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  1. @jeniusĀ back me up on this one as one of the OG and you should know since you own anymoon.com - Yamato has never sealed or taped their boxes. Other than the mail order ones (well the TV one listed was sealed when I opened the brown shipper), none of them were ever sealed. Even the weathered Roy and Hikaru were not sealed. The combo weatheredĀ Ā Hikaru with weathered FP was in a sealed brown shipper.Ā 




  2. 8 hours ago, borgified said:

    Do you have Black Widow: Endgame in your collection @Kicker773? I'm swayed in getting her in a few months if my money situation works out plus Arwen v.2 will have someone to keep her company.Ā 

    Yes. I still have yet to open it. Iā€™m waiting or trying to wait for Hulk and Thor if they ever come out this year. Ā Remaining AvengersĀ check list to come out basically is Weathered 85, Weathered Thanos, Loki, Captain Marvel (End Game), Captain America 2012, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Patriot End Game. Ā Then Iā€™m done with avengers (I hope). Galaxy Warlord is a must though for GOTG. Picked up Gamora V1 to add to the End GameĀ line up. Already have Gamora V2Ā for the GOTG line up to join Rocket V2, Yondu, Starlord V2, Groot V1. (Damn Iā€™m losing which versions is what).Ā Sidebarred the Mark V suit up (2nd one) and War Machine Mark 1 (2nd one). After that I can focus on the massive SDF and Premium YF19Ā on preorder.Ā 

    The three figs Iā€™m missing on the checklist is Wasp, Shuri, and Rescue. Might check off Wasp this weekend but still hesitating if Sideshow will restock them again. Then I can use my points to get Rescue when it is released. (Thatā€™s the plan)Ā 

    MightĀ pick up the Neon 50 but that would be the only neon Iā€™ll bite on when it goes up for preorder. After 4 tries I finally got a mint Midas die cast from Sideshow.Ā 

    Justice league kit for the Batmobile came and Iā€™m gonna have to buildĀ another Granas coffee table/display case or alternate it with the 89 on display.Ā 

    Gonna have to unload some Macross extras to make room. Already rotating the 1/60 displays.Ā 


  3. Canā€™t forget to drop some on this thread. Still using the phone until Iā€™m done cleaning.

    When the squad goes huntingā€¦


    Strike Patrol..


    Not the best pic but loved how it glows..Ā 



    Here comes the crabs lolĀ 




  4. 1 hour ago, borgified said:

    You're into the LoTR as well @Kicker773? I have something from that lineup to be outĀ in August/September and I'm sure that you might know what it is.

    Just stayed within the realm of the fellowship. I do want the new Legolas and Gandalf coming. I did however get Eowyn and Morgul Lord since they are a pair and of course the Nazghul with steed. I also have a ACI Ringwraith. I should have bought more of the Nazghul and steed setswhen they were still at 200 at BTS. Had the opportunity to get 9 butĀ then someone told me there were more and I missed that chance. I hope they reissue those again but for some reason Iā€™m not sure if they still have the license for it.Ā 




    I did manage to snag a slim Aragorn unopened. Might let that one go since I only need one. Have not compared it to ACI Aragorn which I have displayed.Ā 

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