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  1. Glad you like it. About the copy of original color ver., it was released prior to SW prelude about half a year(or more) by the company called Pegasus (飞马). Some said it is MC, some said it is new company. But from what I've heard, the quality ain't as good as the SW prelude. Here's the link to order in Thailand. https://shopee.co.th/-Pegasus(-飞马)-Metal-Build-1-100-XXXG-00W0-WING-ZERO-EW-i.315508385.8419615721 Don't know if they'll ship abroad or not.
  2. I've heard of that before, too. But yesterday the local dealer here stated that they are re-issueing both of them again (I aint quite that familiar with the dealer, so I didnt ask him much).
  3. Has anyone heard the update info of MC 1/100 Destiny Gundam Freedom color ver. and the Exia Dark matter?
  4. I believe that Bandai will probably re-color it again as usual, then mark it as some kind of Anime or Original version to match the color from previous design. Due to this one is marked as "Early color ver."
  5. This one ain't the same as in GFFMC lineup. It's produced to commemorate the 1:1 scale they built. So don't expect the proportion and detail to be the same as RX78-2 in previously released in GFFMC. If I recall correctly, this one is the first gundam released in SoC (Spirit of Chogokin) lineup. The scale is 1:100 scale, same as MB and GFFMC. And now they recoloring it as "Night ver." (intentionally overspray the paint where red and green light illuminate in real world?)
  6. I got mine from local dealer here in Thailand. My suggest is getting him through Aliexpress could be the easiest way, but contact the seller first to inform him about declaring price. Some retailer might help you guys by declare fake price to avoid importing tax. Or you might try to find him from local dealer in your country as well. I have no idea about other KO that they made, some said it's old member of Metal Club(MC), but some said it's the new company.
  7. These are all that my friend sent to me. I haven't displayed mine yet. The detail of wing parts are great, the place that inferior when compare to the original tends to be from the body part's paint job that isn't as good as the original one (not bad, just not at the same level with original). *The last pic is SW prelude standing next to Bandai's original color.
  8. Here's the review video on YouTube. I just got mine yesterday. The quality is quite good (around 80-90% of the original one), the paint job and joints are better than the normal color KO one. I haven't displayed mine yet, but friend told me that the Drei Swerg is stiff enough to not even require the support arm, lol. The price that I PO back then was 6,300 Thai Baht (~200 USD).
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