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  1. So after Nora sv 51. Is it safe to say the next Zero valk will be the vf-0A? Crossing my fingers 🤞🏽
  2. Lol sorry fellas 😅 yeah I was talking bout the GBP… looks like I might have to cough up the 320usd 😫
  3. I take it I’m late to the party.. sold out everywhere?
  4. I almost missed this.
  5. I PO’d from NY awhile back. Is there anyway to go back and change the shipping method?
  6. How about cdjapan? I wanna use my discount
  7. That’s what mine looks like as well.. I’m more worried that I wasn’t as descriptive on my product details lol but the price matches so thats good enough for me
  8. Yeah just got it filled out. That was fast
  9. Awesome thanks guys! Says it’ll take 2 business days to process. More excited for this than the SV-51wish I had enough for 2 but in the process of buying a new car
  10. Thanks for the info! Anyone recommend one over the other? Never used this method before
  11. How do proxy’s work? And where can I get them for this release. I need this so bad
  12. Whhhy! I saved enough for 2 of these. Now I’ll probably have to pay the same amount for 1 after the crazy markup.
  13. Damnit looks like I’m getting 2.
  14. Passing on vf-4 for 2 of these.. wish the PF VF-0S was weathered
  15. Excited about this but I really hope we here some more news about the PF 0D soon
  16. Well I’m throwing in the white flagI’ll just have to buy a new mod for my car to cheer me up
  17. Awesome!!!
  18. Pap Wait was there a PO for the VF-0D already?
  19. I have neither. Just the 0A and 0S... right now I’m leaning towards 0D(especially if the paint matches the pic). Maybe if/when there’s a PF SV51 way down the line I’ll have money saved up for that.
  20. Can’t decide to get this or the SV51 unfortunately can’t afford both
  21. Same. Even got a confirmation email then another email saying pre order cancelled... now it’s back up for that price c’mon man
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