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  1. Don't these also have the distinction of being the smallest variable mospeada's ever mass produced? **On a side note does anyone have pics of the tiny scratch built mospeada ride-armor? I think i remember pics of it standing on a coin Lol
  2. I couldnt agree more. Hopefully with the huge retail price and strong sales of the 1st wave - HGeesh may cough up to have Bartley/Graham produced? Lol prob just pipe dreams
  3. It's unreal...and the plastic they used is so brittle and weak, I for one am convinced that anti-mospeada knomes from an alternative reality slipped into the factory. Again, I genuinely suspect this universe may be "incompatable" with the glory of the female ride-armor.
  4. Correct Sir *except for the cracked or broken knee joints on every Bartley I've come across...smh The female ride-armor may indeed be too cool for this world.
  5. BARTLEY = RED End of line.
  6. I would suggest free advertising by way of social media and even Ebay and Etsy pre-order type listings. Just spit balling
  7. Ugh that blows! Do you have any insight into why an established company goes through the laborious and expensive task of creating a line of painted prototypes only to promptly mothball them for all eternity? *On a side note sometimes I feel doomed to be a mospeada addict..we get precious little respect and the aftermarket is smoldering barren hellscape!! :/
  8. Indeed..The CM's Bartley types have broken joints right out of the package - It's as if our universe refuses to allow a variable version to exist!! (I own 5 copies and they all have at least 1 cracked joint)fml :/ P.S. Anyone know of any replacement knee or hip joints that would possibly work?
  9. Anyone have an idea when we might see the Figma ride-armors actually on the shelves? *Bonus: Are they smaller than the CM's? Also: Possible price?
  10. Sentinel would be shrewd to go for the RED Fuke bike next...to avoid possible fatigue in the Legioss market. Imho Again... R E D
  11. Funny you should mention it...found this pic of someone using a AM Driver figure for the 1/15 Bartley. I must admit it's very tempting! (* The AM Driver "Moto-Bisar" bike has a very Mospeada like design)
  12. Indeed, I totally agree in regards to the concept vs. execution. The toy itself is quite a strange beast(the front wheel for example)..yet I still find to be one of my favorites! I mean, a legendary video game company makes a Aramaki ride-armor toy...whats not to love? P.s. Good luck with the Scepter + fingers crossed on the new Tri-Charger!! *I think CM's was planning one that never happened.
  13. So awesome..Frankly I'm speechless. Thanks again for the link man - my mind is officially blown! Here are a few pics of my Sega Tri-charger obtained way back in 2002...By far the rarest piece in my collection.
  14. Woah Thanks for the link! I did a triple take when i saw the Zillion Tri-Charger !!! I'm lucky enough to have the 1987 Sega Tri-charger toy, But o m g this prototype is blowing my mind! A true "unicorn" dream Toy imho *Anyone have any info on this*?
  15. Wow cool I had no idea..a sentinel tread would be a 'unicorn' piece for the ages. And lol I feel my Bartley comment may be ill-informed or even a tad immature..Yet I've waited ovr 30 years for a deluxe Bartley ride-armor...Preferably RED haha! :P (The Beagle prototype still causes me physical pain upon seeing the images) Also : The teased box art depicts her in red..unless It was somehow fan-made?
  16. I Agree 100% Dear Sentinel : BARTLEY IS RED !! *PLEASE : Respect Aramaki Shinji !! THANK YOU !! ^__^ V..
  17. Now that is a jaw dropping paint job.
  18. Many Thanks for the link...that auction ended but i will hopefully track down a fast-pack version on there soon!!
  19. Wow I can't Thank you enough for looking Shawn! Very long time fan (lurker) of you and Graham's site!! Very interested in a possible replacement set..or trying to find a good link for d.i.y. repair lol Thanks again man!
  20. Lol i cant help but agree with you..that said the version 2 is apparently issue-free : but i cant find one for less than $350!
  21. Hey guys..just purchased a cheap 1/72 Yamato 11B brand new... ..any advice on how best to approach the hip joints before I even touch this thing? Do I unscrew the upper leg or even disassemble in order to loosen them? P.s. Is there an old post for outright hip replacement? Thanks very much for any help!!
  22. Oh Perhaps as a die-hard Mospeada fan since 1986 I happen to be particularly sensitive to Aramaki genius-level design being reinterpreted in a somehow americanized g.i. joe fashion...it just pushes all the wrong buttons for me. -Not that i demand the classic Mospeada designs only by any stretch: Aramaki's recent "re-imagining" of the ride-armors melts my face off everytime i see the riobots on my shelf! The design genius borders on the supernatural! They represent a deeply satisfying example of a departure from the originals..imho Final rub? Kid-logic made a expensive mistake..I would have purchased at least one in a hot minute had they simply used the Imai or Gakken sculpt as a basis for their outing. - just my 2 cents
  23. That kid logic statue is an even bigger abomination than the megahouse ride-armors!! Obviously made by an American team with zero style or originality. Their sdf-1 is quite respectable...shame that tried to get "creative" when it came to mospeada. 100% F A I L
  24. I was speaking to the overall body proportions; as compared to the gakken prototype and the americanized and (imo) profane toynami mpc. **Just my 2 cents as a religiously devoted fan of Genesis Climber Mospeada since 1985. P.s. fully agree about the legioss and horrible hookup
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