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    Does not look like he is selling it anymore from his post on facebook. At least, I cant find it on his post.
  2. cosmic


    Still looking. Lots of views, not one message.
  3. I meant this one https://www.amazon.com/Bandai-Chogokin-Compatible-Missile-Fortress/dp/B07PBWQXKH
  4. As an addition, does anyone know if the VF-1 missile pack is compatible with any other toys? Anymoon was "going" to have a list but never did it. They look like they have compatible pegs, but some of them have bar slots next to the pegs that am concerned might block fitting. I would ask if the missiles with the nightmare armor parts do as well, but i am not spending 150+ on that just for a couple of missiles.
  5. Were the VF-25A and the super parts ever sold?
  6. Damn, thanks for letting me know. I was going to buy a set, but not if they are worthless for almost all fighters.
  7. Hard to tell if its just the strange clips for the front of the wings, or if they have pegs for hardpoints on them.
  8. How much did you pay for that vf-31a and the nightmare? How is your nightmare btw? A hand grenade like the reviews say?
  9. cosmic


    Please send me a pm for your price-range. Used or new. Please have all parts. Still looking as of 08/22/21.
  10. Thanks for the warning on Solaris. I just now got a response back from Okini saying Hello, We don't provide picture, but we can guarantee the product is complete and in good condition. Thank you for your trust. Not helping with my trust issues much. My Q was sent 8 days ago, so not great turn around either but ehh.
  11. Solaris is the only one with a used grade for their items it seems. Neither website has responded to my inquiries regarding photos of the item in hand or even just a description of them. Anyone know if they are good places for used items, or dubious at best?
  12. Sadly that is literally every single seller of macross DX on ebay and elsewhere. Okini land is ignoring me, nin-nin games ignores me. I would say its my face, but you know how it goes. I even tried google translating my questions into japanese and that got me nothing.
  13. Can anyone tell from this photo if this yf-30 is yellowing or not? I cant tell from the quality of the pic, and the seller is ignoring any and all questions.
  14. Anyone with a YF-30 dx know if this is fixable? Its the flap on the chest in robot mode. Are the pegs on the side removable or gluable such that it can be fixed without becoming frozen?
  15. Thank you. I did not know where even was a repair thread. This will be useful.
  16. Hi, I found 2 yf-30s that have some broken parts and I want to know if you guys think they can be fixed. The first has one of the back canards is broken, looks like a metal tube that rotates just broke in half. Is any part of that tube removable such that it could be welded back together? 2nd one is a flap that covers the chest section in robot mode. Looks like a two sided flap, since I dont own one I dont know if its metal or not. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. So I love this design, but bandai really dropped the ball with the quality control for this one. Does anyone know of any 3d printed parts to replace the leg joints and the uns triangles on the sides? Those seem to be the most likely to self-destruct. I dont want to buy one if its just going to powderize in my hands.
  18. How bad has bandai been about re-re-remaking the same figure? I am looking at the 31A Hayate and it has an original version, a movie edition, and now the holo projector version. All of the same figure, with new hat syndrome for each. Then there is the recent VF-1J special edition being re-released as a set with the armor parts that are also being sold seperately, but you miss out on the stand from the special edition. Kinda iffy for me to put a lot of money on something for bandai to just reissue it with possibly better or more accessories a few months later.
  19. Has bandai made figures of all their line art? I mostly just want to know if its worth gambling on waiting for a new version of the 31a or to jump on one if i can find one.
  20. Anyone know if these photos are promos, or just concept art?
  21. VF-31AX hayate immelman custom. VF31 with sharp points on the wings, an extra draken gun, and a different decal on the back.
  22. Well i guess its moot at this point because the dodos on that website are bidding more for it than other sellers have to outright buy.
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