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  1. Been distracted the last couple of days to get over here and reply, but I think Gakken's covered everything pretty well. I can't think of any points I disagree with, nor anything else I can add to it. It's a really nice neat little figure. If you're interested in it, you'll likely quite enjoy the final figure.
  2. Oh, no, not at all, they're solid plastic.
  3. Yeah, I was using online photos to figure out the transformation, I only saw the shoulder canons slid out in your pictures AFTER I had made the video live. LOL. I totally agree. Very polished for even a near final test shot. If they fix the things that evilcat mentioned they're already aware of, like the arm tightness and such, it'll pretty much be perfect. It's a great little addition to your Macross shelf.
  4. Part of it was me knocking into them, part of it is hand-assembled test shot. The final product should all hold together much tighter I am told. Thanks! Much appreciated!
  5. Yeah, the side parts just pull out of the head.
  6. You can leave the shoulder guns on, but looking at earlier photos they definitely attach to completely different posts in cruiser mode vs robot form.
  7. Hey guys! I was loaned a test shot of the upcoming Master Made SDF-1 MAKUROS Super Deformed figure and got a review up, along with some photos. Thought you'd enjoy it over here.
  8. Going to make this a permanent thread and update it accordingly. All prices in USD and don't include shipping. OFFERS ACCEPTED, Not really looking for trades. I want to clear some space, not just swap things out. MACROSS These all include all packaging/accessories unless noted Bandai VF-25F Renewal Version with Super Parts set - $300 Bandai VF-27 Renewal with Super Parts - $250 Bandai YF-29 Isamu Version with Super Parts set - missing small dagger, otherwise complete - $260 Bandai YF-30 Chronos - $225 OTHER SOC GODMARS - all packaging/accessories - $260
  9. Selling some stuff for space reasons. All prices include shipping within the US. Outside US ask for a shipping quote. Also, if there's anything you know I have that you want, feel free to inquire. It's another "Let's make some serious dents in shelf space" sale! DX Sentai mechs: Travelion -$30 Daivoyager -$65 - ON HOLD Siren builder - $35
  10. Thought you guys might want to check it out. The arm issue solved itself, I just wasn't snapping it back on properly.
  11. I'm considering doing exactly that. Is there anything you wanted?
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