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  1. Don’t know. My orders are all paid off. But as far as getting new orders I don’t think I’ll be going to them anymore and just pay the extra to get it earlier. 

    The info you gave me really left a bad taste in my mouth. To even pull the copyright move of TWL pictures that they took themselves to avoid issues is a dick move. 

    Ill be ordering from TWL for future purchases. In the end it’s up to the consumer to purchase whatever they want with their own money. I’ve never done the payment plan with TWL but might give it a shot. 

    BTW the guy they’re talking about the custom stands, he’s known on the other forum. I didn’t know they went after him too. 


  2. 22 hours ago, PsYcHoDyNaMiX said:

    Damn I was under quarantine back in Feb when I got my IM MK85 from them with a sratch/blemish on the chest plate. I was going to msg them and go through the hassle but figured I could paint, polish it over myself. The shipper box i got the MK85 in was unopened and I requested a double box. I think it was done at the HT's factory. 


    There’s one on eBay of sideshow does not replace it. Kinda expensive though .

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