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    5 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I'm not sure if I understand your question properly since the DX VF-31A, engineering-wise, is the same as the VF-31J. The only differences of these 2 when it came out are the paint, head, fold carbon chest details, back leg missiles (instead of drone chambers) and the delta wings. And when you say engineering, are you referring to the transformation or the overall engineering updates on the body design? Because if it's transformation, then this new 31AX is still going to be 95% the same as the transformation of the previous VF-31. If it's design, then there's some body modification done to it to distinguished the difference between the 31AX and the previous 31.

    Unless ofcourse you were meant to ask the VF-31AX (Hayate) instead of 'VF-31J', then I'm looking forward to see a side-by-side comparison between it with a 31A once it gets released later this December since I didn't PO Hayate's.



    I guess I'm sort of asking about things I don't understand so sorry if it was confusing. I am personally trying to decide if I want the Hayate one with the fold projector or the new Hayate AX one. The shape of the planes looks pretty different to me like W-shape vs a diamond shape and since this AX, the diamond shaped one, is like the previously released Kairos I guess I was wondering is if people prefer one style of design over the other since the older Kairos has been out in the wild. I guess the transformation of each is pretty similar and the different wing shape is just throwing me off.

  2. 38 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    "Fold waves" is a very broad topic that covers a LOT of territory.

    They're broadly analogous to electromagnetic waves, but in higher-dimensional spacetime where they propagate at faster-than-light speeds.  Mechanically-generated fold waves are used in a variety of technologies.  They're the basis for FTL communications (fold communications) and FTL radar systems (fold wave radar).  The interaction between fold waves and a specific type of exotic matter called Heavy Quantum forms the basis for a bunch of other technologies including thermonuclear reactors, thermonuclear weapons, gravity control, fold navigation, and heavy quantum beam weaponry.  Heavy Quantum's an exotic particle that straddles the border between normal space and fold space, with most of its mass being on the fold space side.  Fold waves are used to manipulate how much of that mass is on the fold space side, allowing for precisely-controllable gravity modification using the super-high mass of the heavy quantum.

    Biological life forms can also create fold waves on their own, in much the same way that the brain creates weak electromagnetic field activity (brainwaves).  It borders on the idea that the conscious mind has an intrinsic connection to higher dimensions.  Some individuals have the ability to create specific types of biological fold waves that are strong enough to be detectable by others or even influence others.  Song energy in Macross 7 was humanity's first real understanding of biological fold waves, with the anima spiritia being able to tune theirs in ways inimical to the higher-dimensional life forms called the Protodeviln.  The Vajra hive mind is essentially a form of distributed computer network created using biological fold waves.  Var syndrome in Macross Delta is an illness caused by exposure to specifically-tuned biological fold waves meant to interrupt their conscious thought process in much the same way that you could interfere with a person's thoughts using focused electromagnetic interference.

    (Fold Quartz, a purer form of the dimensional oscillator fold carbon, can be used to create stronger fold waves that can bypass dimensional faults and other disruptions.)


    There is a fan translation of Macross Delta: White Knight of the Black Wing floating around... I'd recommend checking your preferred manga agregator.

    The new movie isn't going to offer much help to characterizing the Windermereans.  As far as I've heard, the Aerial Knights show up just long enough to get Worf'd and are promptly forgotten about except for Bogue.

    Wow, above and beyond with the explanation. I appreciate it!

  3. 12 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Not as such.  As you know, most Macross publications are not available in English.  Macross Chronicle, the official encyclopedia, did have some articles on the Protoculture's history but those were only current up thru the end of the Macross Frontier movies, and they're in Japanese.  

    If you have specific questions, this is the place for 'em and the fan community here is always happy to help. :) 


    ... nah, Macross Delta just wasn't very well-written compared to Macross's usual level of quality.

    IMO, the series did a poor job of laying out its additions to the setting... especially when it came to the Windermereans, who had most of their backstory presented in a gaiden manga rather than in the series proper.  (They're much more in line with Macross's sympathetic antagonists if you've read it, but if you haven't they're just kind of arbitrarily bastards.)

    I think I just need to research fold waves 😆


    I would definitely read the Gaiden manga if it were available in English. I know it's a common sentiment around here, but I sure wish Delta was overall more interesting. I wanted to like it. Maybe the new movie will give it some much needed life? Otherwise, on to the next era....

  4. So this past year I made my way through all of the Macross franchise and got pretty confused with the protoculture / fold backstory around Macross 7 and leading through Frontier and Delta. Is there a good write up somewhere that kinda pieces everything together? I'm also wondering if my lack of understanding of the lore of Macross in general made Delta feel... boring.

  5. I've been Delta-adverse since seeing the show, but I can't deny how nice this valk looks. I think I want to pick it up along with the super parts. I'm seeing this as sold out on HLJ, but that's just for the first edition with the Walkure stand, right? Are we thinking this one might be sold by US distributors? I seem to remember a survey asking if I planned to buy any of 3 valks, one of which was the YF-19. Was this listed on there?

  6. I can't wait to complete (as far as I know) my MB Eva set! The green accents on Unit 00 seem pretty bizarre, but I'm sure it works in person and it's nice that it stands out from the others as they share the same general body shape. It's by far my favorite Eva figure line as I'm not so hot on the rebuild movies so I'm happy they continued it. I'd be thrilled if one day they bring the original designs to the Dynaction line too! Maybe they'd have to broaden the shoulders to get the right proportions hahah.

  7. I don't really follow the concert livestreams too much, but I was thinking about buying a ticket for the Macross Frontier Galaxy REVENGE! concert. I was trying to see if there was a thread on the forum of people talking about it because it's the first global stream and I was somewhat surprised to not see anything mentioning it. Is this really a live event or something was already recorded?

  8. G-Kids just announced the TV show limited edition. I already ordered, but I didn't realize until afterwards that it does not include Fly Me To The Moon for any of the endings. Now I'm kind of sick to my stomach to be honest. Too expensive for an incomplete version. It's like owning Evangelion, but not owning Evangelion.


    https://store.gkids.com/pages/neon-genesis-evangelion?utm_source=General Anime List&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NGE Ultimate Pre-order (TagC4x)&utm_id=NGEnewsletteraug19&_kx=JgEtAAGKhX9P_mtYWNDXkubsJKXuUwRQ6bKdIMQ-9THA_R7HLhQIjyIMdYQcUNNP.Vqqx2y


  9. 4 hours ago, General Rasp said:

    Both of the figures aren't out yet, but should release this month. The Kayodo build quality can be very bad at times with their EVA figures. And their articulation system can be very frustrating if you aren't used to it. I would recommend going with robot spirits by Bandai. See my post on the previous page, I go over the robot spirit line for Sqidd. 

    I second this. I've never been happy with any of the Kaiyodo Revoltechs I've had. I'm sure they've improved somewhat, but that's not something I'm willing to test with my own wallet.


  10. 27 minutes ago, Marzan said:

    Just finished it. What a ride. To this day I still don't know if the Rebuild film's were necessary or just an act of extreme self indulgence by Anno to get his intellectual property away from Gainax. But they're a great retelling of the original story and this is a mirror to E of E in it's own way. It's a cleaner, more generous ending, coming from a more mature man who perhaps didn't feel the need of of crushing his own creation anymore.

    I still think my favorite Evangelion is Sadamoto's manga version, but this one does what it needs to do in it's own visually spectacular way.

    The manga is sooo amazing. It's more like what I wanted rebuild to be in a way. I loved all the new scenes with our favorite characters who were *mostly* the same people we knew from the TV show. Not going to lie, I did feel my eyeball twitch at seeing Mari in that extra "non-cannon" chapter. LOL!

  11. 23 minutes ago, General Rasp said:

    I cut Bandai a lot of slack when I comes to recolors. Macross and Gundam both tend to use the similar/same designs (respectively) for multiple suits. So when you have a yellow and red VF-1S figure, no worries they are piloted by different people and are both in the show. The Zaku II C/F versions in green and the Zaku II S in red, same figure in the GFFMC line with different color schemes. No problem, one is a commander and one is a regular solider. 

    But that EVA 01 renewal color version pushes it. Glancing from the pictures to my Dynaction EVA 01 there doesn't seem to be any difference. Maybe when the full product page is available it will be more apparent but sure does seem like we have to buy a whole second EVA 01 to get that spear. Making the fans buy the exact figure with slightly more vivid/saturated colors to get a weapon that wasn't included in the first release is a dick move. They could have just release EVA 01 the first time with all the weapons they intended at the start. Now the people who did buy the first release are getting screwed. 

    Can't wait until the release of 02 with flight equipment six months from the release of the normal one 😫

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