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  1. Hope that our customers enjoy the unboxing video
  2. we have contacted this buyer twice, we are yet to receive confirmation from him, we wanted to get the issued or him. about your parcel, could you PM us your order number, we can check the packaging for you.
  3. what is your order number, we will check for you. regards
  4. we are expecting our US / Canada customers receive VF-1J within 4 days. regards LUNA PARK
  5. The item official release day is 25th September. they should be moving by Monday, you can give us your order number, we can have a look for you, thanks
  6. For our loyal customers who know we are good on refunding pre-orders if Bandai doesn't release them, they are comfortable ordering with us, but if you're a new customer and unsure about the release, please wait until after Bandai confirms the release date so that you can feel more comfortable with your experience with us.
  7. Yes, from our Bandai Internal source, Bandai hasn't decided yet if they gonna release it as event exclusive, premium bandai exclusive or a regular release (like RX-93 Nu Gundam), we are waiting for them to decide.
  8. Well they have a lot of time on their hands to watch our little channel and be mad enough about us joking to do that! It's not always the delivery people on the ground, quite often it's how its handled at airports unfortunately.
  9. Hello everyone! We made a shipping video just to have a little fun and explain some things. We are working to improve our shipping methods and you can look forward to custom Luna Park boxes in the future. Thank you for your continued support.
  10. Hello! Please check out our shipment video about this issue, also we have terminated our B2B contract with DHL as they were doing that without boxes before.
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