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  1. Seeing all these mixed reactions about the prototype. I am curious who would be wanting to get rid of their Yamato YF-21 for the Bandai Version. I am really debating on selling or trading mine but am really conflicted. Need input please.
  2. Don’t know if I should be happy because the YF-21 was long overdue to be re-released or upset that my Yamato YF-21/VF-22S in my collection may now be worth squat.
  3. Buddhais

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Time wise does anyone have an idea when preorder may start at any of the other sites than NY and anime export?
  4. Are they really releasing the Nora version? Or someone just jerking my chain?
  5. It’s frustrating that Yamato did not make a lot of separate Fast Packs/Fold Booster sets for their reissues of the YF-19/YF-21 toys. Every time I have seen one for sale they want an arm and a leg for them. Has anyone on the forums ever try making a 3D printed version of these parts or at least the fold Booster ? Or even a place that maybe sells somewhat close to the MSRP?
  6. I have been filing inside the hole and applying bondic . If I cover the hole I drill it and file and sand again. Seems to hold but issue of being slightly noticeable on larger screws
  7. With all this work and effort you put into it. Have you ever solicited your services to Bandai or Arcadia ?
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