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  1. 7 hours ago, sqidd said:

    It's time to update that storage game.:D

    I got some of thseand only use thre shelves so I can stack boxes better. They work great because you can roll them into each other which takes up a lot less room. When you want to get at something you can just open up acess to the shelf you need. Works like a charm.



    7 hours ago, Grey728 said:

    I'm doing this as well but am also using a cover to keep dust off my boxes as much as possible.


    You're absolutely right that they're great and it's so easy to get to everything you may ever want to get to. I only have three so far but will likely expand to six.


    this would be my dream storage system:



    if i don't chance upon one from a shuttered office, i'll probably do something similar to what Grey suggested.

    put floor to ceiling wood panels on the short side of rolling shelves. slot them side by side into a big alcove. pull one out like a pantry shelf when accessing.

    it should look similar to the picture above, but instead of moving the shelves apart, you pull them out one at a time.

  2. yup, quite small. the Legioss will probably same size as a 1/350 F-14. just the Legioss in 1/144 might be similarly sized as the 1/350 Legioss+Tread combined shown in the first post.

    i'm hoping to put together an airshow diorama in 144 scale.  security will be handled by patrolling VF-1 and crowd control by 144 Patlabor Ingrams i found in WonFes a few years ago.

  3. 7 hours ago, Mog said:

    Sentinel’s having internal discussions about pink vs. red. :ph34r:

    Given that the Zeta is scheduled for a January 2021 release, I wouldn’t expect to see painted prototype pics of the Houquet ride armor until later this year at the earliest.


    6 hours ago, Glasswave said:

    Let's tell Sentinel : Better RED than Dead!! #QuitFuke-ingWithHouquet

    *Disclaimer : I will still buy several if it's pink*

    now you guys got me thinking pink, i would probably buy it just because it stands out in a sea of blacks and primary colors on the shelf. i like having some oddballs in my collection -- like the Mazinger Hello Kitty.

  4. at least not in my case. i'm mainly after the red Legioss (and hopefully Tread) because i like the head design more, and overall, the red in whatever mode screams "kick-ass". 

    the blue is just an also-buy. i probably wouldn't buy it if the red was offered first, unless my complete-ist instincts kick in. i'm also just as likely to buy the black over the blue. 

    i'm probably an outlier as far as purchase behavior goes, but i guess in some ways this is a reflection of how Stick just didn't, er, stick with me. not like, Hikaru/Roy/Max/Ozma/Alto did; heck, even Kakizaki and Messer. 

  5. On 8/7/2020 at 10:34 AM, hachi said:

    How big is a SOC box (esp. with shipping box)? Amazon has listed the Voltes V dimensions as 2.5 x 20.3 x 35.6 cm but I doubt that's the whole package. Any ideas?

    that's just the assembled figure, which is advertised at being almost 36 cm tall.

    for comparison, the similarly sized DX Combattler had box dimensions of 46.6cm x 42.4cm x 32.5cm / 6440g

    but since this V5 includes a Big Falcon display base, it's likely going to be a longer box, closer to what sqidd mentioned for the Mazinger, which also had a big display unit.

  6. sorry cap, i already have 2 of the previous version, so likely pass for me. i would be interested to get a bunch of the fighters and treads though.

    i'm hoping what you're hinting at for the next project is the Horizont.  you can pre-list me for one in 1/144, or two if 1/350.



    the 1/350 Monster is also on my want list. it seems the previous attempt on it fizzled out.  the masters looked very good. a shame that it seems to have been lost.

    back to mospeada, does anyone know if the legioss and/or tread were ever kitted in 144?

  7. 8 hours ago, Jasonc said:

    It appears that a notice came out stating that the Sheryl Nome Gorgeous outfit figure has been pushed back to lat October.


    i'm normally very patient with my purchases, but this is the one figure this year that i want to have asap. well maybe except for the DX V5.

  8. 4 hours ago, Pcfly said:

    So, whats the next big step with the DX line? Release of Roy this fall/winter........and then maybe another model or two announced fall/winter? Where do we go from here besides save for the Roy release?:search:

    Ozma in 1/48.

    full load out.

  9. 4 hours ago, Vifam7 said:

    S14's website is here: http://s14.shop-pro.jp/

    The Sukhois are long out of print. 

    The AC-130 was available at top-gun.jp until just a few days ago. I managed to get one myself. There's one on Ebay right now.  The price is very high but close to what you'd have to pay if you were using a proxy buyer in Japan.

    If you're thinking about getting S14's Tomcats models, be aware that they are slightly off-scale.

    thanks for the link Vifam! your google-fu is clearly superior to mine :lol:

    i had those Su-33s in my Amiami cart all those years ago. they were supposed to be my first s14 purchases, so i initially wondered why they were pricey (for the scale, and i didn't know back then they were diecast) and left them in the cart for a few days. big mistake :crazy:

    i've since tracked down most of the back catalog online and on various trips, but this pair has remained elusive even on YAJ. i guess i'm just hoping some old stock is still languishing somewhere in hobby shops in the west. i'm not really an aircraft diecast collector so i have little knowledge of what shops, besides the usual suspects, carry them.

    PO'd my AC-130 from HS. was waiting for them on a shipment method change, but when i saw it sold out, i just went ahead and paid, lol. too late about the Tomcats though. the 3 variants were part of that AC-130 order.

    btw, on the s14 website i noticed the carrier deck display is 50% off and they tend to be hard to find. i chanced upon them in a Radio Kaikan shop, so i already have a couple.



    4 hours ago, treatment said:

    The Aviation Fighters and the stand are in 1/144 scale.

    May work with Tomytecs, but may not with HMRs since the HMRs are 1/100ish (1/90ish, per Jenius iirc).

    Then again, a 1/100 HMR VF-1 maybe the same size as a regular 1/144 F-14.  

    Don't know for sure since I don't have any 1/144 aircraft... :unknw:

    yeah, they're not to scale with HMR so some eyeball fudging is in order. but weight-wise, these stands should handle HMRs without issue. below is a big 144 made of metal


  10. oops, sorry mike. my bad. i was confusing it with the Nioh 2 DLC which dropped Jul30.

    still, i'm constantly amazed by guys who can finish games in a couple of weeks. i'm more of a diesel, taking a week or so to warm up to a game and get sufficiently good to consider a serious completion attempt rather than using the disc for cat frisbee. 

  11. 11 hours ago, mikeszekely said:

    Finished Ghost of Tsushima tonight.  It's one of only five games in two console generations I bothered to get the Platinum trophy on.  Definitely a fitting swan song for the PS4.

    already?! wow you're fast!

    in those same 3 days, i think i've only done 3 main missions in Nioh 2. then again, i've been farming. those damn smithing texts have ridiculously low drop rates.

  12. longshot, but this might be the best place to ask.

    for a few years now, i've been looking for this pair of 1/144 Su-33, part of a series "Aviation Fighters" made by a company named s14. their website s14avfs.com is now up for sale, but they've just released an AC-130 Spooky this july. so they're probably still alive and just moved somewhere i couldn't find. appreciate any leads.


    aviation fighters: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=120&cat=military&target=Make&searchkey=s14

    by the way, they also just released a nice looking display stand that might work with HMR and the Tomytec Gimix Macross stuff.




  13. all this talk got me thinking about taking out insurance, except maybe i don't want to account for the total spend i've put into this collecting hobby.

    initially started with Macross, but now i doubt they're bulk of the value. only a few i think will make it to the most valuable shortlist. perhaps the Banpresto Sheryl or maybe the Kairos.

    this also got me thinking why i wouldn't bat an eyelash about a $400+ Hot Toys or Fewture item, but i would be wringing my hands about pulling the trigger on a scalped Macross DX that costs the same or even less? i've thought several times about just ignoring SRP and save myself some stress, but still i struggle. sigh.

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