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  1. I've been wanting the 21 so bad for so long, but I don't think I can handle the head-laser snapping lottery 2.0. I think I'll be sitting this one out until there's a second run or I'll preorder from Amazon and do exchanges until I get a good one. It's insane that nothing was learned from the previous issue with the YF-19 and it really makes me hate Bandai.

  2. 17 hours ago, DownIsUp said:

    Damn I just finished this movie and really enjoyed it, came on here and now I feel like an a-hole for liking it lmao. Ah well I still feel it works better than anything else Delta related and it's easily the first time I've enjoyed a lot of the Walkure team. I think Hayate is a slightly more realised character here, although generally speaking he and a lot of other characters could've used more time to breathe, even with the first 30 minutes or so being setup. Idk that I'm a delta fan now but I certainly am more on board than I was before this movie.

    I liked it a lot too as someone who had near zero love for Delta. I found that I liked the action more after I watched it again without subtitles. Lyrics and dialogue take up too much of the screen to properly enjoy the battles. And it must have done something right as it made me have an affinity for the characters which I've never felt before. Somehow I also ended up liking Walkure's songs too! I couldn't resist the hype when these lyrics popped up:


    That son of a bitch, You son of a bitch

    That song is just amazing hahah

  3. I couldn't go last night for personal reasons, but I am so sad to hear most people once again having audio issues. Fathom Events is just terrible because on one hand you have to deal with their shitty 720p projection, which I can kinda adjust to, but the audio mix not being done properly for movies where music is the main feature....nope. The sound not being correct really stands out to me and it slowly rips my heart out through the runtime of the movie. I'm done. No more Fathom Events for me. Not ever. Wings of Goodbye is one of my very favorites, but I'll have an infinitely better time on my couch with my bluray.

  4. 27 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I don't think having double post is an issue. It does happen once in a while. Probably some glitch until you refresh the page to see you already have double post. Out of curiosity, did you type your reply within the 'quote' box area or below it?


    I used the reply box at the bottom of the thread.

  5. 1 hour ago, HGSucks said:

    I agree with all the audio complaints. I can see why some people were very disappointed in this up to the point of wanting a refund. But, maybe we should keep some things in mind.

    1. The impossible happened! I never thought, with all the legal web involved in it especially with Harmony Gold copyright squatting on the IP for about 35 years, that there would be an actual Macross release at all. This is absolutely groundbreaking so maybe at least BigWest should be cut some slack since this is their very first attempt to breaking the wall that had kept them out for so long. 

    2. This may have been rushed to just get something released in the US as quickly as possible without having a Robotech Sentinels disaster. Maybe, they thought that if they didn't get something done quickly, HG might pull some crap to stop them from releasing anything.

    2. As far as I know BigWest has not had any other international releases of anything until now in the west (ironically with their name). So, there familiarity with western theaters, the language etc. may be a large learning curve for them since, they aren't exactly Sony as they are backing Robotech.

    3. I had never heard of Fanthom or whoever they are. Perhaps they screwed this whole thing up and maybe, BigWest should seek out a larger company to assist them in the future or do better oversight.

    4. It seems like multiple locations were less than eager to show this movie and some kids in the theaters were probably thinking, "I only have to do the bare minimum since it's only going to be just for a couple of nerds showing up." For example, the one I know about here failed to turn the lights down until a forth of the way through the movie. Maybe, there is something to the way the sound was handled by them or they put people in the room with the worst audio system.

    5. Keep in mind this was dubbed in Dolby Stereo. Since, that there have been at least Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, etc. If you have a surround sound system and you play Dolby Stereo with the wrong settings you can get a mono, stereo only, Dolby Surround II, etc. Some theaters may have poorly upmixed it or didn't do so at all.

    6. Despite all of this, a lot of people who saw this for the first time, like spouses who were dragged to this, xD seemed to really enjoy it despite all of this.

    6. Even if you had an awful experience, all of you and the other people who should be proud to be one of the first to watch a Macross movie in the west! :)

    7. We got to show BigWest that there is interest in the west hopefully enough to release more material, and really make an investment in it, money and effort-wise, in the west to release what is probably a very expensive franchise to release internationally with all of the music rights, etc. So, they may have been very budget restricted and couldn't risk spending too much money only to find zero interest in the franchise.

    8. Maybe the best part of it all was giving a big "F*** you Harmony Gold" for every person who showed up or at least bought tickets to show support for BigWest.


    After the experience I'm feeling a little less irritated about the situation and you raise some very good points.


    1 hour ago, HGSucks said:

    Oh, I do have a couple of questions, for anybody who has seen the movie version. I had only seen the OVA about 20 years ago. Were the "pew pew" sounds deliberately used to replace the audio of a few songs that they unfortunately might not have gotten the rights to have them shown in the west. If so, would this have to do with royalties and not something like interference from an outside party (company)?

    Oh, while on the topic of music, am I the only person who was bothered that they didn't subtitle the songs? It seems like the songs are such a HUGE part of the series. There are times that the lyrics actually have to directly do with the plot. I'm picturing the part on Delta in which Freyja basically confesses her feelings to Hayate by singing to him? Most watchers are probably smart enough to know what she is singing about but, my point is that it's so much more impactful to know what is beinb sung. In a lot of anime it doesn't matter but, Macross isn't Gundam. I know some people hate Delta but, despite having several issues with it myself, I still liked it. It had a lot of potential. Anyway, is there any way to get the message through to BigWest to PLEASE, show English (or for whatever language it's translated to) during the songs?

    Did anybody else read or hear that anything 1987 or before is going to be internationally under the rights of Harmony Gold, and everything post 1987 belongs to BigWest. This might mean that my favorite Macross movie, Do You Remember Love, may not make the cut for BW. At least we will be (hopefully) getting 7, Zero, Frontier, and Delta.

    I still am very happy they are releasing it in the West.


    I do not believe any sound effects were added with the intention of obscuring anything. This was purely a sound mix issue either by the theaters or the system Fathom uses to stream their films.

    It was strange to not subtitle Voices. I think we could have gotten by with everything else as is as it's either in English already or not so great French. I favor not obscuring the action with lyrics when it's not critical to the plot.

    Bring on everything else! People seem to talk like the older stuff is being worked on, but we'll see. DYRM would be glorious on the big screen.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Kelsain said:

    In addition to the weird music mix, it seemed like the footsteps were all REALLY loud.

    On another note, while I like some of the pacing changes, I really do prefer the OVA. For one thing, the CG was ground breaking for it’s time, but has not aged well. And Wanna Be An Angel just doesn’t hit as well for me as the full use of Information High.

    I do hope there’s a chance of Fathom showing the Frontier or Delta movies after this.


    I'd love to see the movies in the theater too, but they really deserve something better than the 1080i source that Fathom Events uses for their features. I guess if it's the only possible route I'll take what I can get and try to keep supporting Macross.

  7. It has to be a mistake with converting the audio to whatever Fathom uses to show these films. I wonder if all showings were like this and most were just not as familiar with how it should sound to notice the problems? The whole movie sounded terrible throughout and I maintain that it sounded like the left and right channels were near missing. Center channel and real channels sounded normal. The lack of a full sound scape made everything from the center sound really strange. Like the example cited in Information High, I’m sure the audio track was probably panning from left to right for effect, but you only heard bits of the lyrics when it crossed the center channel. This would also explain why the laser noises where so exaggerated. They should have been buried in ambient noise and music. 

    I’m happy people got to see it and enjoyed it either without the problems or didnt notice them, but this was a once in a lifetime chance to see something I dearly love ruined. I’m still highly irritated about the whole thing. No bumping Sharon Apple music is the worst way to experience Macross Plus. I want a second showing or a refund for the tickets I bought for my three friends and myself. It makes me sick to think it wasn’t half as cool as it could have been for them. 

  8. I wanna give more detailed impressions later, but as a quick note the sound seemed totally screwed up. Like the center channel was cranked and the right and left channels where very low making all of the dialogue sound like directly from the mic and the music was totally ruined. One part during information high, when the glass is breaking into birds, the lyrics “NOISE” and “TOYS” where clearly heard all alone in the song through the center channel. It also made scenes feel weirdly awkward causing a lot of ambient sound to be non existent. I also had some idiot chucklehead humans laughing at the wrong stuff. Like seriously cracking up at explosions during action scenes. Going to see anime is always a nightmare and this didn't break the chain. 

    edit: oh crap some of you noticed the same sound issue. I’ll have to compare with my bluray that has the new mix, but I’m certain it wasn’t intentional. Left and right channels were nearly dead. 


    5 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    I'm not sure if I understand your question properly since the DX VF-31A, engineering-wise, is the same as the VF-31J. The only differences of these 2 when it came out are the paint, head, fold carbon chest details, back leg missiles (instead of drone chambers) and the delta wings. And when you say engineering, are you referring to the transformation or the overall engineering updates on the body design? Because if it's transformation, then this new 31AX is still going to be 95% the same as the transformation of the previous VF-31. If it's design, then there's some body modification done to it to distinguished the difference between the 31AX and the previous 31.

    Unless ofcourse you were meant to ask the VF-31AX (Hayate) instead of 'VF-31J', then I'm looking forward to see a side-by-side comparison between it with a 31A once it gets released later this December since I didn't PO Hayate's.



    I guess I'm sort of asking about things I don't understand so sorry if it was confusing. I am personally trying to decide if I want the Hayate one with the fold projector or the new Hayate AX one. The shape of the planes looks pretty different to me like W-shape vs a diamond shape and since this AX, the diamond shaped one, is like the previously released Kairos I guess I was wondering is if people prefer one style of design over the other since the older Kairos has been out in the wild. I guess the transformation of each is pretty similar and the different wing shape is just throwing me off.

  10. 38 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    "Fold waves" is a very broad topic that covers a LOT of territory.

    They're broadly analogous to electromagnetic waves, but in higher-dimensional spacetime where they propagate at faster-than-light speeds.  Mechanically-generated fold waves are used in a variety of technologies.  They're the basis for FTL communications (fold communications) and FTL radar systems (fold wave radar).  The interaction between fold waves and a specific type of exotic matter called Heavy Quantum forms the basis for a bunch of other technologies including thermonuclear reactors, thermonuclear weapons, gravity control, fold navigation, and heavy quantum beam weaponry.  Heavy Quantum's an exotic particle that straddles the border between normal space and fold space, with most of its mass being on the fold space side.  Fold waves are used to manipulate how much of that mass is on the fold space side, allowing for precisely-controllable gravity modification using the super-high mass of the heavy quantum.

    Biological life forms can also create fold waves on their own, in much the same way that the brain creates weak electromagnetic field activity (brainwaves).  It borders on the idea that the conscious mind has an intrinsic connection to higher dimensions.  Some individuals have the ability to create specific types of biological fold waves that are strong enough to be detectable by others or even influence others.  Song energy in Macross 7 was humanity's first real understanding of biological fold waves, with the anima spiritia being able to tune theirs in ways inimical to the higher-dimensional life forms called the Protodeviln.  The Vajra hive mind is essentially a form of distributed computer network created using biological fold waves.  Var syndrome in Macross Delta is an illness caused by exposure to specifically-tuned biological fold waves meant to interrupt their conscious thought process in much the same way that you could interfere with a person's thoughts using focused electromagnetic interference.

    (Fold Quartz, a purer form of the dimensional oscillator fold carbon, can be used to create stronger fold waves that can bypass dimensional faults and other disruptions.)


    There is a fan translation of Macross Delta: White Knight of the Black Wing floating around... I'd recommend checking your preferred manga agregator.

    The new movie isn't going to offer much help to characterizing the Windermereans.  As far as I've heard, the Aerial Knights show up just long enough to get Worf'd and are promptly forgotten about except for Bogue.

    Wow, above and beyond with the explanation. I appreciate it!

  11. 12 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Not as such.  As you know, most Macross publications are not available in English.  Macross Chronicle, the official encyclopedia, did have some articles on the Protoculture's history but those were only current up thru the end of the Macross Frontier movies, and they're in Japanese.  

    If you have specific questions, this is the place for 'em and the fan community here is always happy to help. :) 


    ... nah, Macross Delta just wasn't very well-written compared to Macross's usual level of quality.

    IMO, the series did a poor job of laying out its additions to the setting... especially when it came to the Windermereans, who had most of their backstory presented in a gaiden manga rather than in the series proper.  (They're much more in line with Macross's sympathetic antagonists if you've read it, but if you haven't they're just kind of arbitrarily bastards.)

    I think I just need to research fold waves 😆


    I would definitely read the Gaiden manga if it were available in English. I know it's a common sentiment around here, but I sure wish Delta was overall more interesting. I wanted to like it. Maybe the new movie will give it some much needed life? Otherwise, on to the next era....

  12. So this past year I made my way through all of the Macross franchise and got pretty confused with the protoculture / fold backstory around Macross 7 and leading through Frontier and Delta. Is there a good write up somewhere that kinda pieces everything together? I'm also wondering if my lack of understanding of the lore of Macross in general made Delta feel... boring.

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