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  1. For me the main problem comes from the new design of the arms. The "origami" style design would require more attention to avoid all these QC issues. For the price and for what we would expect, this is quite disappointing.
  2. Nippon-Yasan web site has gone.... When going to their web site, we are redirected to nin nin game web site. I have been f**c*ed up for good !
  3. That is what I have tried to explain previously. In most videos, we can clearly see this issue. The gun is pointing downwards and is wabling, because no additionnal peg to maintain it or design issue.
  4. The new design of the arm makes the gun wabling and adds gaps. Bandai should have added an extra knob or something like that to make the gun remain at its correct place.
  5. According to some forums, this company has been created by some ex-employees from Nippon Yasan. They still have my money from my 2020 pre-order of 4 SSP + other stuffs (equiv. to +500USD). The pre-order for VF 31-AX and VF-25 are available on their shop, but I am not confident because of my own (and very bad) experience with NY and because I hate NY.
  6. Good luck with NY... My 2020 pre-order for 4 SSP + shipping cost has never been honored. They have kept my money (about 500 USD) and never reply to many of my requests.
  7. As for my Super Parts order, Nippon-Yasan doesn't hear anything and keeps asking me to open tons of useless tickets. I have contacted PAYPAL to request a refund. If credits go to store, I may expect same issue and waste time.
  8. I have pre-ordered 4 SSP in 2019. So far, no news. I have contacted support, opened many tickets, no update. Then I have pre-ordered 4 SSP in 2020. So far, no news also. They keep asking me to open a new ticket, in order the support reply to my previous ticket. I needed to open a ticket so that they reply to my previous ticket. That is CRAZY ! NY is just a thief...
  9. Thank you. I Pre-ordered 1 from AE.
  10. Look carefully : this is a used item, with no more detailed information. You may expect some good or not really good surprises...
  11. Same case as Ryoma...
  12. I also pre ordered SSP from NY on june 2019. Still no news from them after opening several tickets and asking help from their live chat. It is a mess... I will not add more comment because this is out of topic.
  13. Me still waiting. My pre-order from june 2019 was on-hold for a while, then after opening many many many tickets to NY support (not possible to contact them directly) my order is in "processing" stage. What a miracle. So , I am NOT VERY HAPPY with their *bad a^$$!** services (if we can call these "services") !
  14. This Legioss looks really nice althought it is a tad small. I hope Bandai will have a plan to produce a new Legioss someday, a bigger one, as tall as the old Gakken, or as tall as the DX Chogokin 1/48 VF1.
  15. You compare the 1/60 Yamato / Arcadia with the 1/48 Bandai DX. in this case, I agree with you. I was comparing 1/48 Yamato (the model with the horrible chicken hands) with the 1/48 Bandai DX.
  16. I was talking about 1 "male" peg + 3 "female" pegs = 4 pegs
  17. Bandai Booster has 4 pegs, vs 2 for the Yamato. The 4 pegs make the attachment more secure.
  18. Sentinel Legioss would be even better if a little larger/bigger. Anyway, this is a very beautiful Legioss. I hope the plastic quality, as shown in preview pics, is not as what we have had with ET Legioss ! The ET Legioss, when I first saw the pics, was wonderfull. After I got it in hands, what a disaster.... I don't think we will be disapointed this time.
  19. This new Legioss looks beautiful but a bit tiny.
  20. Depending on the country you are living in, you may get additional tax fees when buying with Amazon JP. If no tax, then yes, it can be an interesting choice.
  21. For me the Ikaru DX pilot is a bit skinny. A little more muscles would be welcome.
  22. Received mine. As expected, What a wonderful toy ! I really like it, it is heavy , no loose joint, and so so sexy..
  23. This price is ok. Shipping cost and other taxes have to be taken into account.
  24. New design. Sexy toy, sexy hands, ... heavy and looks very sturdy.
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