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  1. According to some forums, this company has been created by some ex-employees from Nippon Yasan. They still have my money from my 2020 pre-order of 4 SSP + other stuffs (equiv. to +500USD). The pre-order for VF 31-AX and VF-25 are available on their shop, but I am not confident because of my own (and very bad) experience with NY and because I hate NY.
  2. Good luck with NY... My 2020 pre-order for 4 SSP + shipping cost has never been honored. They have kept my money (about 500 USD) and never reply to many of my requests.
  3. As for my Super Parts order, Nippon-Yasan doesn't hear anything and keeps asking me to open tons of useless tickets. I have contacted PAYPAL to request a refund. If credits go to store, I may expect same issue and waste time.
  4. I have pre-ordered 4 SSP in 2019. So far, no news. I have contacted support, opened many tickets, no update. Then I have pre-ordered 4 SSP in 2020. So far, no news also. They keep asking me to open a new ticket, in order the support reply to my previous ticket. I needed to open a ticket so that they reply to my previous ticket. That is CRAZY ! NY is just a thief...
  5. Thank you. I Pre-ordered 1 from AE.
  6. Look carefully : this is a used item, with no more detailed information. You may expect some good or not really good surprises...
  7. Same case as Ryoma...
  8. I also pre ordered SSP from NY on june 2019. Still no news from them after opening several tickets and asking help from their live chat. It is a mess... I will not add more comment because this is out of topic.
  9. Me still waiting. My pre-order from june 2019 was on-hold for a while, then after opening many many many tickets to NY support (not possible to contact them directly) my order is in "processing" stage. What a miracle. So , I am NOT VERY HAPPY with their *bad a^$$!** services (if we can call these "services") !
  10. This Legioss looks really nice althought it is a tad small. I hope Bandai will have a plan to produce a new Legioss someday, a bigger one, as tall as the old Gakken, or as tall as the DX Chogokin 1/48 VF1.
  11. You compare the 1/60 Yamato / Arcadia with the 1/48 Bandai DX. in this case, I agree with you. I was comparing 1/48 Yamato (the model with the horrible chicken hands) with the 1/48 Bandai DX.
  12. I was talking about 1 "male" peg + 3 "female" pegs = 4 pegs
  13. Bandai Booster has 4 pegs, vs 2 for the Yamato. The 4 pegs make the attachment more secure.
  14. Sentinel Legioss would be even better if a little larger/bigger. Anyway, this is a very beautiful Legioss. I hope the plastic quality, as shown in preview pics, is not as what we have had with ET Legioss ! The ET Legioss, when I first saw the pics, was wonderfull. After I got it in hands, what a disaster.... I don't think we will be disapointed this time.
  15. This new Legioss looks beautiful but a bit tiny.
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