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  1. @macrossjunkie... it's awesome how your pics pop put of the dark background like that. Can you share some photography tips? thanks!
  2. hi! just wanted to share something i did a while back...
  3. browsing through your works & collection got me doing my own stuff. thanks to all...
  4. Thanks for the generous shots VF-18S Hornet! Won't the sunlight affect the white plastic later on?
  5. I only have two VFs and both of them are 1/48 and I like the sheer size & detail...
  6. sircastico

    Sircastico's Super

    1/48 VF-1J Super Valkyrie
  7. @miriya, nicely done on the armored gerwalk! why didn't i think of that?
  8. @solscud007 very nice macro shots there, but what's a lupe/loop? can you show it to us? thanks
  9. @ruskii question on your hikaru & vf-1a: what scale are those? i'm asking because i noticed that the hands are different from the 1/48 chicken & cartoon hands...thanks!
  10. wow! is the black one a customized 1/60? here's my latest: pics with fast packs to follow
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