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  1. Ugh that blows! Do you have any insight into why an established company goes through the laborious and expensive task of creating a line of painted prototypes only to promptly mothball them for all eternity? *On a side note sometimes I feel doomed to be a mospeada addict..we get precious little respect and the aftermarket is smoldering barren hellscape!! :/
  2. Indeed..The CM's Bartley types have broken joints right out of the package - It's as if our universe refuses to allow a variable version to exist!! (I own 5 copies and they all have at least 1 cracked joint)fml :/ P.S. Anyone know of any replacement knee or hip joints that would possibly work?
  3. Anyone have an idea when we might see the Figma ride-armors actually on the shelves? *Bonus: Are they smaller than the CM's? Also: Possible price?
  4. Sentinel would be shrewd to go for the RED Fuke bike next...to avoid possible fatigue in the Legioss market. Imho Again... R E D
  5. Funny you should mention it...found this pic of someone using a AM Driver figure for the 1/15 Bartley. I must admit it's very tempting! (* The AM Driver "Moto-Bisar" bike has a very Mospeada like design)
  6. Indeed, I totally agree in regards to the concept vs. execution. The toy itself is quite a strange beast(the front wheel for example)..yet I still find to be one of my favorites! I mean, a legendary video game company makes a Aramaki ride-armor toy...whats not to love? P.s. Good luck with the Scepter + fingers crossed on the new Tri-Charger!! *I think CM's was planning one that never happened.
  7. So awesome..Frankly I'm speechless. Thanks again for the link man - my mind is officially blown! Here are a few pics of my Sega Tri-charger obtained way back in 2002...By far the rarest piece in my collection.
  8. Woah Thanks for the link! I did a triple take when i saw the Zillion Tri-Charger !!! I'm lucky enough to have the 1987 Sega Tri-charger toy, But o m g this prototype is blowing my mind! A true "unicorn" dream Toy imho *Anyone have any info on this*?
  9. Wow cool I had no idea..a sentinel tread would be a 'unicorn' piece for the ages. And lol I feel my Bartley comment may be ill-informed or even a tad immature..Yet I've waited ovr 30 years for a deluxe Bartley ride-armor...Preferably RED haha! :P (The Beagle prototype still causes me physical pain upon seeing the images) Also : The teased box art depicts her in red..unless It was somehow fan-made?
  10. I Agree 100% Dear Sentinel : BARTLEY IS RED !! *PLEASE : Respect Aramaki Shinji !! THANK YOU !! ^__^ V..
  11. Now that is a jaw dropping paint job.
  12. Many Thanks for the link...that auction ended but i will hopefully track down a fast-pack version on there soon!!
  13. Wow I can't Thank you enough for looking Shawn! Very long time fan (lurker) of you and Graham's site!! Very interested in a possible replacement set..or trying to find a good link for d.i.y. repair lol Thanks again man!
  14. Lol i cant help but agree with you..that said the version 2 is apparently issue-free : but i cant find one for less than $350!
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