.

    Father is in the hospital

    Extensive training on the base

    brother wrecked his car

    cat died...

    you get the idea.

  5. I have a mint VF-11B without FP's and I need a box to go with it. Anyone got one on the cheap?


    i have one. My Vf-11b is broken..it was broken right out of the box when i got it several years ago. I superglued the legs back on and it will forever stay in Fighter mode...you want the box, its yours.

    id say its a c-8 condition...normal shipping and shelf wear.

    let me know.

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