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  1. 6 hours ago, pengbuzz said:

    A story is only "concluded" as long as those who wrote it deem it so; specifically speaking, a person's "story" continues as long as they are alive.  As far as the story being "finished", I remember a certain Sci-Fi series that ended and then began again with a series of movies a decade later.


    I think it was called... "Star Trek".


    Folks may disagree; that is their right. But ti is my right to disagree with their disagreement. And I say...


    "This is Megaroad-1; Captain Misa Ichijo calling.... thank heaven we were finally able to get through! We have a priority message for the Unity Government."

    Funny you should draw that parallel; Macross II and Star Trek The Next Generation debuted around the same time. 

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